"Max Payne Is Back": Read the First Max Payne 3 Previews from IGN, Kotaku, and More

Posted on October 7 2011, 7:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The first round of Max Payne 3 online previews have hit the web today, read on for first impressions from the gaming press and click to read each article in full.

"Max Payne 3 takes the feel of the first games and coats it in glorious HD... Bullet Time -- the ability to slowdown time, leap through the air and blast your enemies -- is back, but it looks better than ever... From the moment I heard that piano tune to the moment I heard James McCaffrey reprise his role as a man whose family was stolen away in a violent crime, I was hooked. Max Payne is back." - IGN

Link: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/119/1198563p1.html

"The game looks gorgeous... The camerawork is inspired as well, often exhibiting a slight handheld shake and natural movement in the story sequences I saw... mobsters were rushing up the stairs of Max's apartment building and starting to pierce the windows in his hallway with red-dot sights. Down a hallway, a hobo suddenly appeared, dressed in an army jacket, clearly wearing a bomb on his body and spouting some sort of madness. He runs to Max in the middle of a firefight after shotgunning some enemies for Max, then gets blown up. It was weird, surreal and excellent." - Kotaku

Link: http://kotaku.com/5847289/we-watched-them-play-max-payne-3--and-we-were-very-impressed

"With its flashy effects and cinematics as you kill your final enemy, Max Payne 3 is big on style. But, with its thrilling gun battles, detailed environments and Max’s noir-style inner monologue, it looks to have the substance nailed too." - Shortlist

Link: http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/gaming/max-payne-exclusive#image-rotator-1

"The world that Max Payne inhabits is an incredibly detailed one, from the reactive, nuanced animations of the main character and his foes, to the myriad of objects giving the environments life, to the sophisticated destruction which adds both realism and tactical elements." - CVG

Link: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/321515/previews/max-payne-3-first-look-makes-us-feel-like-an-action-hero/

"I am so floored that Rockstar has been able to stay true to the fundamentals of what makes Max, Max. Rockstar even has the full blessings of Remedy, the original developers of the Max Payne series. Max Payne 3 is looking like one of the biggest games of 2012." - Destructoid

Link: http://www.destructoid.com/max-payne-3-is-everything-i-hoped-for-and-more-212817.phtml

"Max Payne 3 is looking like the true sequel loyal fans of the series will want to play and, most importantly, embrace." - CNET

Link: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20116275-1/max-payne-3-is-looking-like-a-true-sequel/

"It’s shaping up to be one of my most anticipated titles of next year… I marvel at the game’s exquisite production values... The game has great cinematography, and the highly destructible environments heighten the sense of drama during the firefights... This demo definitely showed the Max Payne faithful that this sequel retains the core values of the series – noir storytelling and explosive slow-motion gunplay." - Game Informer

Link: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/max_payne_3/b/xbox360/archive/2011/10/06/at-long-last-another-look-at-max-back-in-action.aspx


Bullet Time is a registered trademark owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

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  • thunder.man22on November 9 2011, 12:55pmReplyFlag
    you are the best R* i hope max payne 3 and gta V break all records of 2012 R* FOR THE WIN !!!
    • Brokovichon October 26 2011, 5:33amReplyFlag
      Are we gonna see both Max Payne 3 and GTA 5 in 2012?
      • blacklobbyon October 17 2011, 7:13pmReplyFlag
        Where the HELL is the freacking gameplay???!!!
        • WhatMakesUsHumanon October 15 2011, 8:54pmReplyFlag
          This previews served only to make me even more excited about Max Payne 3, can't wait to play as Max again after so many years, I'm completely sure it'll be a worthy sequel, and its got potential to be the best in the series so far!
          • SlimFreakinShadyon October 12 2011, 3:00amReplyFlag
            @R*: Will Max Payne 3 feature MotionScan Technology ?
            • R* Yon October 10 2011, 5:45pmReplyFlag
              @vortos @BorisBlack @scareface1970 & others, thanks guys, note that while we can't answer everything we will have plenty more on Max Payne 3 in the coming months...

              @xjljxchq Please send your question to us so we can look into that for you:
              • vortoson October 10 2011, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                i will go to the church on Sunday and be sure that i will also pray for you rockstar
                • xjljxchqon October 10 2011, 1:05pmReplyFlag
                  how to pre-order this game in China? thanks
                  • BorisBlackon October 10 2011, 4:45amReplyFlag
                    Damn R*, checking newswire everyday for Max Payne 3 updates. How I will survive until mars, I have no idea...
                    Im so excited to see how (or) if you incorporate Bullet Time with Multiplayer. Either way, I know you guys will make an epic game that I will be hooked on like heroin.
                    BIG LOVE!
                    • Emanuel_Bergeron October 10 2011, 2:07amReplyFlag
                      @R* A great
                      • D.E.LBon October 9 2011, 9:18pmReplyFlag
                        Max Payne in one word:
                        • scareface1970on October 9 2011, 8:21pmReplyFlag
                          I just bought Max Payne 2 for my Xbox 360 with some of my points. But what I regret is that I can not view/play MP1 and MP2 on my HD TV. I must do it with a scart connection and view it on AV. So everytime i switch from a other game to MP with HD to AV.

                          But I do not care I love this game and now I can start playing MP1 to MP2 and when MP3 is released i now who MP is and his past life. So let it soon be that this awesome game is out.


                          THNX TO ***Rockstar***
                          • RDR_evolveron October 9 2011, 4:34pmReplyFlag
                            Hey R*, as great as RDR is, I was a little disappointed to see that the PS3 version of the game wasn't exactly on par with the 360 version in terms of visual quality. Not that it hindered the game play at all. But I am hoping Max Payne 3 is an overall better port (assuming you developed for 360) to the PS3. Comments?
                            • R* Aon October 9 2011, 2:25pmReplyFlag
                              @emmi18176860 Yup, official artwork release coming soon

                              Cheers all
                              • yousif300on October 9 2011, 1:46pmReplyFlag
                                @DGSimo awesome Photos

                                rockstar why u dont bring this Photos in the new ???
                                • batik89on October 9 2011, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                                  @DGSimo That's a sweet images, man! Especially the one with Max holding an AK and stomps the badguy. Badass!
                                  • scareface1970on October 9 2011, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                                    @ DGSimo

                                    Nice Pictures from MP3. I like them XDXD
                                    I can't wait for MP3. Or a NEW VID from this awesome game.

                                    THNX To ***Rockstar***
                                    • Emanuel_Bergeron October 9 2011, 12:50pmReplyFlag
                                      @DGSimo thanks for the link - but noooooooo, I shouldn't have had a look on it - now I already know the new MP3 artwork and there's no further surprise when R* puts this artwork up right here on the newswire - but although I'm looking foward to the HD version and the avatars from this one, and @R* this is an AWESOME MAX PAYNE 3 ARTWORK - it looks incredible outstanding - THANKS :D

                                      • vortoson October 9 2011, 11:49amReplyFlag
                                        dg simo thnx
                                        • DGSimoon October 9 2011, 11:34amReplyFlag
                                          Hey guys, a couple of new screenshots and a piece of new artwork made its way online:
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