Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition Now Available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Posted on October 11 2011, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

*** UPDATE: Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition is now available across Europe & Australia ***

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition - the definitive, complete Red Dead Redemption experience that includes all the free and paid downloadable content packs released to date - is now available at retail stores in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (look for it in Europe & Australia this Friday).

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition features the full, original Red Dead Redemption game - winner of over 160 Game of the Year honors - with a brand-new Hardcore single-player difficulty option, plus the wildly popular Undead Nightmare single and multiplayer offerings, as well as all the additional downloadable content, including all the DLC originally released as pre-order content as well as the Solomon’s Folly single player gang hideout and challenges (available for the first time on Xbox 360).

For more on all the content in the Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition, explore the official site at or peruse the wealth of videos featured here on the Rockstar Games website. To order online, hit up the Rockstar Warehouse, GameStop, Best Buy or Amazon.

  • RoenickCZon January 27 2013, 12:39pmReplyFlag
    please make some "unlock" for Hardcore singleplayer mode for those, who bought game and DLC already (many of them at the day 1). It is not fair to include exclusive feature to GOTY and to force all to buy all stuff again.

    It is not a good way to treat hardcore RDR fans!
    • Inferno986returnon January 20 2013, 1:20pmReplyFlag
      It's good to see that Rockstar have bundled all of the Red Dead Redemption content together.

      As someone who really loves the game I spent hours playing it when it came out, but I would really love to see a PC port for Steam. Please R*, an X-BOX isn't that technically different than Windows (both being Microsoft) and I am pretty damn sure you develop these games using Windows machines so it makes sense it should run on them if there is some effort to put it there.

      I know you aren't afraid of touching old material as shown with the iOS port of GTA: Chinatown Wars and I would happily pay the full price if it can be brought to Steam with controller support.
      • Morbitalon December 30 2012, 4:42amReplyFlag
        PC VERSION NOW!!!!!!
        • savagejustice85on December 27 2012, 11:08amReplyFlag
          Four year old console port just put it on the pc already
          • chris.dixonon November 30 2012, 8:40amReplyFlag
            Are you kidding me? abusive behaviour? Because im frustrated YOUR games don't work? COOOOOOOOL. Pretty sure your games say the f word UNCENSORED. I'm trying to let you know that you need to hire new disc writers and you delete the comment. rad. Just trying to let everyone know that they should probably just pirate this game (RDR GOTYE) and download it so they can write the discs themselves instead of having to put up with your company's incompetence and buy the game like 5 times.
            • R* Kon November 30 2012, 9:06amReplyFlag
              @chris.dixon Please contact our support team to get help with this. They'll be able to troubleshoot the problem for you.
          • vicecitystalkeron August 4 2012, 12:52pmReplyFlag
            I just bought this!!!!!!IT`s great too have all the red dead shiz in one cover for the collection!!!Yeah Rockstar!
            • xMIDNIGHT-xon July 5 2012, 12:57pmReplyFlag
              ANother GREAT game, Rockstar! GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, MCLA, & Max Payne. I don't think I've hated ANY of your games. They All Rock! Keep It Up!
              • DogFoodDaveon June 17 2012, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                is the game of the year edition. red dead redemption and undead nightmare in 1
                • sahul.jihon March 16 2012, 11:56amReplyFlag
                  Big deception... no console... no RDR for me!

                  @Benno1uk: because I prefer play with a mouse and a keyboard! Because I prefer run a video game like RDR with a PC!!

                  @ R*: I guess it is too late to wish a PC version!

                  Please R*, for GTA 5, do not do the same thing like you did with LA noire and GTA 4, do not release it on PC one year after console's version please!!!!
                  • xXxGAMINGxGODxXxon January 14 2012, 5:37amReplyFlag
                    IT HAS got RedDeadDev3 in the video

                    • xXxGAMINGxGODxXxon January 14 2012, 5:34amReplyFlag
                      ROCKSTAR EVENT 13/01/12 GANG SHOOT OUT



                      a good game of gang shoot out/ capture the bag
                      • MisterNogason January 4 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
                        is there any DLC that was not included in this GOTY version? please reply
                        • thiefgold0913on December 10 2011, 9:21amReplyFlag
                          Does this version fix PS3 glitches so it doesn't crash 5 minutes into the game?
                          • WoodyPrideon November 24 2011, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                            Oh, no luck. I will only have the GOTY Edition tuesday. I hope there will be more double, triple, quad XP weekends !
                            • SnowConeson November 22 2011, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                              " *any*"
                              • SnowConeson November 22 2011, 11:41pmReplyFlag
                                I've seen gameplays and a couple of walkthrough videos of Red Dead Redemption played on the consoles and I have to tell ya, Rockstar does not disappoint and always stays consistent with being the paramount of sandbox gaming. I am a PC gamer, I've played Rockstar games from III to San Andreas to IV, the DLC I've been online on GFWL everyday on TBOGT and have recently ordered LA Noire. It would not make me, a PC gamer and I'm sure the rest of the PC community happier if someday Rockstar can share the experience of Red Dead Redemption on the PC platform. Till then, looking forward to Max Payne 3 and V. Órale Rockstar!
                                • RapperRay11on November 21 2011, 7:05amReplyFlag
                                  There cannot be a better game than Red Dead Redemption !But i seriously want to play this on pc ,but thats the life.I think and i hope there will be ,,Red Dead 3,, on Pc. I believe in you Rockstar !!!Respect.
                                  • R* Yon November 20 2011, 11:23amReplyFlag
                                    @swankymarston123 Be careful about spoilers, not everyone has completed the game, thanks
                                    • Emanuel_Bergeron November 20 2011, 3:39amReplyFlag
                                      Nope, it is the BEST of all.
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