DirectX 11 Support Added in PC Title Update for L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition

Posted on February 15 2012, 5:16pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games

A new title update is available for the PC version of L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, including the addition of support for DirectX 11. See below for a list of changes:

  • DirectX 11 support added for improved performance on many Windows Vista and Windows 7 setups using DX11 graphics cards
  • Option added to game launcher allowing switching between DirectX 9 and 11 renderers
  • Additional checks added that make sure a selected video resolution is fully compatible with L.A. Noire

If you have any technical issues with the game, head right over to the L.A. Noire PC Technical Support page. If you don’t see your problem listed, submit a request to our Support team via, and they'll gladly help out.

  • Brat_Kostaon January 8 2013, 1:54pmReplyFlag
    Can someone help me ? I need activation code for L.A. Noire,can you send me that code ? Thx!
    • RicksAccounton October 17 2012, 12:29pmReplyFlag
      I submitted a request three days ago, but no one has answered my question yet. Thanks to this I cannot return the game at the shop I bought it. Could someone please be so kind as to help me out?
      I *really* want to play the game!
      • VeryHushHushon July 26 2012, 8:22pmReplyFlag
        For all you LA Noire fans, like myself, who'll probably have to wait many years, before LA Noire 2 hit the stores, - I came across this awesome movie called "Devil in a Blue Dress". Awesome retro-noir in the 1940s LA. Worth watching!
        • shuekeron June 3 2012, 1:56pmReplyFlag
          Where is this Patch? It is not possible to launch the PC Version - there is no support from the so called service center - pls can anybody help me to solve ths Patch Problem??

          • priyam801on June 2 2012, 1:39pmReplyFlag
            hey guys where i can find this patch, please tell me?
            • VeryHushHushon April 12 2012, 7:09amReplyFlag
              Congratulations with the prizes you won with LA Noire.
              Just completed the game for the 4-5 th time - and still enjoy all the missions.
              Best game ever - probably will be beaten by future R* games, MP3 & GTA V,
              but no game can beat the Film Noir/Old Hollywood feel...%0
              • 04zaneon March 30 2012, 10:19amReplyFlag
                is the going to be any more dlc for the xbox360 ???
                • Andarsonon March 22 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                  Very nice, bought it during the sale. I really hope to see more cases!
                  • BigJackoon March 11 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
                    Really pleased to see LA Noire still being tweaked for PC users. Thanks Rockstar, for keeping this masterpiece alive.

                    But please, keep the DLC coming - I would pay you money to see further cases/missions in this self-same game-world, even ones entirely unrelated to Cole Phelps himself. It's just too good a game-world to see grow old and unused... more, more, more please!

                    My only gripe is that the new DX11 has lost me my favourite (native Samsung monitor) resolution of 1388x768. Please can we have it back in a further update when convenient? Or an explanation why not, if it's not possible.

                    Power to your collective elbows, Rockstar. Much love (from a former 1980s-90sActivision & Argonaut videogame producer/designer)
                    • agentfordhamon February 29 2012, 10:54pmReplyFlag
                      Hey R* any chance this will ever get released officially and not just in a Magazine?

                      • duk_leonon February 26 2012, 8:44amReplyFlag
                        I love this patch, the only problem I have is the removal of 1366 x 768 resolution.

                        Thanks for supporting PC, Rockstar !

                        Can't wait for the release of PC versions of Max Payne 3 and GTA V.
                        • ph0b0s123on February 25 2012, 11:17amReplyFlag
                          Scratch that, the found the reason for the sound issues and it was not caused by the game or the new update. All is good. Just did a run across town in the game DX 9 vs DX 11. DX 11 is sooo smooth in comparison. The 30 FPS limit should no longer be a reason not to play this game.
                          • ph0b0s123on February 25 2012, 10:41amReplyFlag
                            The new DX 11 render patch does seem to make things smoother, so playing at 30 FPS is not as annoying anymore. Unfortunately the patch screws up the sound in the game for me. Whether using DX 9 or DX 11 Dialogue and sound effects have very low volume in comparison to the music now or are not audible at all. Anyone else getting this with the new update?
                            • VW_Tiguanon February 23 2012, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                              Perfect on XP x32, but on W7 x64 not working at all
                              • megaDeeeon February 22 2012, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                                Cool! Thanks so much for porting this game to PC!
                                • R* Yon February 21 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
                                  @MoleZ33 Great!

                                  @MuDvAyNe10 @InMortem Glad you guys are enjoying it
                                • MuDvAyNe10on February 20 2012, 9:17amReplyFlag
                                  Just started playing this game. It's sort of a mix between Heavy Rain and GTA, I love it!
                                  • MoleZ33on February 19 2012, 12:19amReplyFlag
                                    Thanks! This update made the game much smoother, compared to before.

                                    Thanks for supporting PC.
                                    • InMortemon February 18 2012, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                                      Awesome game
                                      • R* Yon February 18 2012, 10:35amReplyFlag
                                        @JohannGeisser Cheers, hope you're having fun playing through the cases

                                        @huckleberrypie Yes, we don't recommend using any files other than the ones officially provided by us, also thanks for the feedback on GameShield
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