Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: "Downpour"

Posted on January 25 2012, 10:46am | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Games

In "Downpour", today's latest piece of original artwork from Max Payne 3, Max dual-wields a twin pair of DE .50s as he pursues the enemy on the outskirts of São Paulo's docks...

Grab it now in a range of desktop and mobile backgrounds as well as avatar and buddy icon versions - including, for the first time, sizes created for Facebook Timeline covers (850x315) - you can also grab Timeline Cover sizes for our previously released Max artwork as well. 

Get "Downpour" and previously released scenes including "Loaded" and more from the Max Payne 3 original artwork series at the Rockstar Games Downloads section.

Max Payne 3 Desktop Collection | Avatars | Buddy Icons

  • como92on February 4 2012, 11:05pmReplyFlag
    Rockstar how are you guys so smart and cool at the same time?
    • Electroboy7on February 4 2012, 12:44amReplyFlag
      Keep up The Great Art Work Rockstar
      • SladeForellyon February 3 2012, 11:21amReplyFlag
        São Paulo's docks? But São Paulo have no access for the sea... Truste me, i'm live in SP... I guess the game will take place in more than one brazilian city?
        • R* Yon February 2 2012, 1:21pmReplyFlag
          @emmi18176860 Thanks for the suggestions
          • Emanuel_Bergeron February 1 2012, 11:56amReplyFlag
            My last comment might be missleading. I mean where we can actually choose 1 out of 4 artworks, represented in a poster form as usual, that we would like to be included in the game packaging.
            • Emanuel_Bergeron February 1 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
              A survey, where registered Social Club users can choose between 4 posters/artworks, they want to be included in the final game packaging, would be awesome!
              • IVIoSt_HaTeDon January 31 2012, 9:17pmReplyFlag
                This is my favorite, I wish I had a poster like this.
                • R* Yon January 31 2012, 11:39amReplyFlag
                  @como92 @PsychoClaavus Cheers guys

                  @NYPDMAXPAYNE Nice, enjoy
                  • PsychoClaavuson January 30 2012, 8:37pmReplyFlag
                    This artwork remember me of Max Payne 2
                    • NYPDMAXPAYNEon January 28 2012, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                      I love that this is a poster in the new OXM UK
                      • DANIEL3GSon January 28 2012, 7:24amReplyFlag
                        i dont like it really there are better artwork of max payne 3
                        • como92on January 27 2012, 9:29pmReplyFlag
                          The time line covers look so good on Facebook
                          • faithashwon January 27 2012, 3:02pmReplyFlag
                            Awesome, that's all I ask - thanks R* :)
                            (psst if you do do an L.A. Noire one please do a Bekowsky one :-D)
                            • Ray_VelcoroSKon January 27 2012, 12:52pmReplyFlag
                              @NYPDMAXPAYNE Yes , I can :)
                              • NYPDMAXPAYNEon January 27 2012, 12:44pmReplyFlag
                                @DGSimo @mullen222

                                Keep me updated with magazines with Max Payne 3 cover stories and Pre order bonuses please :)
                                • Ray_VelcoroSKon January 27 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
                                  @NYPDMAXPAYNE , You're welcome ;)
                                  • NYPDMAXPAYNEon January 27 2012, 11:40amReplyFlag

                                    I just pre ordered my PC copy from Zavvi thanks to your link. That bullet pen will be a great edition to my PC copy thank you!
                                    • R* Yon January 27 2012, 11:10amReplyFlag
                                      @maciej595revan Thanks for your thoughts, we'll be unveiling the final box art for Max Payne 3 sometime between now and the May release of the game, so stay tuned for that
                                      • maciej595revanon January 27 2012, 4:12amReplyFlag
                                        Hey @R will max payne 3 have the official cover with white black style just like max payne and max payne 2?

                                        also i have idea for subtitel for 3

                                        Max Payne 3
                                        A New Life Of Max Payne
                                        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon January 27 2012, 12:32amReplyFlag

                                          I will for sure!!! :)
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