Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: “Transfer Deadline”

Posted on March 6 2012, 11:23am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

"Transfer Deadline", this week's original artwork release from Max Payne 3 features Max and Passos in a tense scenario that takes place on the pitch at a local soccer stadium, with the duo in the middle of a deadly cash exchange for the kidnapped Fabiana Branco. A transaction that - as you will see for yourself come this May - doesn't quite go so smoothly...

Grab this brand new art in the full range of desktop and mobile wallpaper sizes, backgrounds, buddy icons, avatars and Facebook Cover version - all at the Rockstar Games Downloads section or at the Max Payne 3 official site.

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Official Max Payne 3 Background Desktops
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  • R* Yon March 12 2012, 12:51pmReplyFlag
    @RandomMugger @Pike187 Thanks guys, we're glad you like the artwork
    • MaxPayne1983on March 10 2012, 8:09pmReplyFlag
      @NYPDMAXPAYNE friend request send it to your PSN ID! :)

      And R*, i have a little question. I like the voice of Raul Passos, what's the name of the actor who plays Raul?
      • NYPDMAXPAYNEon March 10 2012, 6:58pmReplyFlag

        Great! Add me!

        • RandomMuggeron March 10 2012, 6:43amReplyFlag
          Love this pic. Sh#t is about to hit the fan, there's a chopper to go, you've got a Freddy Krueger look alike sniper in one of those windows up there and pocket full of painkillers...
          • Pike187on March 9 2012, 1:52pmReplyFlag
            @R* i realy like the style of your artworks! My hobby ( i mean my 2nd one, my 1st is playing your games ;) ) is drawing and painting. I also like how the style changed since GTA III
            • R* Yon March 7 2012, 12:09pmReplyFlag
              @daangryblonde We should have some interviews with James McCaffrey and a new Design & Technology Series video coming up, stay tuned
              • SlimFreakinShadyon March 7 2012, 12:05pmReplyFlag
                @R*: When we're gonna see any design and tech videos or new other videos? Will there be any videos or interviews of James McCaffrey ? We'do love to hear some of his experiences in making this game !
                • ILikeVideo-Gameson March 7 2012, 11:39amReplyFlag
                  • Emanuel_Bergeron March 7 2012, 11:27amReplyFlag
                    Oh, ok sry R*!
                    • R* Yon March 7 2012, 11:15amReplyFlag
                      @vertigo187 @nash4m @Fjordson Cheers all, look for more artwork in the weeks to come...

                      @ILikeVideo-Games Please refer to the #1 rule above the Comment Box, and refrain from posting similar messages in the future:
                      "Anyone posting links to or discussing supposed 'leaks' about our games here on our own site will have their commenting privileges suspended indefinitely."

                      @emmi18176860 Be sure to keep your discussion on topic, there are several fan site message boards where you can talk about those subjects
                      • MaxPayne1983on March 7 2012, 9:21amReplyFlag
                        @NYPDMAXPAYNE I have both Xbox Live & PSN, but now i don't have Gold suscription for Xbox Live, so i'll buy Max Payne 3 for Ps3

                        Anyway my ID/Gamertag is the same on both consoles: rocotocloc

                        See you on MP3 multiplayer man! :)
                        • iHomeLehaon March 7 2012, 9:08amReplyFlag
                          80% to Passos will be killed!
                          • Sprunk1995on March 7 2012, 7:17amReplyFlag
                            • Undertaker13on March 7 2012, 6:50amReplyFlag
                              @R* A thanks for the information.
                              • fatihPAINon March 7 2012, 4:52amReplyFlag
                                whats up Rockstar!

                                i have a humble request for our dear Sir Max Payne.

                                Can you pease not kill him off!
                                • BorisBlackon March 7 2012, 4:46amReplyFlag
                                  @duy9161: I hear you, feels like a lifetime between the videos.
                                  The last Design/Tech-Video came 18 January, I think.
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