New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Posted on August 29 2011, 12:20pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Prepare for our next big release on both consoles and PC, the long-awaited return of Max Payne. Expect a lot of news in the next few months, but in the meantime check out these two brand new screenshots - also available in high-def at

Max Payne 3 Screenshots Update
Edge Magazine's Max Payne 3 Cover Story
He's Coming.

  • R* Yon September 27 2011, 6:49pmReplyFlag
    @saifkazi Haven't announced those yet, stay tuned
    • saifkazion September 19 2011, 12:34pmReplyFlag
      what are system requirement
        • arslan204on September 12 2011, 12:39pmReplyFlag
          he guys looks like in this one we have also deactivate the laser as shwon in the screenshot !!!!
          • hamid-ps3on September 10 2011, 1:51pmReplyFlag
            very good
            • who_s_ur_daddaon September 10 2011, 4:27amReplyFlag
              Is it possible that you guys are making a HD-classics of the two first ones !? For people who never played them
              • xDarkL0ardxon September 9 2011, 6:05amReplyFlag
                Very Nice!
                • liogameon September 8 2011, 9:26pmReplyFlag
                  • lucakpoon September 8 2011, 4:22pmReplyFlag
                    Max is going to be fat and bald? So please respond!
                    • R* Yon September 8 2011, 4:19pmReplyFlag
                      Thanks guys, look for updated details on the release here:
                      • nash4mon September 8 2011, 12:59pmReplyFlag
                        very nice R* you made my day thank you :)
                        • heket777on September 8 2011, 11:31amReplyFlag
                          Wait for 3rd part..........

                          R* please make remakes of 1,2 parts on RAGE engine
                          • yousif300on September 8 2011, 6:48amReplyFlag

                            lol RAGE engine (I Dhannt It's a game Rage)

                            ok man sorry
                            this is Rage game

                            • DGSimoon September 8 2011, 6:09amReplyFlag
                              @yousif300 GTAIV used the RAGE engine. It's Rockstar's main proprietary game engine they've used to create all of their games on the PS3 and 360 thus far. Rockstar even lists it on this site right here LOL
                              • yousif300on September 8 2011, 5:43amReplyFlag

                                no max Payne 3 dont used RAGE engine max Payne 3 used GTA IV engine


                                rockstar want name of max Payne 3 engine
                                • Emanuel_Bergeron September 8 2011, 2:00amReplyFlag

                                  thanks for the link - looks like MP3 is gonna be amazing and it uses the RAGE engine - yeah R* - hope we can see some footage at next months FirstLook event in the Netherlands xD
                                  • batik89on September 7 2011, 10:56pmReplyFlag
                                    Some of new info from Gamestop Managers Con. Thanks to our friend @DGSimo. |
                                    • R* Yon September 7 2011, 5:41pmReplyFlag
                                      @raghavrocks Please see R* A's comment below
                                      • raghavrockson September 7 2011, 2:20pmReplyFlag
                                        Hey rockstar,can we drive cars and roam about a bit in the city like in L.A.Noire where we could could roam about the city with a mission assigned to us.If not then do we get assigned to missions like in the othe Max Payne games and is the gameplay type,shooting and systems similar to older Max Payne games.
                                        I have played almost all your games rockstar but just played the demo of Max Payne 2.I hope this will be as good as RDR,GTA and L.A. noire and I will get my hand on my first Max Payne game.Is it necessary to play the older games to understand this one?
                                        CAN'T WAIT.
                                        • Emanuel_Bergeron September 7 2011, 10:44amReplyFlag
                                          max payne 3 is gonna be outstanding - cool that the story starts in new york city - I LIKE THE (so called) CAPITAL OF THE WORLD but unfortunately i never had the chance to be there :(
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