L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Also Coming for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Posted on October 20 2011, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

If you still have yet to experience the unique blend of breathtaking action and true detective work that is L.A. Noire on your console of choice, today we're pleased to announce that L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, in addition to being made available for PC, is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this November.

Similar to its PC counterpart, L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition on consoles will feature all of the previously released DLC including the “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson case, the “Reefer Madness” Vice case, “The Consul’s Car” Traffic case, “The Naked City” Vice case and “A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic case - as well as the Badge Pursuit Challenge and all weapons and outfits released to date.

Developed by Team Bondi in conjunction with Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire is a crime thriller set in post World War II Los Angeles. As Detective Cole Phelps, players must search for clues, interrogate suspects and chase down criminals to solve a series of cases inspired by real world incidents. As he rises through the ranks of the LAPD, Phelps comes face-to-face with the corrupt heart of Los Angeles: from fallen starlets to double-dealing police officers and the vast reaches of the criminal underworld – and finally, the darkness of his own personal demons.

Look for it on store shelves in North America on November 15th and in Europe & Australia on November 18th.

  • Extimulateon August 6 2012, 4:58pmReplyFlag
    I have purchased the complete edition for the ps3, and for some reason it says I have to purchase The Consul's Car ? Please help me.
    • WiiGirl455on July 3 2012, 11:57amReplyFlag
      I was very excited to purchase the L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition for the Xbox 360, but for some reason the game does not save a slot. Can you help me?
      • R* Mon July 3 2012, 12:02pmReplyFlag
        @WiiGirl455 Sorry to hear you're having trouble. For technical assistance, fire an email over to support@rockstargames.com with full details of the issue. Cheers.
    • TheScarletSnakeon April 18 2012, 6:42pmReplyFlag
      There's the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year, or if you already own RDR, you can get the Undead Nightmare stand-alone disc that (I believe) contains all the DLC released for the game at a pretty decent price.
      • Michael-DeSantaon April 17 2012, 9:34amReplyFlag
        i have bought a New LA Noire complete edition can you tell me is there any such edition of RDR thanks in advance
        • MD_AFIQon February 5 2012, 8:57pmReplyFlag
          Why the game can't start ? The game shut it down by itself at the beginning . I bought the complete Edition yesterday and this is the third time I returning the game and exchange the new one at game store . This is the PS3 version...Please fix this game as soon as possible...
          • SAXYJDJon January 3 2012, 12:04amReplyFlag
            Bought the complete edition for PS3 last week, and you would think Rockstar and Sony would have gotten together to fix the crash and rebooting problem before releasing another version of the game. Have tried numerous time deleting system files and restoring playstation. The game always crashes 2-5 minutes into the beginning, during the credits and while pulling off in car during the very first scene. Waste of my money and I can't take an open game back to Best Buy for refund.
            • Razor_654on December 3 2011, 11:02amReplyFlag
              Just bought the complete edition of L.A Noire for ther ps3, and im enjoying every bit of it.
              • dmwilson73on December 1 2011, 2:59pmReplyFlag
                I still can't find this in Europe has it been delayed?
                • 10642014on November 15 2011, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                  Does this mean the game wont freeze or glitch at random times now?
                  • realblankaon October 30 2011, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                    yo tru dat
                    • R* Yon October 28 2011, 11:37amReplyFlag
                      @johnc7311 All downloadable content included with the Rockstar Pass are listed here:

                      @StalinBballin There are some features that work through Social Club with a connection to PSN, see here:
                      • JaHoppyon October 26 2011, 3:28pmReplyFlag
                        When the game comes out will the Consul's car be on Xbox live marketplace
                        • StarsonArmson October 26 2011, 5:35amReplyFlag
                          Found on the official site: "Xbox 360 players, we’re actively working to bring the “Consul’s Car” case to you all too - we are in discussion with Microsoft to see about arranging for availability on Xbox LIVE. The case was originally commissioned by Sony North America as an exclusive bonus for PS3 players, but as you know we always do our best to ultimately make all our content available to everyone whenever it is possible."
                          • StalinBballinon October 26 2011, 4:26amReplyFlag
                            I got a question Rockstar.

                            How come the PS3 box has a Playstation Network logo on it.........? I own the game for Playstation. There's no online. You know that. So then, just a photoshop mistake I presume?
                            • Zoeperon October 23 2011, 4:07amReplyFlag
                              R* very COOL for updating Social Club with the DLC's in the Case Tracker! Awesome!!
                              • Zoeperon October 22 2011, 11:40amReplyFlag
                                @LittleGem, well for RDR I actually bought all the DLC's via eBay, and there after a year and a half all became available in the Marketplace, which isn't so tragic.
                                R* makes awesome games, and I do hope a 'sequel' to L.A. Noire will be released, but I am not going to shell out another £40+ to own a DLC.
                                The same goes for other game studios; they just don't care much for the people buying their games, well too bad.
                                • LittleGemon October 22 2011, 10:01amReplyFlag
                                  Well the next time a Rockstar game comes out, I'm going to wait a few months for a 'complete edition' to emerge. There isn't much point in wasting my hard earned money buying DLC for something that with be released in its entirety.
                                  It just kind of sucks, because I really did enjoy this game, start to finish. Now I won't get to play that case.

                                  @Zoeper I agree with you totally, I absolutly loved the game, and was hoping we would eventually get 'The Consul's Car' as DLC. Now it seems we'll have to either buy L.A. Noire again, no doubt for another £40+, or simply live with the fact we won't be getting it as DLC.
                                  ~ Gem x
                                  • johnc7311on October 22 2011, 2:38amReplyFlag
                                    can we have a release date for when Consul's Car will finally be released on xbox live for people who have the rockstar pass?
                                    • raghavrockson October 22 2011, 1:46amReplyFlag
                                      Hey Rockstar,when are the results of the goldenjoystick awards going to come.If it is already out did L.A. Noire when any award.I had voted for it.
                                      • R* Yon October 21 2011, 7:40pmReplyFlag
                                        @JaHoppy @AddamHusayin Every individual piece of downloadable content will be included on the discs for the Complete Editions on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
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