Announcing the Jan-Feb 2012 Official Social Club Multiplayer Events Series Calendar

Posted on December 16 2011, 9:50am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Announcing the first scheduled Official Social Club Multiplayer Events of 2012 with our January and February slate of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV sessions across PSN, XBL and PC. Mark your calendars to join us for live streaming online multiplayer action plus live chat with Rockstar and other Social Club members at the Events page, along with prize pack giveaways, special guest players, and more. 

Look for another calendar with dates for March and beyond after we've announced the release date for Max Payne 3 - for now, let your mind run wild with what the future will hold by reading up on the first multiplayer details for Max Payne 3 as revealed at IGN this week.


  • Friday, January 13 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition w/ Triple XP
    For PlayStation 3 on PSN
    The first multiplayer event of 2012, battling it out on PSN with you and your whole posse across modes from the entire Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer experience - including Undead Nightmare's Undead Overrun. (Note you do not need the Game of the Year Edition specifically to play in this or any of our Red Dead events. Any version will do as long as we're playing relevant modes.)
  • Thursday, January 26 (5-8PM Eastern)
    Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition
    For Xbox 360 on XBL
    Since our most recent GTA console event was held on PSN, the Xbox LIVE crowd gets there proper due with some Cops n' Crooks, GTA Race, Witness Protection and just about every other multiplayer mode from the original Grand Theft Auto IV as well as the Episodes, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Friday, February 10 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition w/ Triple XP
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    Red Dead on Xbox LIVE with everything from Grand Prix Horse Racing to Gold Rush to Stronghold to Undead Overrun and plenty more. As with most of our events, we'll have 20 runner-up prizes and one Grand Prize. Good luck...
  • Friday, February 24 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City
    For PC on Games for Windows LIVE
    Yup, 32-player mayhem crashing things up in Race, going wild in Free Mode, and some classic Deathmatch - will be just part of this one.

These official multiplayer events are your chance to:

  • Play online multiplayer with Rockstar Games, including folks from some of the development teams who helped create the games themselves 
  • Enter Social Club member-exclusive event sweepstakes at the multiplayer events page during the event, including prize giveaways you won't see anywhere else like custom controllers, consoles and more
  • Watch the live video stream broadcast of the online play at the official multiplayer events page
  • Join the live event chat to discuss the stream and challenge other players as the action unfolds
  • Gain Triple XP in Red Dead Redemption in addition to during our separate Twitter/Facebook announced playsessions such as these

Look for Gamertags, IDs and details on how to find us in each event to be posted a day or two before each of the dates listed below. Keep in mind that the easiest way to get in on a game with us during these playsessions is to send a friend request the night before and then request in the chat or the corresponding Newswire post to be invited.

If you want more chances to play with Rockstar or, as mentioned, get more +XP in Red Dead, be sure to follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages. At unscheduled dates and times, every now and then we like to tweet out that we're about to play one of our titles online, and we invite everyone by posting a Gamertag. If Triple XP is happening, we'll let you know about how long it will be on. We've recently been keeping it on at least 24 hours a week. Watch closely for the next one...

  • CarShowKing.comon March 5 2012, 5:14pmReplyFlag
    what about if I pre-order sense last year at my local game stop how do I get the perks?
    • R* Yon February 29 2012, 1:42pmReplyFlag
      Stay tuned for the Spring calendar of Social Club multiplayer events, including the first dates for Max Payne 3...

      @Metalbandit We've actually hosted a whole lot of PSN events in the past, see here for all the recaps and announcements, and look for a PSN event coming up in March when we release the new calendar of events:
      • Teashieboion February 21 2012, 12:26amReplyFlag
        this is a great thing that rockstar does, i never really knew you could play with the developers, i would love to take part in this and i hope other developers do this too
        • ImRickJamesBetchon February 20 2012, 7:54pmReplyFlag
          Hey guys Im new to Online play, Its f**kin awesome! Wish I started playing online years ago. Anyway while playing I noticed some PPL can write things to other PPLwhile playing, How can I do that? Im using a PS3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
          • Metalbanditon February 11 2012, 7:44pmReplyFlag
            Y the hell is there never any events for PS3 players on GTA4, or RDR, whats the damned deal with that?
            • RedDeadBounty3on February 10 2012, 1:46amReplyFlag
              aswine7123 is a cheater on Red Dead Redemption for the Playstation 3. This punk uses a modded PS3 console with an aimbot and a modified controller. He is also known to cheat on Battlefield 3.

              martingouin is a french cheater on Red Dead Redemption for the Playstation 3. This punk uses a modded PS3 console with an aimbot and a modified controller. He is also known to cheat on Modern Warfare 3.
              • Chainsaw_98on February 8 2012, 1:22pmReplyFlag
                I hope I get the achievement for killing a Rockstar or some someone with the achievement this Friday.
                • R* Yon February 8 2012, 10:58amReplyFlag
                  @Marcoto Feel free to pass along your Gamertag, we'll get you in for a few rounds this Friday including some Grand Prix
                  • Marcotoon February 8 2012, 10:42amReplyFlag
                    I hope to play against someone on the team and win a Grand Prix
                    • MONSTFIzon February 8 2012, 2:02amReplyFlag
                      @All the people who call other people Cheater:
                      1. Stop hating players who are better then you! Instead of calling them cheaters you could also start to learn the game
                      2.I dont know how it works on PS3 but on Xbox 360 if you trie to use aimbot you console will be banned immediately and it takes a major time to unban
                      • R* Yon February 6 2012, 12:05pmReplyFlag
                        @Fronkonschteen Another player is not required, it's only recommended. You'll be fine if you're by yourself, just be sure to let us know your Gamertag/ID in future events and we'll do our best to get you an invite.
                        • Fronkonschteenon February 3 2012, 5:36amReplyFlag
                          I heard you need atleast another friend when you want to sign up to one of them multiplayer events. Is there anyone who will be playing GTA IV event on 2/24? because i need someone to taggle along with.
                          • 1800-Tequilaon January 31 2012, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                            @JPerezzz Dude enough of your moaning! R* and Microsoft cannot patch Turbo Controllers! They sell at different stores and you can can get em online. You can't patch them as they do not detect to the harddrive of your Xbox 360. GTA V is fixing to come out soon so why even bother playing GTA IV online anymore? "You defenitely can't get a patch on "KaptainKurks" ( 2 bullets with the M4 and you are DEAD )
                            • R* Yon January 31 2012, 11:53amReplyFlag
                              @JPerezzz Again, our Support and development teams look into these issues, so please be sure to converse with them about the matter, and if you believe a player has modified their hardware or software in a way that interferes with your use of the console, you should file a report with Microsoft or Sony so they can investigate.

                              To file a report, please contact through one of the following websites:
                              • JPerezzzon January 25 2012, 12:46pmReplyFlag
                                Yeah right. All they say is, "This will be seen by appropriate eyes." and It is never mentioned again. I bet a million dollars you guys in the office haven't heard a single thing about turbo controllers.
                                • R* Yon January 25 2012, 11:46amReplyFlag
                                  @shaqattack91 Thanks for the suggestion, however we don't have any plans for XP sessions or weekends for Grand Theft Auto IV

                                  @JPerezzz Please contact Support so they can look into that for you:
                                  • JPerezzzon January 25 2012, 11:35amReplyFlag
                                    PATCH TURBO CONTROLLERS IN GTA IV XBOX 360 ONLINE!
                                    • shaqattack91on January 25 2012, 2:22amReplyFlag
                                      hey rockstar make gta 4 triple xp weekend like red dead getting 5 million for top rank is ridiculous.
                                      • R* Yon January 24 2012, 11:38amReplyFlag
                                        @dave6490 @regularrigby127 Any version of the games is compatible with us in the multiplayer events, hope you can join in the next one this Thursday
                                        • bladekill05on January 24 2012, 10:25amReplyFlag
                                          Alan Wake for PC. But does not RDR. Alan Wake, the Xbox is a special game. But coming for pc. Emergence of the PC to do anything for RDR. 250 thousand dollars proposition for you. If you agree, I will provide you with the financial support of this. RDR to the pc just would like to exchange for emergence.
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