Video: 15 Days in Liberty City (via Digital Foundry / Eurogamer)

Posted on November 4 2009, 6:02pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Something we found at Digital Foundry / Eurogamer that we thought was pretty damn cool...

              Spectacular time-lapse video from a multitude of locations within Liberty City, across 15 days of game-time.

  • Jakeola1on June 20 2013, 2:18pmReplyFlag
    Haha is rockstar still here?
  • gegebelon November 6 2009, 2:51amReplyFlag
    I hope Red Dead will be as good as GTAIV, I want a world that feels and lives like Liberty City.
    So many details, it#s just amazing.
    • WestReson November 5 2009, 9:55pmReplyFlag
      Woow ! Wonderful !

      Another proof that R* made amazing work with that epic game !
      • NeshyDon November 5 2009, 1:24pmReplyFlag
        This is what makes GTA so special. It's just a game of a fun, it's a game full of life!

        Looking forward to the next one Rockstar, keep it up!
        • ChipSpudskinon November 5 2009, 4:18amReplyFlag
          That is amazing, it reminds why I enjoy this game so much! I always liked how you can play a multi-player match starting at ---ht and finish in the day time :)
          • jesusramirezon November 5 2009, 3:46amReplyFlag
            It's not a game...It's a life style....Niceeee !
            • Artem_Firsovon November 5 2009, 1:25amReplyFlag
              better GTA 5 show!
              • gtaPaulyon November 5 2009, 12:05amReplyFlag
                • gtaPaulyon November 5 2009, 12:04amReplyFlag
                  Go c**ks!
                  • __GTA__ACT__on November 4 2009, 11:59pmReplyFlag
                    Really well done, I Love this City.


                    • Nem_Wanon November 4 2009, 11:24pmReplyFlag
                      It's alive!
                      • bad_fur_dayon November 4 2009, 7:37pmReplyFlag
                        One thing I'd like is for the insides of all some of the buildings to be as detailed as the outside. Like working banks... that you can rob.
                        • Expert_Guitaron November 4 2009, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                          that was awesome
                          • 214464on November 4 2009, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                            That hot dog vendor has some stamina!
                            • renatonon November 4 2009, 6:04pmReplyFlag
                              wow! awesome!
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