The Final Four Faces Chosen in our #MaxPayne3 Multiplayer Gang Casting Event via Twitter

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Presenting our final four multiplayer gang member faces; click here to see the first 4 which were revealed previously.

We’d like to thank EVERYONE out there who participated in the #MaxPayne3 casting event we’ve been holding on Twitter over the past month – the casting call turnout activity surpassed our expectations with #MaxPayne3 usage spiking to the top of the worldwide Trending Topics moments after the event was first announced in December. Suffice it to say, it’s been pretty difficult settling on only 8 people in total who will get to have their likeness as the face of a playable Max Payne 3 multiplayer gang character member.

In the end, the gang looks to be a pretty rad multiplayer hit squad of internationally-assembled killers – recruited from Germany, London, NYC, Los Angeles, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Certainly looking forward to seeing all of your grills online.

Without further ado, a bit more on the final four faces:

Shohei (first from left in picture above) aka @hakuchitare is a huge Rockstar fan who works as an acclaimed illustrator in his native Japan. His distinctive look, with hair shaved on the sides and slicked back on top, will look right in place amidst the gang’s rogues gallery and do well to represent Max Payne 3’s setting of Sao Paulo which has the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan.

Hamish (2nd from left) aka @silenthamish had been amongst the most prolific tweeters during the event and went super hard in the final weeks – a massive fan proudly from Melbourne, Australia who’s promised to portray an inherently tough road warrior online.

Jaclyn (3rd from left) aka @jaclynejimenez is a PC gamer from our own homebase of NYC. Her dream of getting her face in the game has come to pass, and looks like she’s ready to celebrate with some Social Club multiplayer event action later this spring as well. 

Finally, Nick (4th from left above; and right) aka @TwisBeats works in the underground rap scene of London and is someone we spotted back in the 2nd week of the event and contacted for photos.

Nick was just about losing hope of being chosen, but c’mon – how could we say no to this guy?

Congratulations again, all. We’re in the midst of getting everyone’s final production reference photographs to get them all into the game now. Stay tuned to see what their final in-game characters look like, which is something we’ll be posting here at the Rockstar Newswire before the game comes out.

First Four Multiplayer Faces Have Been Selected in the #MaxPayne3 Casting Event

  • SilentHill326on July 5 2012, 11:56amReplyFlag
    This looks great R*. Good luck to anyone who participated in this event. I wish u the best of luck nypdmaxpayne since i know how it feels to be a very dedicated fan for a game.
  • Illusion24on January 25 2012, 11:54amReplyFlag
    @rafael470 You mean you're wanting more videos? You say wetting, but I think you mean wanting!
    • IVIoSt_HaTeDon January 25 2012, 11:22amReplyFlag
      I bet they have never played a Max Payne game
      • Mac_Madon January 25 2012, 8:54amReplyFlag
        Congratulations to the winners! Some of us we couldn't spend all the day twitting and, in the fact, we never had a real opportunity to win this contest (and I'm angry for this), but it's ok, all of them are great characters.
        • P3nNyWis3on January 24 2012, 11:36pmReplyFlag
          i would love to have a theme on the playstation 3 :) i already got the avatars now i just need a theme
          • R* Yon January 24 2012, 7:30pmReplyFlag
            @VBProject @nikobelic2500000 @rafael470 Cheers guys
            • rafael470on January 24 2012, 7:12pmReplyFlag
              Rockstargames the classic max payne coming ps3. I'm wetting more videos Max payne 3
              • nikobelic250000on January 24 2012, 6:24pmReplyFlag
                Thanks Rockstar sorry about that i had no idea that was the problem. Thanks for telling me i will be sure to check more often thanks.
                BTW guys now you can see my full comment thanks guys i just wanted to say you guys are the best thanks.
                Max Payne 3 Family for ever.
                Thanks guys Cheers!
                • VBProjecton January 24 2012, 5:51pmReplyFlag
                  Congratulations to winners. And nice job toR* cause I like all 8 faces.
                  • R* Yon January 24 2012, 5:02pmReplyFlag
                    @Azueira747 Sure

                    @nikobelic2500000 We fixed that for you, it was occurring since you used left/right arrow symbols in your comment
                    • IGOR-pkon January 24 2012, 4:35pmReplyFlag
                      More avatars of rockstar games on ps3 please.
                      • Emanuel_Bergeron January 24 2012, 4:12pmReplyFlag
                        @nikobelic2500000 Maybe there's a limitation on symbols/lines, u know like twitter, u can use for one comment. That's often used as protection against spam. But though it's just a guess of mine. Cheers.
                        • Azueira747on January 24 2012, 4:04pmReplyFlag
                          R* thx for info :D
                          • rafael470on January 24 2012, 4:02pmReplyFlag
                            Congratulation guys. Rockstargames u have more videos coming Max payne 3
                            • nikobelic250000on January 24 2012, 3:50pmReplyFlag
                              Rockstar i can't post my whole comment Why is that happening.
                              • nikobelic250000on January 24 2012, 3:49pmReplyFlag
                                @NYPDMAXPAYNE Yeah man much respect hell you tweeted harder than me but even if i didn't win im happy to have good friend like you thanks Rockstar for having this i have some new friends and they are good people. I have tweeted 5000 tweets for Max PAyne i have reached my goal and im happy because its for max payne Also a big shout out to @NYPDMAXPAYNE he has been a good Friend since day one thanks for all the support man im happy to have you as a brother for life one love man. I wish you would have got picked but good show all of you. @scareface1970 @NYPDMAXPAYNE and to all the other one in the max Payne Family

                                BTW Rockstar have you seen our Family Picture I Wish all of the Family could have got in we are \very proud of @Aleeeexis she is a part of the Family and we are very happy that she made it please take a look at our Family picture Rockstar. We are all Family now and we are all going to kick some but in Max Payne aren't we guys. Max Payne 3 Family 4life.

                                In the picture are @Mr_Disappoint @Alexisssx3 @AltonMc @dixit_27 @NYPDMAXPAYNE @scareface_1970 @RmclPt all are listed in the order from left to right. We are all in the picture to show my passion for Rockstar as you may have herd a million times i always wanted to work for you guys. So i just made this to show off some of my Photoshop skills hope you guys like it we are all in it.


                                We hope you guys hold contest like this in the near future. That would be awesome if we can have this chance to be in GTA V. I would just die if i see myself put in GTA V as a ped or multiplayer character.
                                Thanks again Rockstar you guys are the best can't wait for may i feel the Payne of the bullets already im just so ready to see how max is going to play out in Brazil. Also i wanna know who is the girl he is trying to protect this time around.

                                Thanks Again Rockstar one love
                                • R* Aon January 24 2012, 2:58pmReplyFlag
                                  Thanks guys - if you're one of the people we had originally contacted for photos, then don't worry we will be in touch this week for sure.

                                  @Sprunk95 You need to contact Support with questions like that, we can't help you with technical support here. or
                                  • EloquentFEKAGangon January 24 2012, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                                    R* A
                                    My Twitter Username: @Rockstarfan001
                                    I wrote a letter now the onto a title.
                                    • scareface1970on January 24 2012, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                                      @ R* i had send my photo also to you for the #MaxPayne3 contest but i had NOT got a email from you guy's back so i wait. Is there a change that we get today a mail or next week???

                                      If i have it good i think that you have my Adress and my Email adress already :)

                                      I Thank you guy's for this awsome contest to be part of. :D:D:D

                                      ***Rockstar*** The Number One In Games.
                                      • Sprunk1995on January 24 2012, 2:43pmReplyFlag
                                        @ROCKSTAR, Sorry for being off topic, but please PLEASE befoe removing my comment tell me something... Is the NVIDIA GTS 450 (2gb) enough to run gta 4 pc On the ultra maximum settings ? without any lags ? is the CPU important in running it smooth ?

                                        Please answer i need your help Rockstar am about to buy that card and am not sure ...
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