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Posted on February 6 2012, 5:03pm | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

In this latest interview about Max Payne 3, we share with more detail about the weapons and targeting systems highlighted in our most recent Design and Technology Series video - as well as insight into the approach to multiplayer in Max Payne 3:
"Concepts for multiplayer in Max Payne have actually been around since the first two games, so it was key for us that it was a natural extension of the Max Payne universe, playing on the same themes, fiction and characters that occupy Max’s world. The goal is to add a layer of narrative and meaning to multiplayer matches, and create extra drama out of the interactions that go on between players within each match."

Read lots more here:

  • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 10 2012, 2:25pmReplyFlag
    Great news! I cant wait to go up against you guys!
    • R* Yon February 10 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
      @NYPDMAXPAYNE Yep, we're planning on having events for all three platforms
      • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 10 2012, 1:06amReplyFlag
        Hey Rockstar quick question will you guys have Max Payne 3 social club Multiplayer events on all three platforms PC, Xbox 360, and PS3?

        If so I will purchase a copy for all three :)

        I plan on doing that anyways!
        • R* Aon February 9 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
          @EdwardFlunky45 There's more than 1 of us here - you may have noticed there's also a R*Q, a R*S etc. Cheers.
          • EdwardFlunky45on February 9 2012, 12:46pmReplyFlag
            @ R* A. (lol the name changed ? It was R* "Y") whatever,
            Thanks for the attention, and for the help. I sent an e-mail via Mouthoff. Hope you can answer me there. And again, thanks for helping me, and for the attention.
            Have a nice day.
            • R* Aon February 9 2012, 10:33amReplyFlag
              @EdwardFlunky45 More info on that coming soon - stay tuned for a new edition of Asked & Answered soon as well answering several Max Payne 3 questions we've seen here and via
              • EdwardFlunky45on February 9 2012, 6:45amReplyFlag
                Rockstar, How th shootdodge and bullet time will work on MP ?
                Dead Eye slows the time, but in single player of RDR. In multiplayer that works different.
                I know, it's a different perspective as the bullet time and SD. But how an ability that slows up the time will work on max's multiplayer experience ?
                • gp65cj04on February 9 2012, 2:36amReplyFlag
                  Just hope pc version not anthoer "future proof" like what they've done on gta4 pc version.
                  • MaxPayne1983on February 8 2012, 8:14pmReplyFlag
                    Looks awesome!
                    • nt-menendezon February 8 2012, 1:14pmReplyFlag
                      great. i bet Max Payne 3 will be (game of the year of 2012)
                      • como92on February 8 2012, 11:49amReplyFlag
                        May hurry up!!!!!!
                        • GTAV_King89on February 7 2012, 8:07pmReplyFlag
                          Max Payne 3 will be Epic! :) The Game is gonna be worth the wait!


                          • R* Yon February 7 2012, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                            @denisiscena No details to share on that yet, stay tuned

                            @MayorOfViceCity We'll have an update on Max Payne for mobile soon
                            • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 7 2012, 5:50pmReplyFlag

                              The #MAXPAYNE3FAMILY is ready for war! :)
                              • mattiejson February 7 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
                                This games got BALLS
                                • pi4orkon February 7 2012, 5:34pmReplyFlag
                                  R* i asked this question a long time ago but nobody replay to me...WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CHANGE OUTFITS IN MAX PAYNE 3 JUST LIKE IN RDR?!
                                  • MayorOfViceCityon February 7 2012, 5:32pmReplyFlag
                                    So, whatever happened to Max Payne for iPhone and Android?
                                    • Hellas095on February 7 2012, 3:47pmReplyFlag
                                      one more thing... it would be great if you make a mode with cops and crooks ( like the crooks defend a building and the cops try to get in and save the hostages) ( that was just my opinion on what it would be nice for multiplay) :D
                                      • johnny_loco_666on February 7 2012, 3:46pmReplyFlag
                                        @Hellas095 where are you from ?
                                        • Hellas095on February 7 2012, 3:39pmReplyFlag
                                          yes, you can make multiplay game lot better and fun with mods like last one standing, the bag with the money thing and more (you know about that :D )

                                          keep goin' :D
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