Rockstar Recommends: “The Wild Bunch”

Posted on November 17 2009, 2:44pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

In the lead up to Red Dead Redemption we'd like to highlight a few of our favorite westerns.
If you haven't seen them, these movies will definitely entertain you and get you in the mood for the game.
They are in no particular order and the list of films we'll be posting is incomplete.  That being said, this first film may well be the greatest western of them all.

The Wild Bunch (1969, Dir. Sam Peckinpah) completely changed the portrayal of violence in cinema.  Pekinpah's masterwork changed westerns forever - and its influence can still be seen in any shooter you are playing today.  An incredible script and ground-breaking cinematography round out this classic.

Check out the original trailer:


  • -OPAZO-on November 22 2009, 1:08pmReplyFlag
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    • russelljoneson November 19 2009, 8:44pmReplyFlag
      The second gatling gun pic was actualy a really old gatling gun, Most western games have em.

      It wouldnt really be something you could pull out i guess, you could find it somewhere and roll it in with the thing its on (second pic)
      • El_Put-0on November 19 2009, 4:32pmReplyFlag
        well those 2 arent that bad but i think that kind of weapon doesnt really fit in the western tipe of game xD just imagine in a middle of those gunfights someone pulls out a gatling gun and blasts everyone out... one of the best parts of this game is probably be the intense gunfights so a gatling gun would like ruin those battles and i also think its kinda unrealistic and in wich time is this game set? i think that in that time weaponry wasnt really advanced so i hope they keep like pistols, shotguns, rifles and some cool melee weapons would be nice... man i cant wait for this and agent... and max payne 3 lol im getting them all =P
        • Jortanon November 19 2009, 6:58amReplyFlag
          Boss ---ger is a good western
          • russelljoneson November 18 2009, 8:54pmReplyFlag
            Hopefully if they dont add one you can walk around with they can add one that you push,

            Like this one:

            I think thats just as cool.
            • russelljoneson November 18 2009, 8:52pmReplyFlag
              I like heavy weapons lol,

              But yea there are placed gattling guns like on the RDR trailer.

              Im not talking about like a really big gatling gun, Becuase there has been a portable gatling gun made before in real life.

              Heres a wikepedia page of the portable gatling gun, It could even be small like this:

              • bad_fur_dayon November 18 2009, 6:13pmReplyFlag
                Hey! Just because Last Man Standing was a remake of a remake doesn't make it kick any less ass.

                Also what is with the portable gatling gun, thats completely stupid, it's just never gunna happen because it doesn't make sense within the realistic world their creating. It would be made out of solid iron and weigh about a ton! Also you'd have to crank the cylinders manually, how you supposed to do that whilst carrying it? Or someone following you around with an ammo box?? lol

                There probably will be a tripod gattling gun though I suspect.
                • El_Put-0on November 18 2009, 2:18pmReplyFlag
                  oops at the end i meant it WOULDNT be so bad sorry for the extra comment.
                  • El_Put-0on November 18 2009, 2:16pmReplyFlag
                    well russel the only way i would like a "portable" gatling gun in this game would never be like in uncharted 2... like i hate the way how ur character walks while holding it its like too slow and its like if they are struggling very hard to hold the gatling gun xD (btw just got rnk 45 on u2 multiplayer) so if the gatling gun was there it would only be kinda cool if it had a little bit of the m60 model in gta liberty city stories n vice city stories... but not so modern looking that way it would be so bad i guess.
                    • Happydidieronon November 18 2009, 1:02pmReplyFlag
                      tres bien ce jeu jadore trop cool
                      • NiceFellaon November 18 2009, 1:01pmReplyFlag
                        I'd like to see Clint's converted Colt 1851 Navy revolver, removable cylinders for fast reload, very nice.
                        • Casey_Mongilloon November 18 2009, 10:55amReplyFlag
                          Wow, I see people on lots of forums wanting that gatling gun, haha. Hope you guys get your wish!
                          • russelljoneson November 18 2009, 10:57amReplyFlag
                            Theres already a non movable gatling gun in the game(you can see in the trailer on the train), I dont know I think it would be pretty cool.

                            But even if there isnt a movable one then ohwell, Its jus a somethin little I sorta wish the game will have.

                            But there will be tons of other weapons probably.

                            • El_Put-0on November 18 2009, 9:29amReplyFlag
                              russel i hope it doesnt man i mean.... a huge movable gatling gun like in uncharted 2? nah doesnt really sound wester but sawn off shotguns look like perfect weapons... xD the shotguns are always my first weapon choice on every gta for the first missions then i think that cars would kill the mood of this game horses, trains, and those chariots (i think thats what they are called) that are pulled by horses seem perfect cars would just be.... i dont know just like the gatling gun doesnt really sound like western after what i have seen so far i could only hope for a bigger number of outfits and cool customisation (u guys really got to try to top gta san andreas on customisation... maybe in the next gta? think about it) and i think that some games are just better without multiplayer but i guess we are still gonna have to see some gameplay. oh and charlie i dont understand why you are complaining dude you should be happy the achievments probably mean tlad and tbogt are coming to pc so just give the guys at rckstar a rest i mean they cant release an "exclusive" and less than 1 month later say screw the exclusive and lets put it on pc... you got to give them time i would be happy if there was such a relevant clue that the downloadable content was coming to ps3.

                              Peace =P
                              • NiceFellaon November 18 2009, 9:17amReplyFlag
                                That said, I still agree that Bruce Willis killing everyone will never get old.
                                • NiceFellaon November 18 2009, 9:14amReplyFlag
                                  Last Man Standing? Just a remake of Fistful of Dollars. Which was a remake of Yojimbo. Kids today.
                                  • IIJOSEPHXIIon November 18 2009, 2:17amReplyFlag
                                    Hmmm...maybe The Good, The Bad & The Ugly won`t get a mention on this list, but at least one of the dollars trilogy HAS to be included. I also hope Missouri Breaks, The Proposition, No Country For Old Men & Assault on Precinct 13 have influenced Redemption - yeah, they`re all westerns.

                                    One Western in production that might be given a boost by the popularity of Redemption is The Creed of Violence. It`s the tale of an ex-outlaw who is sent by The Bureau in 1910 to thwart an arms smuggling ring in Mexico - strange, no? Check out the Boston Teran novel to get yourself into that era. The director Todd Field will also be bringing Blood Meridian by Cormack McCarthy (No Country For Old Men) to the big screen soon, WOOT!
                                    • russelljoneson November 18 2009, 2:19amReplyFlag
                                      Damn I cant wait, Its gonna be epic.

                                      Im hoping theres a gatling gun you can walk around with and i hope theres sawn off shotguns.
                                      • CribbNG3on November 17 2009, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                                        You can tell that R* is waiting until around december to let all of their juicy details flow. When you pre-order all you really have to worry about is information.

                                        The Wild Bunch is still a great movie though, it puts Jeremiah Johnson's punk a** to shame.
                                        • bad_fur_dayon November 17 2009, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                                          Now thats what I'm talking about!

                                          That reminds me of the only western that I thought was any good. Last Man Standing. NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A WESTERN, HELL YEAH! You get Bruce Willis to kill everyone. You guys better put that on your list or else there'll be trouble around these parts. :p

                                          Also I think Red Dead Redemption will be like, better than most western movies... You guys are so awesome the word awesome doesn't seem to be adaquite anymore. Westerns, Horrors, Crime Thrillers, Film Noir, I can't even classify Bully... You guys are just too much.

                                          Untill this comes out I'll be playing with my photorealistic custom Micheal Myers manhunt skin, you guys just gotta try that. Also you should see that Rob Zombie remake, it's so awesome. Could I possible blab on any longer, you guys seriously need a forum to contain all of the stuff I have to comment on.
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