The Gunslinger’s Lament & More (via Tumblr)

Posted on January 30 2012, 2:09pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Pretty awesome how fans are still creating incredible original art inspired by Red Dead. Here are just a few we love that we came across this week over at thegunslingerslament, reddeadonarrival and f**kyeahreddeadredemption on Tumblr. There’s hundreds of pages worth of this stuff, do have a gander.

(source: thegunslingerslament)

(source: “The Last Walk” - Refinished by ~Jallen02 on deviantART)

(source: “Dastardly Red Dead” by ~Cracked-Rib on deviantART)

(source: lemmyleyra)

Undead Nightmare Fan Artwork from Illustrators Emily Carroll and Graham Annable (found via Twitter / Flickr)
Red Dead Vocab Lessons (Found via Twitter/Tumblr)
F**KYEAHLANOIRE (Found via Tumblr)

  • B4SK3TC4S3on February 29 2012, 12:59pmReplyFlag
    Seeing that Dastardly painting reminds me of the mysterious stranger in "I Know You". He was definitely my favorite character in the single player.
    • R* Yon February 7 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
      @daniel82r Please be sure to send those videos and any other information you have to Support so they can look into the matter, thanks:
      • daniel82ron February 7 2012, 1:30amReplyFlag

        • Topmounteron February 4 2012, 11:40pmReplyFlag
          Very nice fan art. I'll start doing some RDR fan art when you guys release it on PC.
          • skyheaton February 4 2012, 4:01amReplyFlag
            "the last walk"......EPIC! IF CAN I WILL BUY THAT PIC AND HANG IT IN MY HOUSE!
            • R* Yon February 3 2012, 12:58pmReplyFlag
              @VBProject @Kirill4222 Please keep your comments on the topic of the Red Dead fan artwork, if you'd like to give us your unrelated thoughts please do so here:
              • VBProjecton February 3 2012, 11:03amReplyFlag
                I re-read that "answer" which doesn't answers anything. I'm still waiting for a valid truthful reason of MCLA and RDR not being on PC.
                • VBProjecton February 3 2012, 10:52amReplyFlag
                  R* yet haven't brought a straight solid reason why RDR can't be on PC.

                  ***They have allready said that it wouldn't work on PC because it was made as a console game from the core***
                  What's the source of this BS? Because I've seen even more console games to the core ported to PC.

                  ***it would be too expensive and too much work to get it to work in PC***
                  GTA4 is big lively detalized city yet it is on PC. RDR with its fields, fields and nothing but fields wouldn't require so much work.

                  ***and since it is allready a relatively old game they wouldn't earn on it***

                  ***it is just not possible to get Red Dead working on it.***
                  • Kirill4222on February 2 2012, 8:44pmReplyFlag
                    Well and as they have answered will be or not tell please yes isn't present
                    • Sprunk1995on February 1 2012, 7:12amReplyFlag

                      Rockstar has already answered that question here :
                      • Kirill4222on February 1 2012, 4:38amReplyFlag
                        Expensive founders of game Red Dead Redemption I ask will answer my modest question Red Dead Redemption will be on pc???
                        • BroValenon February 1 2012, 2:19amReplyFlag
                          I have a Red Dead Redemption game. Btw Awesomesauce arts! :D
                          • GTAV_King89on January 31 2012, 11:24pmReplyFlag
                            That's great artwork! I'm happy about you guys sharing those beautifully created pictures with us :D


                            • R* Yon January 31 2012, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                              @JamesRDRM @nash4m Enjoy the art

                              @NewGames2011 Some fans created these Tumblr pages and collected the artwork, lots of people contributed their creations
                              • CroatianGameron January 31 2012, 5:17pmReplyFlag
                                Amaizing work, great
                                Is this off the users who sent to R* picture or from R*
                                sry. but I dont understand.
                                Can`t wait for your future games :)
                                • JamesRDRMon January 31 2012, 11:46amReplyFlag
                                  Wow really fantastic pictures, love RDR
                                  • nash4mon January 31 2012, 11:22amReplyFlag
                                    great my beloved R*
                                    you always surprise your fans
                                    you are truly my top beloved developers
                                    • R* Yon January 31 2012, 10:52amReplyFlag
                                      @Kuya_Ed @TheViper11 @vertigo187 @Skillet367 & all others, thanks all

                                      @FeelThePayne Please be sure to send your findings regarding cheaters over to Support so they can look into the matter:

                                      @gytis1232 @Reyanking @FjrWizard We answered that question in an edition of Asked & Answered, see the question that begins with "Amazing news, I'm buying L.A. Noire [for PC] day one!"
                                      • DANIEL3GSon January 31 2012, 8:43amReplyFlag
                                        They are all really Beutiful but 2 is my Favorite
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