Celebrate July 4th Weekend with Quadruple XP in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

Posted on June 30 2011, 10:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

*** UPDATE: Quadruple XP has ended.  Look for more instances of triple and quadruple XP in the coming weeks and months. ***

In honor of America's birthday and in keeping with its celebratory traditions of spectacle and excess, we're unleashing the first instance of Red Dead Redemption 4XP for multiplayers all around the world on both PS3 and Xbox 360 this July 4th Weekend.

Beginning by 12:01AM Eastern this Friday July 1st and running until 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday July 4th, all online multiplayer modes including Free Roam and Undead Overrun in Undead Nightmare will earn you quadruple the experience points during this extended holiday weekend.

  • R* Yon August 9 2011, 12:52pmReplyFlag
    A new Red Dead title update is coming in the next few weeks, it will address some of the vulnerabilities that have been mentioned here, cheers all
    • dead-z-manon July 30 2011, 6:48pmReplyFlag
      red dead
      • Zeeroahon July 17 2011, 8:19pmReplyFlag
        hello R*
        yall need to put all the gang maps under the same categorys
        "gang shootout" should have all the maps instead of just the original maps
        it seperates the players too much
        theres hardly enough people playing sometimes anyway
        why seperate the maps?
        yall never really milked RDR for $
        why keep the maps seperated this far down the road?
        legends and killers maps should be mixed with original maps in all gang matches
        • BumperBallzon July 12 2011, 7:10amReplyFlag
          HEY ROCKSTAR...............................

          I know how YOU can eliminate the invincibility glitch.

          Simply get rid of the option to cancel your TRANSPORT.......

          You get killed a few times then it offers you the option to transport. Why don't you get rid of the following option to cancel your transport. Simple yet effective.
          • ok_corralon July 9 2011, 6:46pmReplyFlag
            For the record there is no such level as 5th legend rank 50. There are not 50 ranks after you pass into 5th legend. I know its not really a big deal but it makes me cringe just like every time I hear some one say "prestige."
            • bladekill05on July 9 2011, 1:31pmReplyFlag
              please R* red dead redemption in a pc game right now.
              • MonsterAuraon July 9 2011, 11:51amReplyFlag
                Thanks R* for that awesome weekend! It made me get to 5th Legendary rank 50, Awesome!! Love, Christie Weller
                • ferguson99on July 8 2011, 6:48amReplyFlag
                  @devilboy3892 perhaps rockstar want to get other players caught up and then update the game with another set of legendary badges
                  • WIRAPURUon July 7 2011, 9:07pmReplyFlag
                    That was crazy! I got my game just friday and from Saturday to Monday I could get to 39! Of course everyone at work were asking about my red eyes but it was very much worth it!! Btw, that's the best game I have for my 3 months ps3 right now, masterpiece R*!
                    • R* Aon July 7 2011, 2:18pmReplyFlag
                      @devilboy3892 Ha, most seemed to appreciate it as a rare opportunity to get some leveling done

                      @ferguson99 Funny - you never know - otherwise just keep a close eye on our FB & Twitter updates for surprise triple XP
                      • ferguson99on July 7 2011, 12:20pmReplyFlag
                        rockstar do you have any other big public holiday events on the calendar over in america that are a cause for a quad xp celebration
                        • devilboy3892on July 7 2011, 12:19pmReplyFlag
                          R* im sorry but dont u think u went a little to far with the xp that people could rank up in 2 days all the way to 5th legend?
                          • R* Aon July 7 2011, 11:54amReplyFlag
                            Glad you guys enjoyed the 4XP last weekend and sorry to those who missed it! Make sure to keep an eye on us on FB & Twitter where we'll continue to have surprise XP multiplayer sessions activated at a moment's notice

                            Those of you with support related technical issue questions (wait for it...), hit up Support at http://support.rockstargames.com
                            Thank you

                            And hang tight for more word on the free DLC pack, hopefully we'll have more info in the coming weeks

                            Thanks all
                            • crazycat690on July 7 2011, 8:19amReplyFlag
                              I hope there will be more events like this soon! I missed this one pretty much, just played a little on saturday I think.
                              • ferguson99on July 7 2011, 5:31amReplyFlag
                                thanks to everyone that was in a free roam session on PS3 last night with 7 dogsoldiers that was a good little war up at torquemeda and you were all honest gamers no one was using any cheat what so ever

                                from Dogsoldier_3

                                and can only remember the i.d of one other player that was there elite1324 see you around
                                • ferguson99on July 7 2011, 5:26amReplyFlag
                                  it took me 6 months to get my 5th legend badge

                                  and on this other account i made it took

                                  3 DAYS
                                  • scareface1970on July 7 2011, 4:52amReplyFlag
                                    @ ok_corral

                                    THNX For your advice LOL XD

                                    And to R* i hope that whe see this week some info about the RDR DLC
                                    and what you see now is that there are alot of new gamers with Legend 5 riding on Zebra Donkey's afther the 4X XP'S weekend without some experience shooting on everything they see so guy's let some things live and let gamers they don't have the Legend 5 doing the HideOut's that they wanted to do without getting shot by you dude's with the new Legends 5

                                    ***Rockstar**** THNX You Rule
                                    • ok_corralon July 6 2011, 8:16pmReplyFlag
                                      Congrats scareface1970. Make sure to put a swing next to your ps3/xbox360 so everyone will be happy.
                                      • dianeselwynon July 6 2011, 6:51pmReplyFlag
                                        @ferguson99 thank you
                                        • Triggern0metry1on July 6 2011, 6:56pmReplyFlag
                                          @macauboy, someone woke up on the wrong side of bed.
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