Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Now Available for iPad, iPhone and Android Devices - Watch the Official Launch Trailer

Posted on December 15 2011, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

We are proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition is now available for select new generation iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Android Marketplace for $4.99.

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition is the complete console experience of the award-winning open world original, enhanced and optimized for touch screen mobile devices with new features including an intuitive, fully scalable and customizable user interface; upgraded textures; greater resolution and draw distance; and new mission replay and autosave features for an all-new experience on mobile devices.

See the complete list of compatible devices below, and check out the Official Launch Trailer embedded above.

Apple iOS Devices: iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPod touch 4th Generation
Android Phones: HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, T-Mobile G2x, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Bionic, DROID RAZR
Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Asus Transformer Prime, Dell Streak 7, LG Optimus Pad, Medion LifeTab, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition - Android & iOs Screenshots

  • peewee93titicoon July 27 2016, 11:58pmReplyFlag
    The graphics were very good.
    • TheDJT100on January 7 2016, 4:00amReplyFlag
      GTA: San Andreas has been created and released for mobile devices including the Windows phone platform. Are there any plans for GTA III or Vice City to be released for Windows anytime soon? I loved the older gta games and would love (and desperately want) to play the others on my phone just as much as IOS and Android users would. But still, Thank you so much Rockstar for having San Andreas on Windows. Would love the others but im still glad that there's the one gta that exists for windows and I can enjoy it when im away from home.
      • Rony66645on February 11 2015, 8:16pmReplyFlag
        Why is the game not in the amazon appstore??
        • __KLoD__on October 22 2014, 1:38pmReplyFlag
          Happy birthday GTA3!
          • Splicerron July 30 2013, 12:37amReplyFlag
            It would be great if I could play it with my Razr I, which has Intel processor :(
            • 713DalekSon July 9 2013, 12:33pmReplyFlag
              Checkout my mod 10th Year Anniversary PC Edition . If you like it please help to finish it!
              • JD_1991on November 24 2012, 6:11amReplyFlag
                I'm hoping that just because Vice City is coming out doesn't mean this game will not be updated anymore. I know it's hard on a fragmented platform like Android, but I am an iOS user and I would love for this game to be a full port, like cheats and all. Any plans to make cheats available on 10th anniversary edition of GTAIII?
                • RussianTheftAutoon October 27 2012, 3:12amReplyFlag
                  YOU ARE THE BEST!!! THANKS!!!
                • RussianTheftAutoon October 25 2012, 4:55amReplyFlag
                  So, GTA Vice City on Iphone - dream and nothing more. =(
                • Meyus-007on October 22 2012, 10:55amReplyFlag
                  And today, 11th year anniversary... Happy B'day legend!
                  • Tutcho17on October 17 2012, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                    is GTA Vice City coming out on October 26 2012? it will be the 10yr anniversary if it does. besides the games rocks!
                    • RussianTheftAutoon October 8 2012, 2:08amReplyFlag
                      Hey Rockstar, look this video: "New graphics for GTA 3 PC"
                      • Meyus-007on September 22 2012, 3:01pmReplyFlag
                        Am I the only guy that crying while listening to this beautiful music? Memories of GTAIII... Revolution...

                        Good old days. Now we're waiting for GTAV. Time goes by so fast, DMA Design.. so fast...
                        • GoryMasheron October 7 2012, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                          @Meyus-007 I know what you mean mate,

                          Even to this day its hard to imagine what gaming would be like if it wasn't for Rockstar creating GTA III.

                          I remember being sat in a cafe when the preview of what the first GTA game was going to be like back on Playstation. Straight away it had me hooked on wanting the game. Not because it allowed me to steal cars or shoot who I want. But even then GTA had one of the best put together stories that gaming had seen.

                          Then when the PS2 was released a few years later and GTA III was announced, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Proper voice acting by professional actors & actresses, driving physics which made you truly apart of the action which you loved to watch in all those movie chase scenes, now thanks to Rockstar you could get to do yourself in GTA III.

                          GTA III didn't just change gaming, it changed entire lifestyle choices for some people. Most people wouldn't consider listening to a particular genre of music, but because of the radio stations in GTA III, people were now in music stores looking for albums from the artist they heard on GTA III. Every game developer now had to change up about 60 gears in presentation thanks to how Rockstar told an actual story to rival even the biggest block buster at the cinema. If it weren't for Rockstar we wouldn't have every developer trying to beat them and giving gamers the best games we have ever dreamed of. And even to this day on the advanced consoles that we play on, there are still developers struggling to compete with how to make a game as amazing as GTA III.

                      • louis1993on September 12 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                        anyone else waiting for the new iphone release next hour? :D
                      • killer2219on September 2 2012, 7:36pmReplyFlag
                        i have an idea GTA VICE CITY 10 Anniversary
                        • killer2219on August 23 2012, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                          motorola atrix 2 please
                          • R* Yon August 24 2012, 10:50amReplyFlag
                            @killer2219 @kmelki Thanks, but we don't have plans to bring the game to additional devices
                          • unarmedalan090on August 30 2012, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                            @ so you just plan on letting the game die on older devices? i dont see the galaxy s 3 either
                        • kmelkion August 14 2012, 2:15pmReplyFlag
                          Hi R* ! I own a HTC Sensation XE ... it has a 1.5GHz dual core processor / 768 mb of ram and a 4.3inch QHD resolution display ... Cant u make GTA III available for it plz ? If not , Why ? Thanks and keep up the good work on GTA V :D
                          • voyager33on July 18 2012, 11:19amReplyFlag
                            will it play on the sony ericsson xperia pro
                          • Komevaxon June 12 2012, 10:56amReplyFlag
                            On my Xperia ARC with android 2.3.4 it worked great but when i updated android to 4.0.4 its laggy and it freezes after playing short time.
                          • ala-eddine97on May 15 2012, 4:34pmReplyFlag
                            hi, can this game work on Ony Xperia S?
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