Google Maps Powered Street View of Liberty City (via GTANet)

Posted on June 8 2011, 11:15am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Check out this impressive Google Maps powered version of Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City map from the folks at longstanding popular fan site GTANet.

Recently updated with a 3D street view mechanic (grab the pegman icon and drop him on the map to open it up), this map let's you explore the entirety of Liberty City, and also includes a navigation bar on the right side panel that overlays the locations of important items and locations.

For the maximum effect, be sure to toggle on the full-screen option in the upper right corner and maximize your browser.  No doubt a lot of work went into creating this resource - props to the GTANet team from all of us here.


  • riju_50on September 26 2011, 1:58amReplyFlag
    what is FATAL ERROR:RMN40 in gta does it solve?
    • crazyboy9696on September 4 2011, 12:26pmReplyFlag
      Friend me anyon3
      • TherockandTJon August 3 2011, 3:47amReplyFlag
        When I Was reading the gameinformer last month,I Heard zombies will invade Liberty city!?
        Is this true rockstar?
        • Argam-arturon July 10 2011, 8:48amReplyFlag
          • TitsMcGheheyon June 30 2011, 11:56pmReplyFlag
            I want a google maps of the old, classic liberty city. The new one kinda sucks.
            • mrnut85on June 17 2011, 10:10amReplyFlag
              GTA London has gotta be the way forward
              • ProudlyBritishUKon June 16 2011, 3:20pmReplyFlag
                Waiting for next GTA. I would like to see a GTA that links all cities in one game. I mean can travel by car, plane or train from San Andreas to Vice city or from Vice city to Liberty City, from Liberty City to San Andreas, etc.
                • R* Yon June 16 2011, 1:15amReplyFlag
                  @ANTONYBHOY It's here, just zoom in and drop the yellow person icon anywhere on the map to see any street in the game:

                  • ANTONYBHOYon June 15 2011, 1:00pmReplyFlag
                    I have searched but i cant find it!!
                    • carl_johnson325on June 14 2011, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                      • Nem_Wanon June 10 2011, 11:20pmReplyFlag
                        There could be an van in the next GTA and the odd job of driving it through the world to "create" a street view map on Social Club showing the route you've driven with a reward for complete coverage.
                        • ItalGTAon June 10 2011, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                          Most amazing GTA-related-thing I have ever seen on the Internet!!!

                          I always wanted to do EXACTLY that. Had the idea but no the means to do it.

                          It is awesome as the title itself, you guys at Rockstar should be proud of how your games inspire people on doing that kind of incredible work. I wonder how they came with that result. Did they invent a digital many-direction-lens camera to get the spheric panoramic views like the real Street View?
                          • Jay-Prosperoon June 10 2011, 1:46pmReplyFlag
                            Look out for the GTAnet cars driving around with cameras on top next time you're wandering round Liberty City.

                            Just kidding about the cars, It was done with scripts really but awesome work and better stitching than Google lol
                            • yousif300on June 10 2011, 10:54amReplyFlag
                              guys GTA V

                              • SuperSoakerFlowon June 9 2011, 6:58pmReplyFlag
                                Amazing! Getting lost in Liberty City via Google Street View! I love revisiting Liberty City. Nice work GTANet!!!
                                • R* Yon June 9 2011, 4:15pmReplyFlag
                                  @DeadlyTarget @DANIEL3GS @lucky77s & all others, glad you guys are liking the map, and again to the GTANet guys, strong work
                                  • Charly_GTAon June 9 2011, 3:26pmReplyFlag
                                    I do hope you present GTA V in the time thats left at the E3.
                                    • DANIEL3GSon June 9 2011, 1:26pmReplyFlag
                                      I ment would Be cool
                                      • VaroSpainon June 9 2011, 1:15pmReplyFlag
                                        Day 3 at E3, i hope i hear something about next GTA...
                                        • DANIEL3GSon June 9 2011, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                                          Cool a Map from rdr Gould Be cool too
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