Announcing the Official Social Club Multiplayer Events Series Calendar for July - September 2011

Posted on June 23 2011, 2:04pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Time to unveil the lineup of official Rockstar Games multiplayer playsessions for summer 2011. The brand new calendar of events in the Social Club Multiplayer Events Series will take us through the month of September, with action in Red Dead RedemptionUndead NightmareGrand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

These events are your chance to get in on a round or two of multiplayer with Rockstar Games, allowing you to chat, shoot, race and ride your way with us through Liberty City and across the western frontier. It's your opportunity to show your skills to the creators of the game, and to see if you have what it takes to take us on. And if you just so happen to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to be our Boss in Cops n' Crooks, trust us... we've got your back.

The official Social Club Multiplayer Events page at is the place to be during each of the dates of times listed below. There you can:

  • Play with and against members of Rockstar Games, including some of the folks who helped create the games themselves
  • Watch the live video stream of the event at the official Events page
  • Join the live chat to talk trash while you play or just join in the discussion of the action as it unfolds
  • Enter event sweepstakes at the Events page (entry period is only during event hours) for a chance to win prize packs of limited-edition t-shirts, stickers and sometimes even limited edition controllers

And now, the calendar...

  • Thursday, July 7 (5-8PM Eastern)
    Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    Our last console GTA throwdown session from the previous calendar was held on PSN, so this time, Xbox LIVE has dibs. We'll be sure to play in modes across the original GTAIV multiplayer experience as well as both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Friday, July 22 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare
    For PlayStation 3 on PSN
    Come prepared for Triple XP and an afternoon of racing and gunslinging. We may even get into some Liar's Dice. In the past we've had the pleasure of having a goat peering in through the window to spectate on the action. No promises though.
  • Thursday, August 4 (5-8PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    Xbox LIVE's first turn for Red Dead in the new calendar. Ready those headsets and let's get some Undead Overrun going. Look for a special giveaway in this one...
  • Friday, August 26 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare
    For PlayStation 3 on PSN
    Back to PSN for some Land Grab and Horse Racing Grand Prix. Should be a good time in the chat and on the stream.
  • Friday, September 9 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City
    For PC on Games for Windows LIVE
    32 players racing, basejumping, shooting and Buzzard'ing...all with glorious high resolution graphics. PC gamers, on your marks...
  • Friday, September 23 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    Triple XP yet again for Red Dead. Come ready for a taste of all of the modes across the complete Red Dead experience.

So mark your calendars, boys and girls. Gamertags, IDs and other details will be posted on the Rockstar Newswire a day or so before each event begins.

And remember that we're on much more often than the dates listed above. We like to get online and play our games at a moments notice, and we're always sure to let you guys know on both our Twitter and/or Facebook pages (as well as the Twitter sidebar on our network of sites). Be sure to followTriple XP sessions for Red Dead Redemption will continue as the summer rolls on. We'll see you online...

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  • LaVoice83on October 18 2011, 6:20amReplyFlag
    Hey R*, some weeks ago i asked for something like a tripple XP for GTAIV. But your answere was so short (@LaVoice83 We don't have any plans to do that, but thanks for passing along your thoughts), that i feel free to ask again if there is a chance to get something like a tripple XP for GTA.

    The multiplayer is to big to kick it the normal way if you got a real life besides your gaming life.

    Me and my Friend love the Tripple XP Events you do for RDR and we used to play it alot, almost every time you turn it on. But every time i asked him to play GTA with me he disapoints me because he wants to use his time with MP he can finish.
    So please think about it and do some plans to make us all happy.

    • leetgamer_87on September 23 2011, 4:42amReplyFlag
      Never mind. I think I worked it out, Friday, 23rd September, 4pm Eastern time is Saturday 24th September, 6am AEST. Looks like I will be up the coffee's lol. =)
      • leetgamer_87on September 23 2011, 3:22amReplyFlag
        R*, just wondering what the Australian time will be for triple exp for RDR for today the 23rd of sept? I fall in the GMT 10+ zone. Thankyou. =)
        • R* Yon September 18 2011, 2:56pmReplyFlag
          @scareface1970 Yep, this week's event will be all Myths & Mavericks, glad you're excited, we'll have Triple XP for both consoles too
          • scareface1970on September 17 2011, 2:49pmReplyFlag
            Can't wait to get in or to watch and chatt on the STREAM in the event on September 23.
            The Myths and Mavericks Event COOL complete NEW sessions to play with all of you guy's.

            Les then a week to go dudes for this GREAT M&M event

            You See Me on 23 Sept ***Rockstar*** You Rule
            • 15931030on September 10 2011, 9:38amReplyFlag
              Is It True That Your Taking Casual Out The Game And Adding A New Gun When The DLC Comes Out On Sep. 13th? :D
              • R* Yon September 9 2011, 2:23pmReplyFlag
                @15658058 Good question, we haven't announced anything yet on that but stay tuned here for the latest

                @N.E.L.S We have no plans to do that, nor do we have any other info to pass along to you, though we do appreciate you taking the time to comment
                • N.E.L.Son September 9 2011, 1:20pmReplyFlag
                  Are there any plans to add a train in the multiplayer? If not, why?
                  • connOR77kon September 8 2011, 6:23pmReplyFlag
                    Is the September 23 Triple XP event going to be for the whole weekend? That would be awesome and I would really appreciate it.
                    • R* Yon September 8 2011, 4:31pmReplyFlag
                      @DerKuchenman Look for some next week, maybe around Wednesday
                      • DerKuchenmanon September 7 2011, 7:43amReplyFlag
                        i need triple xp :(
                        • R* Yon August 29 2011, 11:08amReplyFlag
                          @Mingster72 @GTAIV_King & others, cheers

                          @cwbigmac We don't have any plans to add a bow and arrow
                          • cwbigmacon August 27 2011, 5:51pmReplyFlag
                            Bow and Arrow??? Is this true??
                            • 15185093on August 27 2011, 12:36amReplyFlag
                              Hi, I entertained a lot with you is the truth about what gta5
                              • 15185093on August 27 2011, 12:33amReplyFlag
                                hello I love playing with you not know how I have fun, taking advantage of this opportunity is the truth about what gta5
                                • GTAV_King89on August 26 2011, 7:56pmReplyFlag
                                  Thanks for this great Event Rockstar :D It was fun playing with you =) i hope we can repeat it soon (:


                                  • Mingster72on August 26 2011, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                                    Another sleepless night...
                                    Many thanks for 3x XP!
                                    • klpo33on August 26 2011, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                                      remember XinXiYa76 cuz 1: its me and 2: you're probably gonna kill me a whole lotta times :P so uhh... yw for the xp people
                                      • GTAV_King89on August 26 2011, 1:16pmReplyFlag
                                        Hey R*,
                                        I'm happy that i get the chance to play with you all :).
                                        It's the first Event for me and i hope it will be fun :D :D we'll get all these guys that are using the exploits and shoot them until they leave the session haha :D
                                        If you want we can play GTA IV later too I'd be happy to play GTA with you too, on PSN you know ;D


                                        • Seimo45on August 24 2011, 2:44amReplyFlag
                                          i hoped that can do a RDR of Triple XP again the long time the activity plz !!
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