PC Title Update Released for L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition

Posted on December 19 2011, 5:30pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

A title update is out now for the PC version of L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition. Updates include:

  • Fix to prevent mouse cursor from turning on when using -str command line to improve performance
  • Render state optimizations to improve performance
  • Single-threaded renderer option added to game launcher to improve graphics performance on certain setups

If you need help with the game or have questions regarding this update, be sure to first have a look at the L.A. Noire PC Technical Support page. If you don’t see your problem listed, submit a request to our Support team via http://support.rockstargames.com, and they’ll get back to you with some assistance.

  • Angad13on July 18 2016, 4:23amReplyFlag
    I cant even freakin launch the game
    • Acciaoon July 14 2012, 10:56amReplyFlag
      L.A. Noir Complete Edition purchased in Switzerland on July 14th 2012, installed in XP SP3 environment, perfect Internet connection,does not want to activate. Any clue?
      • elepanon April 30 2012, 4:52pmReplyFlag
        where can i activate my product key? please!!!
        • elepanon April 30 2012, 4:50pmReplyFlag
          where can i activate my product key?
          • agentfordhamon April 25 2012, 3:54amReplyFlag
            hey R* any plans on another PC patch? I mean my computer passes all the recommended settings yest its still slow as hell, and yes ive put all that stuff int eh command prompt and play on low
            • EldarHasjanovon March 25 2012, 1:26pmReplyFlag
              where can i activate my product key?
              • maicolcbon March 24 2012, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                o como puedo conseguir la clave de activacion ????
                • maicolcbon March 24 2012, 3:21pmReplyFlag
                  alguien me puede ayudar con la clave de activacion
                  • joker007moon March 22 2012, 11:11amReplyFlag
                    i was able to play 1 mission crash 1 mission crash just got out of training that way go to interview mrs black and bam crash i restart new patch im thinking yay its going to work better now maybe wrong just like the broken gta 4 and episodes from liberty city i cant get more then 5 mins in now every pc game rockstar has made after san andreas is a broken turd i keep paying for rockstar games like an idiot and im the one who ends up getting the shaft hell i have to use a cracked exe just to run episodes from liberty city as it asks for disc on a digital copy of the game
                    • TouchBIOSon February 16 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
                      what is the active code?
                      • VeryHushHushon February 10 2012, 9:24pmReplyFlag
                        @ Rama1992 - I'm afraid not :-( All I've heard from R* is, that there isn't any plans for
                        any LA Noire 2. Though I'd love to see it happen more than anything!
                        I just love that Noire feel and the detective work.

                        Besides that, I always like the R* games that goes back in time most...
                        like LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Vice City! Best 3 titles they made!
                        Therefor I'm also keeping my hopes up, to one day see Agent emerge from
                        the dusty game lists of R* - Cold War Action Adventure with R* - man, that
                        would be EPIC!!!

                        But I hope you read, R* - maybe LA Noire wasn't the "Blockbuster" like RDR, but
                        we're many many people who'd love to see LA Noire 2!
                        • Rama1992on February 10 2012, 3:31amReplyFlag
                          Does anyone know if it will release LA Noire 2?
                          • agentfordhamon February 3 2012, 5:18amReplyFlag
                            i know i ask ALL the time but any news on the last of the artwork? I know theres more ive seen it in magazines and such
                            • VeryHushHushon January 27 2012, 8:32pmReplyFlag
                              LA Noire is still the best game I've ever played! Would die to play LA Noire 2 - but I don't think that's very likely.

                              I've only needed R* Support 1 time - but they were brilliant, so anyone having issues, just write them - they're top class!

                              Wish for 2012: Announcement of LA Noire 2 :-)

                              • Jantjie101on January 17 2012, 10:41amReplyFlag
                                @kiddoplox why WHY DID YOU Post a spoiler come on man you spoiler there are some of us that doesnt want to be spoiled we just wanna play the game now you ruined it thaks man.@chromax thanks i agree.
                                • JasonMuon January 16 2012, 12:28pmReplyFlag
                                  I have lot's of trouble playning the game, on acount it crashes after 3 minutes, was waiting the PC releas like the rising moon, but.. ..been batling for 10 hours now and nothing. Can't play the game. Frustraiting as hell.
                                  • chromaxon January 15 2012, 6:10pmReplyFlag
                                    @kiddoplox You ignorant spoiler idiot ruined the whole game! Why do you spoil the game? Are you really such a moron? Thank you, for ruining the game for me and many other players. I´m sure we all want to shoot you.
                                    • art67_ruson January 15 2012, 5:36amReplyFlag
                                      Tell me when will fix the problem with notebooks with two graphics cards? The game runs on the graphics card and Intel does not want to run on Nvidia. I am very very angry when this happened and start to think back to the game store and pick up the money if the problem is resolved and greatly saddens then that the last game very badly with importing consoles.
                                      • Jantjie101on January 14 2012, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                                        Just wanted to say Rock on R* L.A. Noire has so many features I simply Love it please creating such games
                                        • art67_ruson January 14 2012, 7:17amReplyFlag
                                          where to get or download this update?
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