(Updated) “The Experience Is Mind-Blowing”: The Press Goes Hands-On with Max Payne 3 for the First Time

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** UPDATE: More hands-on impressions have hit including previews from IGN and GameTrailers and a special fan Q&A with GameSpot, check out quotes and links and the video added below.

The worldwide gaming press got their very first hands-on session with Max Payne 3 - picking up the story early on, they find Max and his partner Passos meeting up with the ruthless Comando Sombra gang at a local football stadium in an attempt to exchange cash for the captive Fabiana Branco. However, things quickly turn bad as the deal is crashed by unknown assailants. From there, they’re also given a taste of a level where Max tracks Fabiana's kidnappers to the hostile, rain-soaked docks by the Tietê River...

Their impressions? Check out a few quotes and links below to read just a few of the brand new previews...

"It's easy to be impressed when you're standing on the outside looking in. Once you're actually in control in Max Payne 3, the experience is mind-blowing." - CVG

Read more at: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/337497/previews/max-payne-3-a-mind-blowing-hands-on

"The game looks fantastic, handles beautifully and the depth of content in both its in-game design and settings seems to offer a ton of replay value. Not only that, its story, which is set up in such a straightforward manner, seems to hint that intriguing denouement is on the cards for the game's titular character. Players should look forward to a tale of greed, betrayal and decadence wrapped in sleek, cool mechanics that allow them to tackle it one bullet at a time." - The Guardian

Read more at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2012/mar/01/max-payne-3-preview

“Bullet-time, and especially the shootdodge mechanic that you can initiate by running in any direction and pressing the right bumper, can be a glory to behold.
After jumping back into the game to finish the docks segment, I came away from the whole experience incredibly pumped for what Max Payne 3 will have to offer. With a cohesive storyline that's told in a similar but more evolved fashion and tight combat mechanics that make you feel like the bad-ass that Max Payne always has been, I sincerely cannot wait until this game comes out in May.”
- Destructoid

Read more at: http://www.destructoid.com/preview-how-max-payne-3-made-me-a-believer-again-222840.phtml

“After just a few demonstrations, we've learned that Max Payne 3 is something more than just a shooter; it's a graphical powerhouse, a push forward for linear action games as a storytelling medium and an expert at concealing its gleeful enthusiasm for realistic hyperviolence behind a veneer of grim resolve. After playing through a couple of its levels, we learned something else: it's also a lot of vicious, bloody fun...” - GamesRadar

Read more at: http://www.gamesradar.com/11-things-you-need-know-about-max-payne-3/

“Max Payne 3's cinematic approach works brilliantly, and though much of what we've seen so far is set in South America, the demo implied that these chapters will be interspersed with episodes from Max's tortured past in New York. He's always been a compelling protagonist, and it'll be fascinating to see him explored further.” - IGN

Read more at: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/121/1219660p1.html 

“The third Max Payne, the first in more than eight years, is raw, third-person shooter thrills. Naturally, it's imbued with the cinematic flair for which Rockstar is known, drawing cues from Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema, crafting memorable characters and an engrossing story.” - GameTrailers

Read more at: http://www.gametrailers.com/side-mission/2012/03/01/hands-on-with-max-payne-3-rockstars-bullet/

And the guys from GameSpot have taken their hands-on time with the game and used it to answer fan questions on a wide range of subjects ranging from the fluidity of combat to the cover system to the Max’s fish-out-of-water story. Watch the entire clip here:

  • Rajatghoshon October 6 2012, 3:43amReplyFlag
    I have recently purchased the "MAX PAYNE3'" in INDia. The game is perfectly working in my desktop with Intel Dual core processor and 2GB RAM and a 1GB Graphics card. However when I am loading the same game to my Lenovo Laptop with Intel Corei5 2430, 4Gb RAM with Nvidia Gefore GT 540 graphics card with 2gb VRAM, the loading is completing smoothly with automatic downloading of the necessary patches. However the fails to start at all. pleae let me know the reason for the failure. you can mail me at sersol2009@gmail.com
    • Rajatghoshon October 6 2012, 3:40amReplyFlag
      I have recently purchased the "MAX PAYNE3'" in INDia. The game is perfectly working in my desktop with Intel Dual core processor and 2GB RAM and a 1GB Graphics card. However when I am loading the same game to my Lenovo Laptop with Intel Corei5 2430, 4Gb RAM with Nvidia Gefore GT 540 graphics card with 2gb VRAM, the loading is completing smoothly with automatic downloading of the necessary patches. However the fails to start at all. pleae let me know the reason for the failure. you can mail me at sersol2009@gmail.com

      • kal2hoton June 1 2012, 4:17amReplyFlag
        the game is great but the spawn sucks!
        • ArmorDefon May 7 2012, 12:41pmReplyFlag
          Hey Rock* i have a question about PC controls.

          Does it appearance looks like actual PC controls (like in max payne 1 & 2).I mean that in some games which main platform isn't PC there is appearance like Xbox has like circled A,B,C,D ,RT,LT and so on.. for movement,shooting,jumping and And it doesn't show which is actual action button ( ex. crouch) on my keyboard.

          For example let's say my keyboard button for crouching is "RCtrl" but in menu or in game(?) it's says my button for crouching is circled A (XBOX appearance).Sorry for my bad english but I hope you all understood me.

          I SAY THAT R* won't disappoint MAX PAYNE fans for sure!

          • giggity62on April 23 2012, 7:50pmReplyFlag
            hey i asked a question earlier but u guys (Rockstar Games Production) didnt give me an answer so imma ask again...Whats with the strong sexual content on Max Payne 3? And how is there sexual content whe theres really not any Nudity instead of partial nudity..im beginning to wonder can u guys answer that. Is there like a sex scene in the game or is it something u guys put in every one of your games? I know your being aware of your games. But anyways thats all what I wanted to ask. Thank God you guys for finally coming out with a release date for this game. I wanted to play it ever since i saw it in gameinformer..but you guys made me angry by delaying it -_-. Gotta love max payne. Peace out!!!
            • AceHardingon March 9 2012, 1:12amReplyFlag
              Will the PC version of Max Payne 3 use a different HUD from consoles? Like the one from 1/2 for selecting weapons? The radial menu is kind of a console thing.
              • MaxPayne1983on March 6 2012, 6:36pmReplyFlag
                Yeah!, thanks for answering all my questions so quickly!, you're the best guys! :)

                -- In R* we trust --
                • R* Yon March 6 2012, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                  @MaxPayne1983 You should have received something just a few minutes following your last comment
                  • MaxPayne1983on March 6 2012, 3:30pmReplyFlag
                    Ummm no, i don't have any mail from you guys.... :/

                    What's happen?, i got some mails from R* but for the one i've send on march 2nd i don't recieve any answer
                    • R* Aon March 6 2012, 3:16pmReplyFlag
                      @LikeNoOther317 Yes, check out our news about Health posted yesterday
                      Very glad you're digging them!

                      @Diego_rjc Most of the level designs and locations are fictionalized but directly inspired by and influenced by São Paulo. Check out our Behind the Scenes research series of articles here, we'll have more in that series soon:

                      @MaxPayne1983 We responded to a couple things from you via mouthoff this week, not sure if you've seen

                      @WhatMakesUsHuman @Christobell46 Thank you both! Glad you're pumped
                      • Christobell46on March 5 2012, 4:54pmReplyFlag
                        this game will win GOTY for sure nice R*!! :D
                        • WhatMakesUsHumanon March 5 2012, 4:40pmReplyFlag
                          Informations about the soundtrack coming this week? An interview with James McCaffrey in the near future? Great news! You've made my week Rockstar, thanks!
                          • LikeNoOther317on March 5 2012, 2:03pmReplyFlag
                            R* This is a new Hands-On preview from ( capsulecomputers.com )

                            Like always very impressive!

                            I have found that L.A. rock band HEALTH to compose Max Payne 3′s soundtrack

                            I think this is the most amazing choice i have ever seen as i liked their soundtrack in the most recent Max Payne 3 trailer so much!

                            I'am really very proud of you guys , you are the best in the world in all what you do.
                            • Diego_rjcon March 5 2012, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                              Rockstar, I'm brazilian and live in São Paulo and wanted to know... besides the already-mentioned soccer stadium (clearly based on Morumbi stadium), the Tietê River, and of course, the favelas, what will be the other locations of the city featured in the game? Will it have other famous places, such as the Estaiada bridge, the Paulista Avenue, and so on? Thank You, looking forward do the game. :D
                              • MaxPayne1983on March 5 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
                                Interviews with James McCaffrey?, that's great news!!!

                                And finally some details about the soundtrack, yeah!

                                Btw R* i've send a couple of questions to mouthoff a few days ago (march 2nd to be exactly), and i don't recieve any answer. Can i expect one or i'll have to re-send my mail?
                                • Undertaker13on March 5 2012, 6:46amReplyFlag
                                  @HydraulicWarrior on this day many people had a Heart Attack. You know why ;)

                                  I can't wait to know the opinion of James McCaffrey about Max Payne 3
                                  • HydraulicWarrioron March 5 2012, 5:22amReplyFlag
                                    Remember, remember the 2nd of November.
                                    • BorisBlackon March 5 2012, 3:08amReplyFlag
                                      Interviews with James McCaffrey coming? Thats awesome news!
                                      BTW, I really hope that Pyroserpent´s gut feeling is right ;)
                                      • undead_weston March 5 2012, 1:47amReplyFlag
                                        f**k YEAH WHAT THE f**k, THANK YOU SOO SO SOS SO SO MUCH WITH ALL MY f**kING HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO MOTHER f**kING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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