The Free Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack DLC Is Coming in September

Posted on July 27 2011, 2:47pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As previously announced, we've got a special and completely free bonus pack of Red Dead Redemption DLC coming as a show of appreciation for the awesome long-term support for the game's multiplayer modes since its release in 2010.

Today we can confirm the title for you: the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack will feature new fan-favorite multiplayer characters by popular demand (including a certain grizzled ol' gunslinger as pictured above) as well as new multiplayer locations for players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other popular online modes to get busy in.

We expect the pack to be finished and available for download on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in September.

Oh, also, yes – for those who are asking about a return to the original Undead Overrun multiplayer mode settings – we are planning to release a title update in the lead up to the new free DLC pack which will address that.

    • stix2620on April 26 2012, 12:07pmReplyFlag
      No offense cause this an awesome game all around I just think the new add on shouldn't be based on multiplayer. Not everyone is into that.
      • GMGMOBon March 17 2012, 5:23amReplyFlag
        rockstar come on we need some new dlc for red dead redemption dont let multiplayer die should bring out new mounts weapons game modes characters new hunting grounds along with new predators think it would be really cool
        • ECLIPSEDRAGONon January 18 2012, 9:00pmReplyFlag
          i think that even though this game is now about two years old we should still get some new DLC even though rockstar is already keeping us interested i think that maybe they could do more like adding even more things to multiplayer like:
          1. newer and cooler looking characters because while i like some of the characters they have i still find myself saying if only this was changed or that was changed such as for example in the main singleplayer game there are about 3 different long coats/dusters but in multiplayer the only one i can find is landon rickets so i would like to see more characters with proper west clothes and less top hats seeing as most of them are wearing them, in which i dont want them cut out just less of them

          2. as its been mentioned more mounts and guns would be another great addition such as a crossbow (i know it sounds weird but i think it would be cool seeing as it is an extrodinary weapon) and maybe some newer mounts that give the player more choice maybe even some strange mounts like one with wings (non-functional obviously)

          3. extra areas while the map is already big enough i would like to see some new areas added in to give chance to more kick ass scenery which would add to enjoyability + would be able for new ideas and more things to do to make the experience longer and more interesting. an idea i had was of maybe a boat that takes you to an island or something doesnt have to be a necassarily huge island in comparison to the last map but would also be big enough to not disappoint (not that it would), this would allow addition to the singleplayer cmapaign aswell, also the chance to introduce new weaponry and mounts

          4. more legend ranks. while 5 ranks is already enough i would like to see up to sommething like 10 so that it would give who have achieved that maximum rank to do it again and keep them playing and interested

          5. the little things like i would like to be able to go into a saloon on multiplayer and be able to get my character drunk with all my mates characters (as on singleplayer when i saw marston drunk for the first time i burst out laughing as he pottered around falling over basically anything in his way) with two or more people this would easily get lots of laughs. also, i would like to see some of the other mini games added to multiplayer such as ringer and possibly a new mini game based on the mission when you have to blow up the wagons with dynamite planted in the road (cant remember the name of the mission) as a sort of a tower defence but without the tower and with more like a strategy type thing as this opens to having to set of dynamite at the right time in the right position

          i feel like all these things would make the game better and more enjoyable all round and i would like to see these added for my benefit and other peoples for people that still play the game and a little temptation to the people who have it and dont play it anymore for them to take it out and revisit this truly wonderful game or convince more people to buy it and play it. i know that some of these things may not be possible or may be too difficult but i would like to see some of them if not all of them eventually, thats if rockstar hasn't given up on red dead redemption. i would also like to point out if i had to choose three of these it would be 1,3 and 5 (because i do love getting drunk on the game)
          • braveasson November 6 2011, 3:13pmReplyFlag
            I agree, please don't let multilayer die. need to expand new territories and maps to the free roam. and add the zombie awesomeness to free roam or how about maybe random red moons that bring out zombies and other creatures. also need new weapons and mounts. this is by far my favorite game and you guys have done a beyond awesome job. most times i play just to ride through and enjoy the scenery. keep up the good work and cant wait to see whats next.
            • AbearXon October 28 2011, 2:16pmReplyFlag
              Thanks Guys It's great that you realise we have been supporting the game.

              PLEASE DO NOT LET MULTIPLAYER DIE! as has already been mentioned! More DLCs, More Game Types, More MOUNTS, More Animals to hunt (yes Crocs would be good), More Characters, More territory, More .etc More Ideas!.

              Some of Mine are: some Bait that attracts Predators to come and kill someone (It may sound a little weird but It is just an Idea).

              Also a Massive River Wagon type thing like Like the Morning Star would be awesome but you don't have to control it you can just be a passenger, it would also be cool if it doesn't have fixed seats and you can just move around in it. That horse DLC Also sounds great.

              Post More soon
              • UltimateRusson September 21 2011, 9:07amReplyFlag
                No hardcore-aiming modes for the new maps? Please add this!!
                • Spoooshon September 19 2011, 10:48amReplyFlag
                  WOW It's free! AWESOME THANKS!
                  • kaweahon September 16 2011, 8:00pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar u kicked arse with red dead. just keep adding onto the map and keep this multiplayer alive!!!! you know we will pay anything for addons. dont leave the game for dead, just expand it...seriously
                    • 9499210on September 13 2011, 6:31pmReplyFlag
                      right on
                      • Thirty3_GUNZ_THMon September 13 2011, 4:11pmReplyFlag
                        Rockstar, U letting us down.... where the hell is the DLC PACK?
                        • Thirty3_GUNZ_THMon September 13 2011, 4:03pmReplyFlag
                          is the pack out already on the PSN???
                          • GunSenshion September 13 2011, 2:01pmReplyFlag
                            i like playing as landon rickets would have been nice if ya put in the 2 trains for extra environmental fighting and hanging out plus 5 finger filet i wonder if there will be another story mode like undead nightmare but takes place during johns glory days like ya got dutch and them as your allies but in the end betrayed and the end is family taken captive? some tell me its a dumb idea but i think origin stories are cool
                            • 14782306on September 13 2011, 9:49amReplyFlag
                              I'd really like to see the trains returned,and a river boat would be VERY cool.
                              • Delacruzeon September 12 2011, 5:55pmReplyFlag
                                please put andreas müller the german is this dlc
                                • aznhero13on September 12 2011, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                                  This is a great birthday present for me (9/13 is my actual bday LOL) from Rockstar!!!

                                  Thanks guys!!
                                  • Xion991on September 10 2011, 1:13amReplyFlag
                                    just wanted to say you guys/girls are doing a really good job i love playing Red Dead Redemption and hope you make more games like iike hope you come out with like a new area for it and everything. was woundering if new dlc is going to have more legends ranks? and new mounts
                                    • xurbanxwarrioron September 7 2011, 9:00pmReplyFlag
                                      some gator hunting would be nice a little boat and stuff
                                      • ExcessusMentison September 7 2011, 12:45pmReplyFlag
                                        Undead Free Roam zombie mode?
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