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The Killer (1989; Dir. John Woo)

"He looks determined without being ruthless. Something heroic in his manner. There's a courage about him, doesn't look like a killer. Comes across so calm..."

So describes Hong Kong detective Li to a police sketch artist the mysterious lone assassin he finds himself fascinated with...

While Film Noir and particularly NYC-set detective films are often pointed to as being a key influence on the heritage of the Max Payne franchise, many forget that the touchstones that inspired the series are a bit more international than that – especially the canon of over-the-top Hong Kong shoot-em-ups as pioneered in the 1980s by directors like John Woo and Ringo Lam. Of those, “The Killer” is perhaps the best – with its stylized, over-the-top, slow-motion sequences of balletic gunplay; its melodramatic touches that underscore the action (white doves, mystic sounding vibraphones, candle-lit churches); and the role of the talented yet conscienced killer, played by Chow Yun-fat in one of his many collaborations with Mr. Woo before they both became Hollywood names.

“The Killer” tells the tale of professional assassin, Ah Jong – with no super powers, no sixth senses – but just an almost preternatural ability to sense, react and respond to impending danger in a split-second with razor sharp reflexes and deadly accuracy with a gun of any kind. Just as quick to dispatch a hit with cold-blooded precision as he is to risk his own life and limb to protect an innocent caught in a crossfire - the brooding and conflicted Ah Jong struggles with his own conscience and with issues of guilt and loyalty in his relationships with the detective who hunts him, the longtime friend and business associate who contracts him, and the sweet lounge singer he cares for. All that said, action film aficionados will probably delight most in those insane slo-mo bullet-riddled shootouts from start to finish.

NB – Rap fans will get an extra kick of out of this one, recognizing many scenes (from the English-dubbed version) as being sampled liberally on the 1995 classic album, Only Built for Cuban Linx... by Raekwon the Chef of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  • VBProjecton March 30 2012, 1:31pmReplyFlag
    This movie promotes more Sleeping Dogs than Max Payne 3 lol.
    • RamzKillaon January 28 2012, 3:05pmReplyFlag
      Eh yo I appreciate the recommendations R* you getting me more and more hyped everyday!
      • R* Aon January 13 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
        Thanks guys

        @rhyme_t.f. Actually the first one we posted was "Trope de Elite" - check it out:
        • IVIoSt_HaTeDon January 13 2012, 11:35amReplyFlag
          R* has great taste in movies
          • rhyme_t.f.on January 11 2012, 4:33amReplyFlag
            Glad this is the first movie you reference for Max Payne. Looking forward to the action.
            • R* Yon January 10 2012, 11:34amReplyFlag
              @WolfRogers @chazza271289 Good to hear you guys like the film, cheers
              • WolfRogerson January 9 2012, 8:40pmReplyFlag
                Just got around to watching, surprised actually as I've seen hard Boiled, etc, but just never thought about checking this out, glad someone pointed it out, it's a pretty kick ass film and contains most of John Woo's trademarks.
                • chazza271289on January 9 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
                  I know that creating award winning games is your number one passion and im not holding my breath for a movie but i have noticed that some games of your based around films eg the warriors and gta vice city has a scarface and a Miami vice feel to it and now max payne 3.
                  I watched this movie a few weeks back must say it is very good i would recommend scarface and the warriors and i would recommend that people play these classic games too.
                  • R* Yon January 9 2012, 4:30pmReplyFlag
                    More on Max Payne 3 coming in the next few days and weeks, stay tuned all!

                    @chazza271289 Thanks for asking, but we don't have any info to pass along on that subject
                    • Emanuel_Bergeron January 9 2012, 3:15pmReplyFlag
                      @mullen222 no worries man!!! *caugh* w--r--m--t *caugh*
                      • Ray_VelcoroSKon January 9 2012, 3:07pmReplyFlag
                        R* please release design and technology # 2 this week :)
                        • Emanuel_Bergeron January 9 2012, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                          @chazza271289 wow, thanks for letting us know, at least the website of THE FOOTBALL FACTORY is R* like, has sth of Vice City when it starts :) Nice R*, good to see u in the Movie business too
                          • chazza271289on January 9 2012, 12:21pmReplyFlag
                            i noticed that you were credited as executive producers in the football factory does this mean that you will be making films and creating great games at the same time (can't wait to see mark wahlberg take the role as claude speed in grand theft auto 3 the movie ;)
                            • R* Yon January 9 2012, 11:57amReplyFlag
                              @emmi18176860 We don't usually preannounce specific times and dates when things will go live on the Newswire, best advice is to check back on a regular basis
                              • Emanuel_Bergeron January 9 2012, 10:54amReplyFlag
                                official website launch, new video, new artwork, im waiting for it R*, u know?
                                • R* Yon January 9 2012, 10:51amReplyFlag
                                  @maciej595revan Thanks, we'll have a look
                                  • maciej595revanon January 9 2012, 2:56amReplyFlag
                                    Rockstar Games i send you my e-mail on mouthoff you should get it
                                    • rxcpbsjpon January 9 2012, 12:21amReplyFlag
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