Remedy's Sam Lake and Matias Myllyrinne Talk All Things Max Payne

Posted on October 7 2011, 9:52am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

This week, Remedy's Sam Lake and Matias Myllyrinne sat down with Gamespot to discuss not only the history of the first two Max Payne titles, but their involvement in the upcoming Max Payne 3.  Hit the video above to hear them specifically discuss Max Payne 3 and for those that didn't catch it when we linked to it on Monday via Twitter, you can take a trip down memory lane into Max's troubled New York past with part 1 of the video interview below.


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Max Payne 3: An Interview with Rockstar on IGN
Max Payne 3: GameSpot Exclusive Interview with Rockstar


  • Meyus-007on April 4 2012, 2:57pmReplyFlag
    I miss Max's sour face. Sam Lake is the best!
    • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 17 2012, 2:56pmReplyFlag
      @nikobelic2500000, scareface1970, and emmi18176860

      These interviews were amazing! I cant believe they did this interviews, seems like years since Remedy discussed Max Payne!

      Ill forever love REMEDY because of MAX PAYNE
      • Masterpiece_911on February 15 2012, 8:56amReplyFlag
        Beautiful flashback to the previous installments in the franchise. You're building up the hype perfectly there R*
        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon January 18 2012, 6:03pmReplyFlag
          God I love these interviews!

          Sam Lake Is my idol!
          • WhatMakesUsHumanon October 15 2011, 8:30pmReplyFlag
            It's good to see Rockstar respects Remedy enough to ask for feedback regarding the game. That's one of the reasons you guys are currently the best game developing company that exists, instead of rushing things and making decisions based only on the money you'll get, you always respect your fans and do your best so that your games can be as rich, detailed and etertaining as possible. Keep up the good work! Cheers.
            • R* Aon October 9 2011, 4:42pmReplyFlag
              @Roxorminator Nothing to announce there, sorry
              • Roxorminatoron October 9 2011, 4:18pmReplyFlag
                I have a question: Will there some DLC (new story, multiplayer maps, etc.) for Max Payne 3 ?
                • R* Aon October 9 2011, 2:29pmReplyFlag
                  Thanks guys

                  @nikobelic2500000 Cheers and stay tuned, we've got a lot more to show you about Max Payne 3
                  • Roxorminatoron October 9 2011, 12:45pmReplyFlag
                    Yeah, Sam Lake in the first Max Payne was Max Payne !

                    • nikobelic250000on October 9 2011, 12:35pmReplyFlag
                      Rockstar thanks for that interview I have relay learned allot about The first and Second Game.

                      I had no idea that when doing head capture for the models that Every one in the studio captured there own head.I never knew i was shooting the people at Remedy lol.

                      So this texture for max is this Sam lakes actual head.

                      Also Rockstar I had no idea you guys went out in the most badest neighborhoods to get texture Reference Wow

                      Rockstar you guys at Remedy and Rockstar do some crazy stuff just to make a Game.But Rockstar I thought that the game used digitized textures.
                      I Treasure Max Payne 1 and 2 now.Huge Respect Rockstar Respect.

                      Rockstar why come you guys didn't interview James Mccaffrey I wanted to hear him act out Max Payne i like this interview just can't wait to play MAX PAYNE 3 CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      • Roxorminatoron October 9 2011, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                        I hope some nightmares in Max Payne 3!
                        • duk_leonon October 9 2011, 9:22amReplyFlag
                          Thanks for sharing these Rockstar ! I love it so much !
                          • ILikeVideo-Gameson October 9 2011, 8:46amReplyFlag
                            Nice little hint at the end. I wonder what Remedy is up to next.
                            • Ray_VelcoroSKon October 7 2011, 5:04pmReplyFlag
                              • R* Yon October 7 2011, 4:49pmReplyFlag
                                @yousif300 Yep, Remedy developed Max Payne and Max Payne 2

                                @scareface1970 Nice, hope to see you back in the Social Club multiplayer events beginning next Friday October 14th from 4-7PM Eastern, details coming in a few days..
                                • scareface1970on October 7 2011, 2:45pmReplyFlag
                                  Thanks R* this is a GOOD interview with Sam Lake and Matias Myllyrinne that you let us see. You seen things from MP so if you don't played the game MP you now what you get with this awesome game. I like this interview.
                                  It was fun to watch this VID and i now that Max Payne 3 will blow me away.

                                  BTW: I have now a NEW PS3 so i can play with a GOOD heart all your great event's and games single and multiplay. XDXD...

                                  ***Rockstar*** 1000 times THNX For All Your Good Games.....
                                  • yousif300on October 7 2011, 2:01pmReplyFlag

                                    thank man for the answer
                                    • Emanuel_Bergeron October 7 2011, 1:48pmReplyFlag
                                      @yousif300 yep they did and they r also involved with the development of Max Payne 3 (Remedy has a very good relationship with ROCKSTAR GAMES for many years now and it will go on...) - THANKS
                                      • yousif300on October 7 2011, 1:44pmReplyFlag
                                        R* A

                                        but Remedy Developed max payne 1 and 2 right
                                        • Ray_VelcoroSKon October 7 2011, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                                          I am glad that Max Payne 3 makes rockstar , remedy is good but not like Rockstar :) and cant wait to see gameplay and multiplayer gamplay ;)
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