Watch the New Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series Video: Targeting and Weapons

Posted on January 18 2012, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The second installment in our Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Video Series showcases how we've set out to reimagine the gunplay mechanics of the third person action shooter.

With a precision targeting system that's reflective of a first person game and lifelike weapon animation design, Max Payne 3 creates an unparalleled level of immersion and cinematic realism. See for yourself now by watching the clip above, which is also available in high-definition at and the Rockstar Games site Videos section.

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  • R* Yon February 18 2012, 10:44amReplyFlag
    We've just this week released a brand new trailer for Max Payne 3, check it out:

    @Gionascm2 It's up now, and we'll have more updates coming on several of the pages in the future:

    @TheVehicalBailer @alenzamet96 @mathias001 Please keep all Newswire comments on topic, this is an article about a Max Payne 3 video
    • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 17 2012, 2:54pmReplyFlag
      Hell of a great series! So excited for three more videos!
      • doeboi83on February 14 2012, 11:48amReplyFlag
        The videos for this game so far look fantastic. I'm not familiar at all with the Max Payne series but R* is selling me onto the series. But I am appreciating what i'm seeing of this game on the technical level. The advancements they are making with RAGE and Euphoria are incredible. The GTAIV to RDR technical advancement was absolutely incredible and the RDR to MP3 advancement is just as incredible if not more, which is understandable as MP3 is not a sandbox so the graphics and programming can be more focused and precise or so I think. I really hope R* can make this 3rd person shooter handle like a 1st. A game thats comes to mind that handles really well for a 3rd person shooter is the Gears of War series, very fluid controls and no auto aim whatsoever. My biggest gripe with playing RDR w/o auto-aim is the mechanic itself, it feels very clunky, almost unnatural, and too slow even with sensitivy all the way up. Hopefully R* improves this with Max Payne and incorporates that improvement into GTAV, set in sunny SoCal. Thanks R* for setting GTAV in my home state!
        • htownhardhitterson February 13 2012, 12:08pmReplyFlag
          Is there gonna be final killcam on multiplayer ?
          • xX_GTA-KING_Xxon February 13 2012, 11:36amReplyFlag
            @ TheVehicalBailer

            You are so right man
            • H0TSHELLZon February 11 2012, 2:20pmReplyFlag
              Never bought but have played the previous M.P's just wanted to know how game saves and housing is gonna work ? Similar to GTA or Red Dead ?? Is their gonna be Mission Oriented Multiplayer Playlist (Like Cops n Robbers from GTA 4) ???

              Special Edition Pre-Ordered only for the Key Chain Bullet : ]
              also the Cementary Map and Auto Shotgun
              • alenzamet96on February 11 2012, 10:35amReplyFlag
                @jamiec1993 agree
                • jamiec1993on February 11 2012, 5:22amReplyFlag
                  Max Payne looks better with a skinhead than with hair just my opinion.
                  • como92on February 3 2012, 1:39amReplyFlag
                    Your welcome!
                    • TheVehicalBaileron February 2 2012, 10:11pmReplyFlag
                      sorry, the comment I made the other day was kind of mean, I love R*.
                      • Gionascm2on February 2 2012, 12:35pmReplyFlag
                        Jesus R*, when will the Max Payne website be up??? The sooner it's up, the sooner we get GTA V info!!!!!
                        • R* Yon January 31 2012, 11:40amReplyFlag
                          @como92 Ha, thanks

                          @TheGamingNerd No word on that yet, watch the Newswire for more as we lead up to the release this May
                          • como92on January 29 2012, 11:18pmReplyFlag
                            Why do I love Rockstargames? Because of this video baby!!!!
                            • TheGamingNerdon January 29 2012, 7:39pmReplyFlag
                              This video is very awesome! Got me so pumped for Max Payne 3 that I've went and replayed the previous two games. Any ideas when the Next Gameplay Series video will be released?
                              • R* Yon January 27 2012, 11:23amReplyFlag
                                @iSwag- @NYPDMAXPAYNE & others, cheers

                                @VinnieGognitti0 @AbAeterno We'll consider answering your questions in a possible upcoming edition of Asked & Answered, thanks for passing them along

                                @EZ-Ninty-Five Please contact our Support team so they can help:
                                • EZ-Ninty-Fiveon January 27 2012, 10:49amReplyFlag
                                  ROCKSTAR Why i can't view any of your games on social club ?

                                  I have L.A NOIRE and GTA IV and EFLC , a friend told me that when i go to social club i can see my stats but when i enter it says that i am not able to see... I am 16 but c'mon ... is there a way that i can do that ?

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