Watch the Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series Video

Posted on November 17 2011, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Today, we present the very first in a series of in-depth Max Payne 3 videos.

The Design and Technology Video Series offers a detailed look at the targeting mechanics, movement and animation, enemy intelligence and other technical design innovations going into building an advanced, intense and immersive action-shooter with Max Payne 3.

Watch now in high-definition at and the Rockstar Games site Videos section.

  • SlimySunOfABeachon December 26 2011, 1:19amReplyFlag
    the original max payne(in ny) looks a lot different than the max payne in brazil. i know that the older one has been modelled after the voice actor, but still, both of them look completely different, and it looks somewhat strange to me.
  • ivel65on December 17 2011, 4:38pmReplyFlag
    This trailer of max payne 3 looks really awesome! but i also want some news about GTA V. please respond.
    • elmowithammoon December 10 2011, 4:06pmReplyFlag
      looks absoluty sick you rockstar games r geniouses
      • GtaSanBraon December 3 2011, 11:15amReplyFlag
        Niko angry kkkk!
        • R* Yon November 27 2011, 2:23pmReplyFlag
          Thanks guys for all the questions, can't answer everything at this point in time but know that we'll consider your messages for a future edition in our Asked & Answered series
          • Dino_jaramon November 27 2011, 3:14amReplyFlag
            is there going 2 be autoaiming?
            • Dino_jaramon November 27 2011, 3:12amReplyFlag
              U guys in R* are pure artists thank u!
              • Liquid_Snake518on November 26 2011, 10:16amReplyFlag
                IM ROCKSTAR GAMES TILL I DIE!!!! YEA!!!
                • Josemanzuron November 25 2011, 7:28pmReplyFlag
                  Before I die I want to play Max Payne 3 and GTA V.
                  • djvicboyaon November 25 2011, 4:09pmReplyFlag
                    so bored need another Max Payne 3 vid to kep me going
                    • Liquid_Snake518on November 24 2011, 2:24pmReplyFlag
                      @R*... Another brilliant 3rd person shooter!!! im lovin the trailers and really lookin forward to be MAX PAYNE again with these vascular (major) improvements. YOU ROCK R* GAMES from england with love /:D
                      • Dino_jaramon November 24 2011, 11:07amReplyFlag
                        Does max finally goes to a AA meeting?or his staying off the sauce?
                        • The-Dark-Nighton November 24 2011, 10:37amReplyFlag
                          i was refering to the old max payne guns and atmosphere my mistake
                          • The-Dark-Nighton November 24 2011, 10:34amReplyFlag
                            just dug out the old max payne`s for my ps2.when i put them in i forgot i had completed them ages ago cos rhere still saved on the memory card and was just wondering what the "new york minute" mode is cos ive totally forgot?
                            the guns in max payne 3 look/sound and feel ace even years later also love the dialogue in both games and the atmosphere is awsome hope max payne 3 has the same dark gritty feel and style
                            • GLOCKWILLDODADOOon November 24 2011, 2:48amReplyFlag
                              @R* A When will the next video be coming out of Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. And Ya'll have to bring back Midnight Club its the best racing game ever, R* A yall should maybe look towards the future like a Midnight Club Miami 2013, M.I.A Noire 2013, GTA VC 80's 2014, Micheal Myers(Halloween) 2013, Red Dead Revolution 2012, Tony Montana 2014. Please feedback just random ideas
                              • GLOCKWILLDODADOOon November 24 2011, 2:16amReplyFlag
                                @R* A. Why a old max payne? and it seems a little fictional the way Max Payne motion shoots ( slow-mo mode). But I look forward to this game, it raise the bar for other companies
                                • Dino_jaramon November 24 2011, 2:03amReplyFlag
                                  i hope R* guys will put some hand 2 hand combat,it whould be fun,there can be a level whitout npcs packin,so max has 2 kick their ass the old fashion kung fu ninja style,or just kick their ass
                                  • R* Aon November 23 2011, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                                    @Dino_jaram Very nice, enjoy!
                                    • Dino_jaramon November 23 2011, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                                      I found an old copy of max 2,and im playin it ,just to get in the mood for max 3,so enxcious
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