L.A. Noire Is Coming for PC this Fall

Posted on June 23 2011, 11:00am | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

PC gaming aficionados, we hear you. And today, we are very happy to announce that L.A. Noire will be arriving on the PC platform this fall.

Developed by Rockstar Leeds and built to run on a wide range of PCs, L.A. Noire's robust feature customization includes keyboard remapping and gamepad functionality to both optimize and customize performance and user experience. Along with increased fidelity and improved graphical enhancements, the PC version will also feature 3D support for an even greater sense of interaction and immersion within a painstakingly detailed 1940s Los Angeles.

Originally developed by Team Bondi in conjunction with Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire is a crime thriller set in post World War II Los Angeles. As Detective Cole Phelps, players must search for clues, interrogate suspects and chase down criminals to solve a series of cases based on real world incidents. As he rises through the ranks of the LAPD, Phelps comes face-to-face with the corrupt heart of Los Angeles: from fallen starlets to double-dealing police officers and the vast reaches of the criminal underworld  and finally, the darkness of his own personal demons.

For much, much more about L.A. Noire, visit www.rockstargames.com/lanoire and stay tuned for the PC version release date announcement.

  • Sprunk1995on October 5 2013, 5:34pmReplyFlag
    Hope to see the same thing for GTA V
    • hondaissaceon October 18 2012, 1:45pmReplyFlag
      Ha, guys I made this happen, I sent an email to R* to this effect, and they did it. Awesome company, Rockstar. If I ever need a job, I'll work at R*. You guys rock man.
    • restinpeacechuckon October 27 2011, 9:13pmReplyFlag
      If your going to make L.A. Noire for PC, then you should make Red Dead Redemption for PC as well so I can play it on my laptop.
      • Panickoon October 16 2011, 10:36amReplyFlag
        I'm waiting this great game for PC! Thanks R*!!
        • dendaaaaon October 15 2011, 5:18amReplyFlag
          Please LA Noire create too to PSP! This is too console :D
          • ExecutiveJohnon October 9 2011, 5:04amReplyFlag
            11.th november?! I finaly know what will i get for birthday!
            • dendaaaaon October 9 2011, 4:28amReplyFlag
              And please do the second time for the PC soon because we want to get the game as soon as possible!

              • dendaaaaon October 9 2011, 4:26amReplyFlag
                Please do so will normally worked on 2gb ram and 512mb graphics ...

                Thank you!
                • SpOoK582on October 5 2011, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                  pls sombody comment
                  • art1373on September 29 2011, 4:17amReplyFlag
                    I"m kinda miss here LOL :D AGAIN thanks R*
                    • SpOoK582on September 29 2011, 2:03amReplyFlag
                      i just cant wait !!!!!!! its coming in november
                      • R* Yon September 28 2011, 11:08amReplyFlag
                        • ROLIN17on September 28 2011, 10:42amReplyFlag
                          Poland! :D
                          • Sergei28skon September 28 2011, 10:02amReplyFlag
                            I from Ukraine!
                            • realtomon September 28 2011, 9:49amReplyFlag
                              @art1373 I am R* fan from India :)
                              • art1373on September 28 2011, 9:07amReplyFlag
                                Guys everybody come and tell where are you from( which LA Noire country fan are you?)

                                * From Iran LA Noire fans to R* Cheers"
                                • art1373on September 28 2011, 9:04amReplyFlag
                                  @edcar007 : Doubt :D ( I Don't have a proof :D)

                                  What about Nicole Rockstar Was she made you delay the LA Noire LOL

                                  @R* : Just Kiddin we all love you ;)
                                  • ROLIN17on September 28 2011, 4:20amReplyFlag
                                    OK. Sorry Rockstar ;) I wait...
                                    • Sergei28skon September 27 2011, 2:05pmReplyFlag
                                      I will exactly purchase a license L.A.Noire
                                      • R* Yon September 27 2011, 11:16amReplyFlag
                                        @Sergei28sk @Slim_Boss & all others, thanks guys, we don't have anything new to pass along yet, look for some news on the PC version of L.A. Noire in the coming weeks, hope all of you are excited..

                                        @ROLIN17 Please read the area right above the Comment Box:
                                        "The comments section is intended as a place for our Social Club community to comment on and discuss the news and content posted with each other; it is not a place to ask or demand official responses from Rockstar. If you want our attention on something or if you have something unrelated you'd like to say, email us at mouthoff@rockstargames.com."
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