Rockstar Recommends: "High Plains Drifter"

Posted on November 23 2009, 5:37pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

High Plains Drifter (1973, Dir. Clint Eastwood)

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this visually stunning, morally ambiguous and at times bizarre tale of a nameless gunman protecting a small town.  A film that could only have been made in the 1970s, and that so offended John Wayne, he wrote to Eastwood complaining that stories like this were against the spirit of the West.  Eastwood never looked more menacing than as the nameless drifter.

Rockstar Recommends: "The Wild Bunch"

  • kirky13on May 15 2010, 7:42amReplyFlag
    great film as is all eastwood westerns are thought i might have seen at least 1 of the dollars trilogy in your list
    • i_Soaron May 14 2010, 3:48pmReplyFlag
      Where the *$%& is Tombstone? I love me a lot of western including plenty of the old John Wayne and Clint Eastwood ones, but Tombstone needs to be on the list.
      • Jumpdvdon December 4 2009, 4:17pmReplyFlag
        hey where can i get this movie?
        • R* Qon December 1 2009, 7:07pmReplyFlag
          @Floppay easy!

          @bad_fur_day you may see some more modern westerns among our favorites in the coming weeks, but trust us – the couple we’ve posted so far are genuine classics everyone should check out. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but we’ve gotta stand by our opinion that “The Wild Bunch” and “High Plains Drifter” are unquestionably better movies from “Last Man Standing”! That said, we’re with you on “Unforgiven” – an incredible film!
          • Floppayon November 26 2009, 8:16amReplyFlag
            You are an idiot bad fur day. Holy s**t you just made yourself look stupid.
            • Stallion74on November 25 2009, 9:04amReplyFlag
              High Plains Drifter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • bad_fur_dayon November 24 2009, 8:39pmReplyFlag
                Sorry, thats not allways true, but mostly... That got me thinking about movies, specifically 80's movies that are better... and that quote from aliens "They mostly come out at ---ht... Mostly" Which lead me to discover the coolest idea ever.

                Rockstar should do a sci-fi. :D Actual science fiction, not the weaksauce stuff. If anyone could do it properly, it would be you guys.

                Yes, please. :)

                (Also is there any rule agaisn't going completely off topic here and just suggesting heaps of cool stuff? :p Also a James bond car in GTA would be nice. With gattling guns that pop out of the hood, and tire spikes and rockets. :D)
                • bad_fur_dayon November 24 2009, 5:43pmReplyFlag
                  Are these all going to be old? Because I'm not really impressed with 70's films. Their slow, I want stuff that's quick. Unforgiven, Tombstone or Last Man Standing are new ones. NEW. Faster cuts, better scripts, new techniques, better effects, better cinematography, higher resolution, list goes on. This doesn't stand up now, sorry, it might be great and nostalgic if your old and have nothing better to do or watch. I do.
                  • Jaspataon November 24 2009, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                    Chill jesusramirez , complain elsewhere, goto R*'s Twitter or something.. there are plenty of people stoked that they are providing us with Anything Red Dead Redemption. This game's original release date has ( for all we know ) passed already. We RDR fans deserve some dedicated Redemption topics, reguardless how insignificant it may seem to you.
                    • CribbNG3on November 24 2009, 12:01pmReplyFlag
                      Saw it yesterday, strange, strange film.
                      • batik89on November 24 2009, 4:27amReplyFlag
                        wow amazing movie! my father had the VHS version of it, i'll watch it later. thanks R* for the recommendation.
                        • jesusramirezon November 24 2009, 1:57amReplyFlag
                          .....And Pc users recommend Rockstar to be more professional about the news....We've already passed two weeks and no word, no comment about The Lost and Damned PC achievements which were added GTA IV PC achievements list by patch You are annoying us...
                          • Casey_Mongilloon November 23 2009, 6:33pmReplyFlag
                            Looks awesome, thanks for the recommendation :)
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