Watch the Official Pop-Up Edition of the First Max Payne 3 Trailer

Posted on September 22 2011, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Last week, we unveiled your very first look at Max Payne 3 in action with the game's official First Trailer.

Today, we revisit the trailer - this time with some additional exclusive new intel direct from the inside.

The Max Payne 3 First Trailer: Pop Up Edition highlights many of the things you glimpsed in the video, now illuminated by some new details being revealed for the first time...
Including first information on game characters like Raul Passos, the Comando Sombra gang, and early details on Max Payne 3's weapons, melee, cover, physics, the long-awaited return of Bullet Time® and more...

Believe us, we're only getting warmed up. Look for tons more about Max Payne 3 to be revealed in-depth in the months leading up to the game's March 2012 release.

Watch the Pop-Up Edition video now at

** Note: Our apologies for not spotting this sooner, but there was an informational error in the first release of our Pop-Up Video that’s now been corrected. São Paulo is a real metropolis famous for its dank weather and glamorous social scene. And while Baile Funk is played all over Brazil (and the world) its origins are in Rio. The correct line in question for the video has been corrected to: "São Paulo is famous for its dank weather, and glamorous social scene, but poverty, gang violence and kidnapping are the darker side of this big city."
Big, big thanks to our Brazilian fans (and our own research team) for jumping on this quickly!

Watch the First Trailer for Max Payne 3

  • NYPDMAXPAYNEon February 3 2012, 3:20pmReplyFlag
    Really great side notes!!!
    • mrcesar4321on October 28 2011, 8:01pmReplyFlag
      mrcesar4321, hola equipo del club social. un comentario sobre la prosima entrega gta5 me gusta la mejor historia basandoce en gta vice city, buno alo mejor es un gta lleno de bariedades. como todo un berdadero fans me gustan todos los titulo de gta. lo beno que tiene un geme de gta es que te ace recodar son las mejores cansiones, mucho exsito para la prosima entrega de gta5
      • LFKS123on October 1 2011, 8:56pmReplyFlag
        Hey, R*!
        I am brazilian and I've lived in São Paulo since the day I was born. So... You guys can imagine how excited I am to play this game! For the first time I'll be able to play a very good game that takes place in the city I live!
        But there are some problems with how you represented this city in the game.
        First of all, those criminals that appear around the minute 0:27 of the video speak with an accent like people who live in Rio de Janeiro. And just for you to know, people from São Paulo speak differently from people from Rio.
        Another mistake is that one of those criminals is using a t-shirt of the soccer team 'Fluminense' (which is from Rio de Janeiro). You could have put on him a t-shirt of the teams 'São Paulo' or 'Corinthians' (or any other soccer team from Sao Paulo).
        I am a big fan of R* and I have been playing your games for many years (My father has already spent a lot of money in your games). I believe that you guys could make of this game a masterpiece by correcting this mistakes. I am sure that if you release this game with this mistakes, the citizens of Sao Paulo (and from the whole country of Brazil) will be very disappointed. And I would not like this to happen with a game from R*.
        • Emanuel_Bergeron September 28 2011, 12:46pmReplyFlag
          @R* A ha, what does it mean? - what yesterday was a rumor can be official the next day - hahaha - nice one R*
          • R* Aon September 27 2011, 4:15pmReplyFlag
            @yousif300 Sorry, totally off topic and we don't comment on rumors like that, thank you
            • yousif300on September 26 2011, 11:41amReplyFlag
              rockstar look


              rockstar are there l.a.noire Complete Edition????????
              • R* Yon September 26 2011, 10:37amReplyFlag
                @Bruno_risoles Look for some details on multiplayer in the next few months, we'll have more coverage of Max Payne 3 on the Newswire as we lead up to the March release
                • DiegoKennedyon September 26 2011, 9:52amReplyFlag
                  @Gabriel-Henrique In São Paulo, people like to listen more Hip Hop music then Funk music. Yeah, there are Favelas but São Paulo is one of the most rich city in Brazil (a lot o rich people), It's a large city (like New York). The tone of voice from São Paulo's people is a little bit different from people from Rio de Janeiro (I could hear in the trailer the Brazilians guys speaking like people from Rio), and in Brazil are white people too, is not everyone black people (in Rio are more black people then in São Paulo, in São Paulo most of the people is WHITE). In São Paulo are a lot of people from the worldwide, every kind of people. But I really like the work that RockstarGames are making, like Hanc**k says "Good Job". Is one of the best productions passed on Brazil I ever seen (yeah, I'm Brazilian and nah, I don't live in Favelas ( I'm rich hahaha) ) I hope you guys read this
                  Thanks for the best games series of the World Rockstar Games!!!
                  • Blaster293847on September 26 2011, 4:39amReplyFlag
                    Exclusieve expositie artwork Rockstar-games + free Max Payne 3 posters at firstlookevent
                    • Bruno_risoleson September 25 2011, 8:00pmReplyFlag
                      @R* A
                      Rockstar Vancouver
                      Rockstar New England
                      Rockstar London
                      Rockstar Toronto
                      are these the ones who are developing the game? i must say i get more and more impressed by the news on max payne. this firstlook event is sure going to be amazing because of the surprises you guys are preparing.

                      another thing, the multiplayer of this game, i am really thinking how it's going to be like, will we use bulletime? will it be dynamic environments that change gradually during the matches? (like the maps in uncharted 3, where you start in a plane, then go to a more normal kind of map). well, one thing is right, you guys are going to nail it! GTA IV and RDR multiplayers are still being played by me, even it's just to run over my friends or make awesome hideouts encounters
                      • nikobelic250000on September 25 2011, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                        @R* A Your Welcome Guys.
                        Rockstar Vancouver
                        Rockstar NYC
                        Rockstar North
                        Rockstar London
                        Rockstar New England
                        Rockstar Toronto
                        Rockstar R.A.G.E technology Group
                        Working on Max Payen 3 right?

                        I wonder Why Rockstar San Diego is not involved.

                        I know Rockstar Vancouver is the main studio responsible for it because Rob Nelson is the one who is working on it along with Sam and Dan Houser as I herd From EDGE.
                        • R* Aon September 25 2011, 5:39pmReplyFlag
                          @nikobelic2500000 Thank you sir for the kind words! One thing to note is that the game is actually being developed by multiple studios within Rockstar as a huge cross-team effort

                          • nikobelic250000on September 25 2011, 4:52pmReplyFlag
                            Hello Rockstar how are you guys today im just in a great mood today.
                            I Want to say how Excited i am over max Payne 3
                            I just want to say a few words to all the employees for doing a great job.

                            First of all i would like to thank Rockstar Vancouver For taking over the Max Payne series they did a awesome job on the game its so real I like the fact that it is on the R.A.G.E engine and the Euphoria engine combined to create that unique exuberance what we have experiences in grand theft auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption.I'm very impressed on how you guys have optimized it so that every character can react in the Environments that max is in.You guys have the best programmers i have to say it looks like it took some major scripting to get this thing up and Running with all the extra mo cap and animations you guys are adding.Al,so i would like to thank put all then extra Hours in to mo cap and Voice acting.

                            Second I would like to thank the most important people to create the game worlds we play in and the ones who get textures and create these amazing 3d models on the map.The Environment artists relay captured Brazil.I like the Fact you guys went over there and filmed and did tons of research in the game worlds such as you guys did in Red Dead Redemption and Grand theft Auto IV.You guys have the most talented Environment artists I ever seen to create something that is different and artistic from all the other games i played.I see you guys payed attention to detail such as using the right guns and the bald max fits Brazil perfectly.I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

                            Third the trailer is so cool even the trailers what you guys create are artistic they actually mean something i see you guys take the time to create a trailer that is interesting and enjoyable at the same time.It makes you get pumped about the game.It surely got me pumped.

                            Thats all i have to say Rockstar i just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys on what i think about Max Payne 3.Can't wait to play it.

                            • scareface1970on September 25 2011, 4:20pmReplyFlag
                              COOL i have heard and read that there is a Exclusieve expositie artwork from Rockstar-games + free Max Payne 3 posters on the Firstlook game event in The Netherlands - Utrecht. If i can get my hands on those goodies i let you see it on my YouTube channel. Or if i may from you R* i let you see it here on the Sc Club and with some foto's from the FirstLook.

                              I can't wait to see the Artwork from Max Payne 3 on the FL......

                              THNX To ***Rockstar***
                              • scareface1970on September 25 2011, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                                I have seen again the vid from MP3 and i like it. I go with my girl luckylady1981 to the Firstlook Game event in Utrecht and i try to get a look at the game MP3 there and maybe we may paly a little piece of the Game there(I HOPE). I this vid i seen also the other stuff from the Kidnapping part to all the other things GOOD DONE R*.

                                ***Rockstar*** You My Favoriet$

                                And i hope to see more from Max Payne 3 next weekend in the FirstLook Game Event inj Utrecht..... XD XD
                                • R* Yon September 25 2011, 11:23amReplyFlag
                                  @Christobell46 @boonis @Enriador & others, thanks guys, glad you like the interview..
                                  • tommygearon September 25 2011, 9:20amReplyFlag
                                    R* pls don't f**ked the PC port!!!!
                                    • avi1998on September 25 2011, 5:55amReplyFlag
                                      Wanted to go to FirstLook because I live in the Netherlands.... its 14+ too bad I'm 12 :S
                                      • Emanuel_Bergeron September 25 2011, 2:19amReplyFlag
                                        @ILikeVideo-Games yep I'm planning on buying Max Payne 3 for the PC system (if my PC is good enough regarding the system requirements) cheers dude XD
                                        • Gabriel-Henriqueon September 24 2011, 10:14pmReplyFlag
                                          É muito bom ver que eles nos ouviram e corigiram o erro de achar que São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro são a mesma coisa, mesmo com os erros acho bom um jogo em São Paulo para os gringos pararem de achar que Brasil é só Rio de Janeiro, e tinham que falar sobre outras qualidades de São Paulo, não só as favelas, o clima e samba ( que conheço poucas pessoas que ouçam aqui em São Paulo).
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