Thanks to Everyone for Coming Out to the 38th Annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic (Photos & Recap)

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Photos from the 38th Annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic. Left: Kristin Lotito wins the Women's Pro 1/2/3 Points race - photo courtesy of Marco Quezada. Right: Cyclists cornering during the Men's 2/3 Points race - photo courtesy of Andy Shen.

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone that came out to Marcus Garvey Park on Sunday, June 19th to experience the 2011 Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic and wish congratulations to all the day's winners, including the victor of the overall Omnium, Leif Lampater - who last year finished second in this event behind his teammate Christian Grasmann.

The day began with the kids races where the young'ns got busy on the track competing in a series of educational races and got a chance to score some free bike gear. Throughout the day, BMX pro crew members Jay Rodriquez, Danny Parks and others on hand entertained kids of all ages putting on an aerial show that was worth the trip to the event in itself.

The day of high speed competition started with John Blake and Godfrey Pollydore winning the Cat 4 Men's Points race, and Cat 2/3 Men's Points race respectively. Kristin Lotito of West Hempstead New York held off a talented group of Pros to win the Women's Pro 1/2/3 Points race, and set the stage for the main event of the day, the David Walker Memorial Elite Men's Professional race. Reformatted to showcase the speed and skill of some of the world's best track racers, this two round Omnium consisted of both a points race, and an elimination race that kept the crowd riveted. Leif Lampater placed first overall and first in the Pro Men's Points race while Douglas Repacholi won the Pro Men's Elimination race by pulling away from the pack early and crossing the finish line well ahead of the field.

The final event of the day was the three lap Keirin Exhibition finale. Riders for this race were placed behind a motorcycle that accelerated from about 15 mph to 30 mph before pulling off and launching the riders into a lap long sprint for the finish. Godfrey Pollydore - also the winner of the Cat 2/3 Men's Points race - shocked the field and made an excellent sprint to win in a very close and exciting heat.

Check out a few photos from the event below, and for anybody that didn't have a chance to watch our live race day webcast stream, you can see the archived video featuring the entirety of the Men's Omnium and Keirin Exhibition along with more photos over at Also visit the official Harlem Skyscraper website for all of the day's results, and more event day media.

Pro Men's Omnium Overall Winners. Left: Second place Bobby Lea. Center: Overall winner Leif Lampater. Right: Third place Anibal Borrajp.

Cyclists speeding towards the straight away.

Father's Day 2011 in Marcus Garvey Park - photo courtesy of Tj Sengel.

Sprinters racing to the finish line in the final event of the day; the Keirin Exhibition race.

John Blake wins the Men's Cat 4 Points race - photo courtesy of Tj Sengel.

The young'ns competing in the Shimano Youth Cup.

Today, June 19th - Rockstar Presents the 38th Annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic
Watch the Trailer for the 38th Annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic
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Rockstar Games Presents the 38th Annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic

  • jesE_GRon July 8 2011, 12:01pmReplyFlag
    Great things happening. Keep it up R*.
    • fahrettin3on July 1 2011, 12:36pmReplyFlag
      gooood good
      • R* Yon June 29 2011, 11:01amReplyFlag
        @IWIHooligan Sure, good to hear you enjoyed watching the stream

        @Zelvenskiy_m Cheers, and be sure to check out the replay of the races available here:
        • Zelvenskiy_mon June 29 2011, 4:27amReplyFlag
          That was great!
          • IWIHooliganon June 28 2011, 10:38pmReplyFlag
            Great pictures and great race! Looks like the event was one heck of a good time! I really enjoyed the stream also..The bmx sounds like it was amazing, one of these days I will for sure be coming to experience this event for myself! Thanks for sharing Rockstar!
            • R* Yon June 27 2011, 2:23pmReplyFlag
              @crome79 @emmi18176860 @scareface1970 Thanks all, glad you enjoyed the races
              • scareface1970on June 27 2011, 1:35pmReplyFlag
                I have seen it on the stream it was fun to watch and that guy Leif Lampater was really the man of the match what condition has he GREAT but what i mist on the stream was the stunt bike riding or something that had i would seen The young'ns competing in stunting with there bikes but al IT WAS FUN TO WATCH AND I HOPE THAT YOU *R HAD ALOT OF FUN THERE

                I be there on the stream next year

                Sporting With ***Rockstar***

                • crome79on June 27 2011, 1:29pmReplyFlag
                  thanks for the web-cast ,i have already made plans to spectate up close next year maybe we can get a game made out of this or even add something like this to any gta in the future?
                  • Emanuel_Bergeron June 27 2011, 12:47pmReplyFlag
                    Overall winner Leif Lampater - he is sponsored by ROCKSTARGAMES - of course he has won - every guy which is sponsored by R* wins :) - no question about that

                    R* you don't just ROCK in developing games - you also rock in real sport events - ROCKSTAR IS THE BEST :DD

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