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Posted on November 4 2011, 10:55am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Music, Games

We’d just like to take a moment to send a special shout to Chris Sands – who recently dropped us a note via mouthoff to let us know about his inspirational story and about his incredible music project, “365 Songs”.

You may have heard of Chris before as the BBC had covered his battle with a rare brain tumor, via the 2010 documentary “The Man Who Can’t Stop Hiccupping”. Chris writes to us:

“...we found out I had a brain tumour, so I had brain surgery, leaving me with a cool scar but also leaving me numb over most of my body, I couldn't walk for a while. I'm on the mend now and have got most of my feeling back. I'm still a quite numb down my left hand side and especially in my left hand which leads me to why I am writing this email. I'm a musician, not a very good one but I love to play music, after the surgery I was laid in the hospital bed and I thought I would never be able to play guitar or piano or anything again. I was in tears listening to all my music on my PSP, the only thing that kept me going was Beaterator, I could sit there and though I struggled to even hold the PSP properly for a while, I could sit and craft the songs that would pop in to my head using it. After getting out of hospital I picked up the guitar again and was just about able to record small parts using the mic and the vocal record function, then copy and paste them and write parts over them. It was just what I needed to help me recover. So now I've started a project to write a song a day for a year and most of my songs have been recorded on my PSP using your excellent program.”

Truly amazing, inspiring and humbling. And better still, the tracks he’s been recording are really, very well done.
We’re particularly fond of this catchy tune – “a story about a man on a horse”, entitled “The plAIN and mountAIN” recorded on Day 73.

Please everyone check out his site at

All the best to you, Chris – please keep up the awesome work, best of luck with the remainder of the project and stay well!

  • Irishstew16on September 2 2012, 3:35amReplyFlag
    Nice work chris. This is actually the first time ive seen or heard anything by beaterator infact. id never heard of the game before. But damn i want it. Keep up the good work dude. and get well soon.
    • christamofoon November 15 2011, 8:50pmReplyFlag
      Thanks everyone.

      You are all awesome (this is Chris by the way)

      I love this project.
      • ghostx1984on November 10 2011, 2:42amReplyFlag
        i'm gonna think of this whenever i get the hiccups now. scary story, but good to hear he made it. you never realize the things you take for granted until you lose them.
        • HalloweenBlogon November 9 2011, 11:29pmReplyFlag
          @gta_australia - Haha, you make it sound like he actually died. ;)
          • Cartman28279on November 9 2011, 7:40pmReplyFlag
            Great story and song! :D
            • JouleThiefon November 8 2011, 9:12pmReplyFlag
              I cannot stop listening to this tune ! Very well done lad!
              • gtaPaulyon November 8 2011, 7:08pmReplyFlag
                Legend! I will bust out some BEATERATOR in your honour Chris. really cool story R* thanks
                • Emanuel_Bergeron November 8 2011, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                  @christamofo another awesome song mate, Thanks, maybe R* puts one of this in a radio station of the upcoming #GTAV Cheers
                  • R* Yon November 8 2011, 2:14pmReplyFlag
                    @christamofo Thanks Chris! Here's a link for everyone else:
                    • christamofoon November 7 2011, 7:18pmReplyFlag
                      I've just written a song to say thank you!!!
                      • Kalerneyon November 7 2011, 2:23pmReplyFlag
                        Thank's R* for your answer :-)
                        • R* Yon November 7 2011, 2:07pmReplyFlag
                          @Marney-1 Ha, nice, check this out if you haven't yet seen it:

                          @eduardoaaregtaiv Cool, enjoy

                          @Kalerney Should have those sometime within the next few weeks
                          • Marney-1on November 7 2011, 1:18pmReplyFlag
                            So Chris is from Timberland ('Timbaland') - what are the chances of that? Only realised after watching the video-link again.
                            • Emanuel_Bergeron November 7 2011, 12:58pmReplyFlag
                              @Kalerney hang tight mate...
                              • Kalerneyon November 7 2011, 12:42pmReplyFlag
                                Hey R* : where are our GTA III answers ?
                                • Emanuel_Bergeron November 7 2011, 12:30pmReplyFlag
                                  THE NEXT BLOCKBUSTERS FROM ***R O C K S T A R_G A M E S*** #MAX PAYNE 3 (March 2012) #GTAV (Fiscal-Year 2012) #RED DEAD [REVOLUTION] (Fiscal-Year 2013)
                                  • 14483017on November 7 2011, 10:07amReplyFlag
                                    very nice It can be the soundtrack of Red Dead Redemption 2 or as a radio song in GTA V....
                                    • HalloweenBlogon November 7 2011, 6:23amReplyFlag
                                      Wow, I butchered that last comment. Coffee time.
                                      • HalloweenBlogon November 7 2011, 6:17amReplyFlag
                                        @thesovietfox - I was thinking the same thing, have him be a caller on a radio show where they're letting people email over demos or something and introduce them on air. Maybe have Lazlow haze him a bit about the hiccups (all in good fun of course). @Rockstar - That makes me wonder, whatever happened to being able to program your own songs into the game like on the original Xbox? That would be amazing to bring that back. Maybe a little more thought into this time as well, like have a radio station "Public Access" or something where we can make your own playlists from music on your hard drives and then actually filter it to sound like it's on the vehicle radio and drown out when you leave the car and all that jazz. Thanks
                                        • fahrettin3on November 7 2011, 4:40amReplyFlag
                                          Good Music Happey GTA V
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