The Advertising Council Returns with 10 More Classic Commercials Including The Epsilon Program, ICE Diamonds and More

Posted on February 6 2012, 11:45am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The Advertising Council, stewards of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas' voluminous commercial archive, have returned with another 10-pack of classic radio spots. This most recent update features spots from The Epsilon Program, ICE Diamonds and the people that revolutionized online pet ordering and delivery,

Here these spots and more at

Vice City, 1984

Vice City, 1986

San Andreas, 1992

Liberty City, 1998

  • Chateau de Buff - The continental, sophisticated and oh so European way to get her sh*tfaced and ready.

Liberty City, 2001

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  • Meyus-007on August 1 2012, 4:11pmReplyFlag
    Uncle brother! We're coming!
    • K-E316on August 1 2012, 3:51pmReplyFlag
      FACT. Zee fears women. Hi GTAForums! #Kifflom
      • MatsvanStamon August 1 2012, 11:55amReplyFlag
        So, you updated the site with a twitter page, do we get info soon?
        • Sumothierryon May 17 2012, 6:21pmReplyFlag
          And another time "Epsilon Project" !!!

          Lol, thank you guys, if your target was to bring more users in our Hunt team ^^
          But sadly, it didn't work...At all ^^

          Anyway, it's like a kind of crown you put on our heads, by writing our name instead of "Epsilon Program" !!
          I hope we'll have soon some news about GTA5, or another game, talking about the Epsilon cult of America.

          BTW, we done so much research about the cult that i hope the future info will not be in opposition with the old ones...
          I hope you'll make, or have made, a precise work on that.
          If you look for ideas or anything else about the epsilon Program, feel free to take all you want in our site and board, specially the thread "our tract writing", and the article "Startrack".

          And yea, if you need some people to take care of all that, you know where to join our team, on the site!
          We certainly have done 10 more work about the cult that you !
          So we will be really happy to help...
          There is not too much real Hunters left, but there is still the best ones.
          We didn't get to one truth, but to 100 ^^
          So we've got ideas for centuries.

          • R* Yon March 22 2012, 5:53pmReplyFlag
            Thanks everyone, and look for more updates to the advertising council in the future...
            • xkiller99on February 23 2012, 10:08amReplyFlag
              @ Sumothierry thanks for the answer
              • Sumothierryon February 23 2012, 1:12amReplyFlag
                @ xkiller99 : Hey, another Hunter^^
                In fact the Barber says "Epsilon smiles on you" -^
                And some other weird sentences like "Your nodes are oozing Krant", giving perhaps the meaning of "Krant" !

                We've got all their talks, and Campers ones, and all the other Epsilon talks we find in Rockstargames,
                In MyEpsilon Daily News
                Join our community, all gathered we're stronger !
                WE ARE HUNTERS !
                Sorry to give again the name of our hunting site, but as Rockstar don't want to answer our questions, or help, even a little bit, we've got to try to find answers by ourselves, as we have always done since years now.
                • xkiller99on February 22 2012, 1:50pmReplyFlag
                  R* did u use real dogs to record dogs sounds for gtaV?
                  • xkiller99on February 22 2012, 1:46pmReplyFlag
                    epsilon it always creeped me out when a barber man says uncle smiles on u
                    • Megadeth1994on February 21 2012, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                      Yo R* I see a lot of GTA V comments! And you're answering them! Well all i know is i just typed in and it came up with an actual website! I really wasn't expecting that! Pissing myself laughing to be honest! Basically, i seen "std" on an advert in the GTA V trailer :) i'm happy to see you guys will never grow up :L

                      • Sumothierryon February 14 2012, 10:02amReplyFlag
                        Kifflom teaser updated !!!
                        2 pages have change, the Fax number given is now 1 555 FUN CULT and Grand Canaria disappeared from the "Give" page (but not from the "tract" page ^^ (you're welcome^^))
                        And 2 words aren't at the same place anymore in the Kifflom message of "Join now" page !

                        Another move, after the 2 commercials added ?
                        Epsilon in GTA5 ?
                        • Sumothierryon February 14 2012, 9:59amReplyFlag
                          News from the Kifflom teaser site...
                          Rockstar have updated it !
                          2 pages in fact, and recently.

                          First, the "Join Now" page, containing the Kifflom message.
                          They have change the place of 2 words inside:
                          Kraff in the title is now down line.
                          And the first "to" is down line too, next by the other one.

                          Then, the "Give" page, where the Fax number changed from 1 866 FUN CULT to 1 555 FUN CULT !!
                          So a new number to test, my fax was sent this afternoon, good luck to all the Hunters!
                          also in this page, the name "Grand Canaria disappeared from the address, making it more logical, Grand Canaria being in Canaria Islands, and not in Cayman Islands^^

                          However, @ Rockstar you have forget to remove this name from the "Tract" page^^
                          You're welcome.

                          WE ARE HUNTERS !
                          • Sumothierryon February 13 2012, 3:30amReplyFlag
                            @Rockstar: Well, ok, thanks...A mistake.
                            Sorry but for us, every detail IS a big deal...
                            Understand, we hunt without surrender, since now 8 years, and always hope Rockstar will make a move to us, by giving new info or clues, official announcement...But the sunshine never comes ^^
                            Do you think we can hope something in the close future ?
                            This mystery was built by men, developers and writers at Rockstar, why the hell is this impossible to talk to someone that was directly involved into this stuff?

                            I know your CEO Dan, or Lazlow, who writed and directed the radio shows, so the interview of Cris Formage, don't have any time to answer us, but they aren't alone to know the truth!
                            So why can't we ask the questions we want, to people who know?
                            Will we have the chance, one day, that Rockstar do with San Andeas what you done with GTA3 :
                            A question/answers specially about SA Mysteries, so Epsilon too?

                            Don't you see we done so much job about Epsilon, that now we can't surrender, and have to know the truth, or at least parts of it?
                            This is a SOS, to tell you our love for the Epsilon mystery, and our need of truth.
                            I would really like, if someone from Rockstar, who know something, and would like to help us, to join me at my mail, or in Myepsilon daily news' board.
                            WE ARE HUNTERS ^^
                            • Dino_jaramon February 13 2012, 2:10amReplyFlag
                              who ever wrote this comercials is a f**king genius!!!!!!!!
                              • Dino_jaramon February 13 2012, 1:59amReplyFlag
                                R* ur the best
                                This stuff is hillarious,i love it,brings back some memories,grew up playin ur games.
                                • R* Aon February 12 2012, 12:10pmReplyFlag
                                  @Sumothierry Nah, it was just written out wrong - a mistake in an old file, no big deal. KIFFLOM!
                                  • R4zEn97on February 12 2012, 6:49amReplyFlag
                                    Max Payne 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *.* and GTA 5!!!!! I'm waiting to buy Max Payne 3, but in the meantime for me you should put some more news about gta 5 or a second trailer!
                                    • Sumothierryon February 10 2012, 3:19amReplyFlag
                                      @Rockstar: Thank you for your answer^^
                                      Still left the question: Why did Rockstar keep wrong" pictures in the databased used to build articles in this official site ?

                                      If this is a wrong draft from 8years ago, and in those times Rockstar didn't know yet what will be the final name, Project or Program, to kept all the draft for 8 years is strange, and more strange again when we know the word "Project" was never, never used.

                                      If it is a name"Project" that will be used "later", in GTA5, or in "another project of game", it's a real info !
                                      (yea, we know a lot of things, will not tell too much, if you don't make me to - ^ )

                                      So, haha, yea, I'm crazy, but crazy about Kifflom.
                                      Understand that 8 years of Hunt without finding the truth can make people a little bit....Hungry !
                                      And when Hungry, a Hunter always look to beat anything possible, even if finally "Kifflom" could be the opposite of what a "regular" man would like to beat^^

                                      Anyway, thanks a lot to have take the time to answer me.
                                      Following the blue light...To the truth !
                                      • R* Aon February 9 2012, 10:41amReplyFlag
                                        @Sumothierry While the Epsilon Program does work in mysterious ways, that was just an incorrect version of the logo put up in error. As you can see, it's been fixed now to show the real Epsilon Program (not Project) logo. Kifflom, brother.
                                        • deleted_accounton February 8 2012, 10:36amReplyFlag
                                          cant wait to see how GTAV radio looks like.. hope good music from the 60s 70s 80s !!!
                                          i remember the epsiln program and all that stuff, by the way, i have the WHOLE radio (included comercials programs etc) from vice city, sometimes i listen it... its AWESOME
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