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Posted on February 24 2012, 3:05pm | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Rockstar

Image via Gonzalo Valenzuela, Wikimedia Commons.

Rave's Golden Age may have come and gone but the mixtapes, memories and pictures of ecstatic clubbers with eyes like giant squid live on thanks to the efforts of the collective at the Rave Archive.

Thousands of underground zines from across the world are collected here alongside a comprehensive selection of downloadable mixes to document the '90s dance music community. It's awesome stuff if you ever wondered what life was like when the British Parliament went so far as to ban public gatherings that featured dancing to 'music with repetitive beats' through the Criminal Justice Bill in the hopes of foiling the growing rave scene. Like jazz, rock and roll and hip-hop before it, rave culture soon found its way to the mainstream and the outlaw spirit moved on - not before giving us these incredible treats though.
Reach for the lasers.

  • illsk00tzon March 1 2012, 8:25pmReplyFlag
    I remember how hard they were 2 find phone this guy then that guy
    • RandomMuggeron February 29 2012, 2:47pmReplyFlag
      Binary finary
      • R* Yon February 28 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
        @BorisBlack @ILikeVideo-Games @RandomMugger Thanks for all the suggestions

        @NiceFella Ha
        • NiceFellaon February 28 2012, 12:47pmReplyFlag
          I miss fat pants. Comfy as hell in any weather.
          • BorisBlackon February 28 2012, 6:58amReplyFlag
            If you guys really wanna dance to some pure techno:
            • ILikeVideo-Gameson February 27 2012, 4:09pmReplyFlag
              This is a good club song:
              • Dark_Smokeyon February 27 2012, 9:09amReplyFlag
                hope you guys will make a new midnight club with the same type of trance music that u guys put on midnight club 2... that game introduce me to new styles of EDM (electronic dance music) that i have never heard before, now im really into hard trance and hardstyle and hope to see the midnight club series get back to its roots... the underground racing culture.
                • RandomMuggeron February 27 2012, 8:45amReplyFlag
                  Brain bug - Nightmare
                  Nalin and Kane - Beachball
                  • EdwardFlunky45on February 26 2012, 6:21pmReplyFlag
                    @R*Y, Sorry, I Just Wanted To Help Him Out... But That's Ok ... I Should Have Warned Him..
                    • BorisBlackon February 26 2012, 1:09pmReplyFlag
                      Great post R* Right up in my alley! Big fan of the early Detroit stuff!
                      • R* Yon February 26 2012, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                        Cheers all, good to see you guys sharing your recommendations..

                        @mattiejs @EdwardFlunky45 @WeWantGta5 Please keep your messages on topic, just as it says in the rules above the comment box
                        • Mojo_Risenon February 25 2012, 12:34amReplyFlag
                          I get a clean shave then bathe and go to a "Rave" and die from an overdose just to dig myself up outta my grave!!!
                          We need SF-UR and some of that "House Music" in GTAV. IT would not be GTA without "House Music"
                          I had a feeling R* liked going to Raves, me too. But not since 2004 or 2005 I belive, and that's when I lived in Arizona. Not many Raves that I know of going on here in Virginia.
                          I really do like and enjoy the articles on here, one reason I check the R* Newswire everyday, rain, sleet, snow or shine
                          • SLRMC93on February 24 2012, 9:22pmReplyFlag
                            90's house or bust.
                            • EdwardFlunky45on February 24 2012, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                              I Preffer The Old Musics, But The Eletro's Still In My Mind... Like Blondie- Heart Of Glass:
                              Or Atomic... Or Some Of Frankie Goes To Hllywood Or Depeche Mode...
                              • SpareBrickson February 24 2012, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                                SF-UR. Yeah!! I can dig it.
                                • Dubfire51on February 24 2012, 8:25pmReplyFlag
                                  these are great songs for a nightclub action scenes...

                                  Mauro Picotto - Manipulator (D. Diggler Remix)
                                  Steve Parker - Escuro [Ovum Recordings]
                                  Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat. Kimbra) (4FRNT Remix)
                                  Reboot - We Funk
                                  Nadastrom - Theo (original remix)
                                  Placebo - 20 years [Timo maas remix]
                                  iiO - Rapture (Deep Dish Space Mix)
                                  Timo Maas feat Kellis Help Me Deep Dish Remix
                                  • R* Yon February 24 2012, 8:19pmReplyFlag
                                    Thanks guys

                                    @WolfRogers Awesome, love that track
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