GRAND THEFT AUTO V Official Announcement

Posted on November 3 2011, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

We are very proud to officially announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in full development.

Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

Download Grand Theft Auto V logo desktops, backgrounds, avatars and icons at the Rockstar Games Downloads section.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

  • usefulLuLi77fireon May 28 2014, 1:52pmReplyFlag
    hello all im trying fore download game aboot 5 month i cant find help
    • AlexeyXTIon April 7 2014, 2:33amReplyFlag
      When GTA 5 coming on pc ? Rockstar please answer ? (Sorry for my english)
      • xdusseauon August 12 2014, 12:25pmReplyFlag
        @AlexeyXTI Hi! GTAV for PC dosen't have an exact date for PC, but it should be out around November 2014. (It is also coming for PS4 and XBOX One!)
    • XxEpicAwesomexXon March 23 2014, 8:07pmReplyFlag
      I think you should add seasons (winter spring fall summer) and then add winter tires and summer tires and then careless people at winter will slide off the road and careful people will be ok also you should add trailers you can go camping also a campsite some where that would be awesome. I also wanted to ask if you can put a big cargo boat in that can carrie cars in it (I think it's called a farrie boat) I'm not to sure if there is something you don't like or anything you can talk to me at bulletboy02 on Psn In gta 5 I got lots of good ideas for updates so if needed just ask me thank you.
    • ramvarshanon March 17 2014, 9:40amReplyFlag
      I am waiting for GTA 5 on pc... any good news... pls let us know...
      • Serix12on February 15 2014, 8:29amReplyFlag
        I am the owner of Grand Theft Auto, and I do not know poco add zombies to GTA 5 as someone is interested in zombies let se game of Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (Also recommend) because GTA has to be gangsters extras: presented us with RockStar and gentlemen, I do not see the biggest upload a zombie zauwaszcie sense if gTA worked with zombies released to supplement but it is a game about gangsters and not a zombie

        thank you for reading (:
      • HBRC-Justice96on January 22 2014, 9:59amReplyFlag
        Add petrol/Desil go to the petrol stations around Los Santos iv'e asked what my friends think and they all like the idea
        electric cars charge when in the garage i would love to see this implemented into the game Jusr a new idea to make the game exiting and sumthing elce to look out for when in a police chase!
        • ceo_wasted_youthon November 23 2013, 8:34pmReplyFlag
          You guys should put NO cops for the new update for GTA V ONLINE AND OFFLINE
          • ceo_wasted_youthon November 23 2013, 8:27pmReplyFlag
            • ceo_wasted_youthon November 23 2013, 8:24pmReplyFlag
              When are you guys gonna pur in skateboards in GTA V
              • jpfrizzleon November 9 2013, 6:50pmReplyFlag
                Dear Rockstar Games,

                The more I play GTA:V, I see zombie references and I hear of a infectious disease on the Los Santos Radio. I would like to see a Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse for GTA:V.. Being a huge zombie fan. You guys done such a great job bringing zombies to Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, I was blown away and excited at how awesome the zombies were. The slow moving kind. This LS zombie world would be extremely exciting if it was available for GTAOnline on a Standalone Disc to play with friends. Yes it would need a new storyline and would take some time to create. I am willing to wait.
                Please consider this.
                Thank you for reading.
                • lukesinqon September 26 2013, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                  Excellent game, Rockstar. So much attention to detail.

                  ...But I still don't get why you guys insisted on taking away the no-traffic cheat. It's so fun for off mission purposes. It would require like zero coding.
                  • SStarRashdion September 16 2013, 3:12pmReplyFlag
                    This Website Fake yes or no brothers plz tell me
                  • Delaaionon September 15 2013, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                    Just 11 hours to go now! So much weeks have passed since this announcement and finally, after a few hours, the world can play this game on Xbox 360 and PS3!
                    • NikoBellicfromLAon August 31 2013, 1:06amReplyFlag
                      TWO MORE WEEKS!!!
                      • Davide310794on July 10 2013, 7:08pmReplyFlag
                        There's a co-op mode offline or online like in GTA San Andreas for PS2 e XBOX ?
                      • NikoBell12on July 9 2013, 10:34amReplyFlag
                        "Handling's a little dumbed down"... -_-
                        No it's A LOT dumbed down. Please don't tell me that I've been waiting for a game with handling as bad as Saints Row. Go to GTAF R* and you'll see that the majority is pissed with the handling... Everything else is awesome, the handling sucks.

                        People flame me if you want, but I don't really care because it's my opinion just putting that out there.
                        • NikoBell12on July 10 2013, 12:50amReplyFlag
                          @NikoBell12 And then you remove hard-lock... (-_-)
                        • dylandyzon July 10 2013, 8:53amReplyFlag
                          @NikoBell12 So are you seriously a baby needing hard lock?
                        • StewartSoldieron July 11 2013, 6:23pmReplyFlag
                          @NikoBell12 The "majority are pissed"? I think you'll find that if you made a poll on GTAF most people will agree they like the look of the handling.

                          I think you'll also find that others will agree that you cannot judge the handling based on a few seconds of third-person driving gameplay footage!
                        • StewartSoldieron July 11 2013, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                          @NikoBell12 As for the hard-lock, the feature is out-dated and needs refined. That is what Rockstar have done - have faith in them! :)
                        • DIRT85on July 27 2013, 10:11pmReplyFlag
                          @StewartSoldier I got faith rockstar* is the sheyat
                      • HGXWHATEVERXon July 5 2013, 4:07amReplyFlag
                        will we be able to say random stuff to random people walking by like in red dead redemption
                      • fquijano0on June 17 2013, 9:36pmReplyFlag
                        Will CRASH return to GTAV? There presence was felt and well know in San Andreas and I feel as though a little police help, with a nominal fee of course, would assist in the same way Francis McCreary did in GTAIV, lowering a wanted level perhaps.
                        • Stathis__97on June 13 2013, 2:01amReplyFlag
                          I would like to ask if there are any news about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.
                          • NikoBell12on May 23 2013, 6:44pmReplyFlag
                            You all made the worst interpretation of Los Angeles. That city is so damn small it's like a joke.
                            • RontonSoupon May 27 2013, 9:11amReplyFlag
                              @NikoBell12 We haven't seen the full city yet, and if you're talking about the blueprint map it cuts off at the top and bottom. Plus they've said that the city itself is bigger than all the boroughs of liberty city with no water in between.
                            • RingWraithh75on June 22 2013, 11:06pmReplyFlag
                              @NikoBell12 You know, Rockstar said that the GTA 5 map is bigger than the map of Red Dead Redemption, the map of GTA 4, and the map of GTA San Andreas COMBINED.
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