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In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a little tribute to some of the classic romantics from across the roster of Rockstar titles - from roguish bachelors to Latin lovers to hormonal high schoolers. Weigh in on the poll to let us know your all-time favorite - or let us know in the comments section if your lothario of choice didn't make the cut.

Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)
From Eastern Europe with Love... Even though he puts most of his effort in trying to win over Kate, the maiden of the McReary clan, that doesn't stop Mr. Bellic from trolling the internet for tail.

Jimmy Hopkins (Bully)
Now if he had spent as much time hitting the books...
At Bullworth Academy, Jimmy Hopkins certainly played the field. A serial flirt who moves between cliques with the greatest of ease.

Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
Before the ladies were blowing up Niko's Badger in GTAIV, there was another preeminent GTA ladies man - Carl "CJ" Johnson from San Andreas.

John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
Up there as an all-time heartthrob, the ladies definitely seem to love cool John Marston. A rugged reformed outlaw and a truly loyal husband, during his epic quest, Marston is driven by a love for his family, and avoids the many temptations of the frontier. And when Abigail is turned into a flesh-eating zombie in Undead Nightmare, he does what any gentleman would - he ties her up and goes searching for the cure...

Fernando Martinez (Grand Theft Auto Series)
The Romeo of the radio dial, Fernando Martinez got his start as a roving reporter during the heyday of Vice City's beloved power ballad station, Emotion 98.3 and has been a paragon of relationship advice for decades since.

Max Payne (Max Payne Series)
Last but not least, lest we forget the softer side of Max Payne - hardboiled as he may be, he was not immune to the charms of Mona Sax in the series' sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, dubbed "a film noir love story". Alas, quite lucky with a dual-weld automatic pistol - tragically unlucky in love.


  • StanMarstonon February 24 2013, 6:24amReplyFlag
    John Marston it is, course he is that kind
    of guy the lady´s love! ^^
    • HearMyScreamon July 26 2012, 3:33amReplyFlag
      although many of those guys are ladys men the one that should win overall is CJ for the ammount of girls he had on his shoulders and also anyone remember the Hot Coffee Mod! HA!
      • megaamineon July 10 2012, 5:01pmReplyFlag
        But the Romantic is max payne.
        • megaamineon July 10 2012, 4:59pmReplyFlag
          Carl Johnson is the best, GTA IV have better graphics, cars, animation.... but the story of gta san andreas is the best.
          • HUNGRY--4FEUDSon June 1 2012, 9:10pmReplyFlag
            Marston gets my vote total hottie, and true gentleman.... except when he was murdering and robbing
            • LAgamer4lifeon May 8 2012, 6:12pmReplyFlag
              That Max Payne at the end gave it a great touch.
              • lucaspdpon April 10 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                OMG can someone tell me what cj is wearing i cant find those clothes!
                • TheEasterPiggsyon February 25 2012, 10:10pmReplyFlag
                  Red Dead. PC.
                  • xkiller99on February 23 2012, 10:06amReplyFlag
                    now i think tommy would win
                    • xkiller99on February 22 2012, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                      of course niko would win becus who don't love a maniac that kills innocent people lol
                      • aLoaol293on February 22 2012, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                        Where is Roman Bellic ???
                        • XxVengador913xXon February 21 2012, 4:26pmReplyFlag
                          John Marston and Abigail Marston These Two Love Birdies Don't Break Up At All :D
                          • ChatRoom-BadAsson February 21 2012, 12:01amReplyFlag
                            • mattiejson February 20 2012, 7:25pmReplyFlag
                              Ok this aint spam. Its just a video to share. But heres the reason why GTA IV is better than Saints Row 3:
                              • platordu92on February 19 2012, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                                Hey Rockstar your forget Luis Lopez from GTA TBoGT !!! ;)
                                • HolmLSon February 19 2012, 9:56amReplyFlag
                                  come on niko!
                                  • R* Aon February 19 2012, 9:20amReplyFlag
                                    @MikeMelow Ha!
                                    • MikeMelowon February 18 2012, 9:47pmReplyFlag
                                      Poor Jimmy Hopkins & Fernando Martinez are losing the race. if neither of them win they can both head to a bar together and call it a Valentine's Day. lol
                                      • R* Yon February 18 2012, 10:39amReplyFlag
                                        @scareface1970 @frankycastle @skyheat Ha, good stuff guys
                                        • skyheaton February 18 2012, 6:22amReplyFlag
                                          John Marston!!! Lovable her and total BADASS!!
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