Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums from Liberty City Stories Now Available on iTunes

Posted on February 21 2012, 3:04pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Music, Games

Recently, when we released the music from the Head Radio and Lips 106 stations in Grand Theft Auto III on iTunes, some fans asked when the Liberty City Stories incarnations of the original music from those stations might also become available.

Today we're happy to announce that those tracks have also been remastered and are up now on iTunes for download - with individual songs priced at only $0.69 each and each station's complete 7-track album at $2.99.

Lips 106: Complete Album

Head Radio: Complete Album

Additionally, Official Playlists featuring all the other music stations found in both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories are also now available - containing all of the individual tracks that are currently on iTunes. Stay tuned for more digital soundtrack releases in the future and grab songs by visiting the links below.

Vice City Stories Playlist | Liberty City Stories Playlist

Grand Theft Auto III: Head Radio & Lips FM Station Albums Now Available on iTunes

  • DarthCrossfaderon May 11 2016, 7:04pmReplyFlag
    I love head radio!
    • -ELFAJARO-on July 7 2014, 7:35pmReplyFlag
      I Love Head Radio!
      I Love Grand Theft Auto III Aniversary
      I Love Grand Theft Auto V
      Tanks R*
      • marcos456on January 4 2013, 6:39pmReplyFlag
        Rudy La Fontaine - Funk in Time
        • PreciousWallon October 8 2012, 7:45amReplyFlag
          album not available to buy in my country :( (indonesia)
          • megaamineon July 10 2012, 5:03pmReplyFlag
            Are you going to make gta vcs and lcs available for the pc.
            • elias-blaon February 27 2012, 5:19pmReplyFlag
              Furthermore, GTA VCS and LCS are an awesome game! they rock! if they would be for PC, they would make a revolution in the gta games era. The only way to play them in the PC is by emulators, but they're so complicated. With respect to you, i don't understand why you don't release them.
              • elias-blaon February 27 2012, 1:20pmReplyFlag
                But they will be released in the future? Why you don't release them for PC?
                • R* Aon February 27 2012, 11:42amFlag
                  Thanks all, stay tuned for more soundtrack music releases in the future

                  @Joy-Stick Yes there's a problem at the App Store that should be resolved soon

                  @elias-bla Sorry mate no plans for that
                • elias-blaon February 27 2012, 11:31amReplyFlag
                  Hi rockstar, could you please tell me if GTA LCS and GTA VCS will be released for PC? Please release them, are great games! and if you can, answer me, coz' i've asked you via twitter but i haven't received any answer , and in this page i've asked the same but in other post so you deleted my commentary. That's why i'm asking in this post, although it talks about music of gta lcs , but i want those games to play on the pc.
                  • ChatRoom-BadAsson February 27 2012, 7:08amReplyFlag
                    Ey - what gives???! I just went to the App Store so I can download GTA III on my fruit- err... mac. It seems R* has been evicted. GTA's III, Vice City and San Andreas are have all been removed.
                    • otrainon February 26 2012, 2:59pmReplyFlag
                      Good! But I wanna see GTA 2 (over 30 songs) and original GTA (20 songs). True Fans remember and love it!
                      • Flight180victimon February 26 2012, 3:15amReplyFlag
                        I love this music Rockstar! Thank you so much for being so considerate to your fans! And I can't wait to hear more about GTA V!
                        • BudgetCrosson February 24 2012, 9:22pmReplyFlag
                          I haven't played liberty city stories but I played vice city stories.So rockstar please tell me where can I get musics of vice city stories.I want to bring back some memories.
                          • WolfRogerson February 23 2012, 7:55pmReplyFlag
                            @JonasREJCS: Rockstar have partially answered this, but a more detailed answer is that the games are different generations/eras. Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas look completely different in GTA1 to compared to how they look in the GTA3 era. Grand Theft Auto IV is a different era to GTA3, only containing minor throwbacks, in-jokes, products and brands and radio stuff crossing the "universes". Rockstar have outlined this the 2D Era (GTA1, GTA London, GTA2), the 3D Era (GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, LCS, VCS, Advanced) and the HD Era (GTA IV, TLAD, TBOGT, Chinatown Wars and GTA V).
                            • JonasREJCSon February 23 2012, 7:46pmReplyFlag
                              Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was the first GTA that I played and these musics bring me back memories like trying to get a chopper on 2 missions that I will able to get one...Also GTA IV's Liberty City is very diferent from GTA LCS's Liberty City. The mountain, the tunnel on Shoreside Vale is gone, why? The names of the districs changed, the only thing that hasn't change is the Francis International Airpoirt. I would to know why Liberty City have changed like this and I hope GTA V's Los Santos have the same districts of GTA San Andreas's Los Santos
                              • peteeee007on February 23 2012, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                                ok thanks rockstar. Im loving playing GTA 2 again. Brings back memories :)
                                • R* Aon February 23 2012, 4:22pmReplyFlag
                                  @peteeee007 Nice, enjoy GTA2. And no, of course GTAV hasn't been canceled. It's in full development as we've said before. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/20351/asked-answered-max-payne-3-and-more.html

                                  FYI everyone else if you weren't aware, you can get GTA1 and GTA2 PC for free as downloads via http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/
                                  • peteeee007on February 23 2012, 2:34pmReplyFlag
                                    Just downloaded GTA 2. OMG i havent played it for years. I last played it on my playstation 1 lol. Thanks for the download rockstar. Just one more thing, has GTA V been cancelled.
                                    • SBR-CJon February 23 2012, 2:28pmReplyFlag
                                      Gotta love that commercial on Head Radio in the first commercial block about The Mainframe, it's real !
                                      • R* Yon February 23 2012, 11:02amReplyFlag
                                        @ItalGTA Enjoy!

                                        @VaroSpain Sure

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