FREE Fan Appreciation DLC for Red Dead Coming Soon

Posted on June 6 2011, 1:04pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

We just wanted to let all our Red Dead fans and especially multiplayers out there know that we have some fantastic and entirely FREE DLC coming your way as a show of appreciation for your amazing support since the game’s release last year - including new fan-favorite playable multiplayer characters by popular demand as well as something for all players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other online modes.

Stay tuned and we'll have more details for you soon.

  • amrandall52on November 21 2011, 8:58amReplyFlag
    Is there any chance of an Undead Free roam? It would be cool if you and your friends were going to do a gang hideout but when you get there, zombies try to kill you.
    • R* Yon September 29 2011, 11:27amReplyFlag
      Hope you guys are enjoying the brand new Myths and Mavericks downloadable content, be sure to continue discussion here in this newer post:
      • 13686890on September 6 2011, 9:04amReplyFlag
        I think that a new free roam in which people could fight for posession of trans would be fun. and also new gang hide out in multiple areas of the world such as cochinay and the mines in southern mexico not to mention punta orgulero. I have noticed alot of people requesting bows and arrows with similar stats as throwing knives and tomahawks. I would also like more horses like the colourful ones and red ones, which would create more variety in the game. Either way i am a huge fan of GTA, Read dead redemption and LA noire, SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! :D
        • josh402on September 4 2011, 10:24pmReplyFlag
          Some thing cool to do with the new DLC is to add sum movie characters like BILLY THE KID of LEFT HANDED GUN or JOHN WANE and CLINT EASTWORD in there big movie
          • B.Scuffleon September 4 2011, 7:03pmReplyFlag
            I would also like to see bow and arrow. That would be tits!
            • mizarkon September 4 2011, 5:03pmReplyFlag
              • 14803297on August 25 2011, 4:35pmReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar. You may not read this, but what the hey! Since I've bought Red Dead Redemption it has given me a whole new feeling to open-world gaming. A game based on realism, but at the same time fun to play. I have also bought each DLC so far which are all great and well worth the money! And like every other fan eager to give you ideas to include in the upcoming DLC, I have some too. So first off I would like to start with the mounts. The current mounts are good if not great! But it would be good if you could include some sort of section which said 'DLC Mounts' which could maybe include the warhorse and other rare creatures. Second is the weapons. I have been majorly impressed with the wide selection of weapons Red Dead Redemption has to offer, But I think the only weapon it has forgot is the bow and arrow. This would be the most unimaginable thing you could ever include in a DLC, seeing as it would boost the game experience to a point a couldn't explain. The last thing I would like to add is about the new upcoming DLC characters. It would be pretty badass if you could include some guys wearing bandanas! Anyway that's my wish list. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants a bow and arrow right? Would be pretty sweet on Shadow Wolf.
                • 10927254on August 21 2011, 1:31amReplyFlag
                  rooster cogburn outfit plzzz im a big john wayne fan, and i wud love to see cogburn, it doesnt even have to be the duke, the new one looks cool too, and tom chainy, and the texas ranger might also be cool additions as well. idk maybe you guys might build on that?
                  • punisher020on August 12 2011, 9:30pmReplyFlag
                    Are u planning to make another dlc besides this?? and thnx u for apreciate us, your dlc realy woth the money that we pay
                    • sonnislimmon August 10 2011, 1:17pmReplyFlag
                      I have beef rockstar, I would like more single player, PLEEEEZZZZZ
                      multiplayer is great and my gang and I have a blast, but I would love to
                      Enjoy this awesome world u made, by myself sometimes. Any hopes of single
                      Player action coming?
                      • EKcivicguyon August 9 2011, 1:06pmReplyFlag
                        sorry Jonah is cooler then archer
                        • beecherwshopeon August 9 2011, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                          archer forham if they come out with him omg i will love this game and like non stop play it plzzz rockstar come out with archer forham
                          • 12990845on August 8 2011, 8:33pmReplyFlag
                            im HEEEEEERRBBEERT MOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!
                            • TrashCorpseXIIIon August 7 2011, 11:27pmReplyFlag
                              The Truth SSYF

                              sorry typo.
                              • TrashCorpseXIIIon August 7 2011, 5:13pmReplyFlag

                                My XBOX Gt is: The Truth WSYF

                                Send me a game invite.
                                I'd love to see you 'own' me.

                                I can guarentee I will kill you all day long.
                                Then like the other useless players online,
                                you will use the invincible glitch because your simply not on my level.

                                anyways, looking forward to your game invite darling. see yah soon xxxx
                                • jackdagrebon August 7 2011, 4:18pmReplyFlag
                                  Ok here's what I want to see in the new pack

                                  2-3 character sections in multyplayer, i dont just want frigin landon rickets, he good and everything but ive seen some good marshals in the multyplayer AI characters.

                                  And a bow?

                                  C'maan, ok throw that in but i dont just want a bow, ok, maybe new gun aswell just to top it of, and while your a it, get rid of the frgin gun glitch and the invincibility glitch, that would be most appreciated.

                                  Keep up the good work R*
                                  • TrashCorpseXIIIon August 4 2011, 10:00amReplyFlag
                                    Guys, I wouldnt get excited about this DLC atall to be honest.
                                    Your all thinking you'll be getting some awesome new player models.
                                    No, I dont think there will be any awesome new player models atall, besides Landon Ricketts.
                                    We are going to end up with multiple Characters we dont even want or care about.
                                    We will probably end up with a few stupid looking mexican army characters, and a couple A.I. characters.
                                    Most likley everyone online will be using Landon Rickets too and we will end up getting sick fed up of consistantly fighting with players using Landon Ricketts.
                                    And will you be taking the time to put a bandolier around any of these new Characters or will you continue with the sheer lazyness and have the guns hanging off nothing on there back like the characters in the last DLC pack.
                                    Poor effort R* not impressed.

                                    Oh and while im here, When are you going to fix the glitch in poker R* ?
                                    You know the one where when it comes to somebodys turn they glitch it so the timer dosnt appear and they can sit at the table not choosing any options atall, Forcing everyone in the game to leave and the cheater left to win the match playing against A.I.
                                    You must know the glitch im talking about R* because all the R* Developers are so active online why wouldnt you notice it.

                                    What else will this pack contain that your not telling us, mebey soften the Bolt Action Rifle and Harden the High Power Pistol again? Because we all love being spammed with the High Power Panic Pistol.

                                    This post will probably get deleted because im telling the truth, and rockstar wont want that atall but hey.
                                    • TrashCorpseXIIIon August 4 2011, 9:36amReplyFlag
                                      So why can't we get in most buildings now?
                                      Like the Beechers Hope house, Thats not glitching atall, Its smashing a window and jumping threw,
                                      It dosnt frustrate of ruin the game for anyone atall.
                                      But glitching making yourself invincible is okay?
                                      You guys havnt made an effort to fix that, You would think R* would be doing everything in there power to fix that glitch as soon as possible, But no....
                                      Insted they spend countless hours fixing the game so that we cant get inside some buildings.
                                      Good job R*,
                                      Because I totaly couldnt bare it for one more single second that somebody is in a bulding, oh no, whatever shall we do?
                                      I do like the fact how people have become Invincable tho, thats great! But aslong as people cant get inside buildings and cause no harm to anyone, then that makes the game bareable again!
                                      Thanks R* your the best!
                                      • scareface1970on August 3 2011, 5:52amReplyFlag
                                        Sorry guy's i told you that i had post my last comment here but i wanted to post one last comment.

                                        @ Sly49lol
                                        Dude you say that you have done 100% of the game and that there is nothing to do anymore
                                        Come on dude there is alot to do you have Hunting, Bounty's, Gang Hide Out's, Dueling, Poker, Black Jack and Liars Dice.
                                        So this are some of the thing's you can do in RDR after 100% clearing the game.
                                        And if you not want to play the singleplay you can always play the Multiplay mode where you can do alot of FUN things in RDR.

                                        And then R* gives us The Free Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack DLC thats Coming in September.

                                        So come on Dude YOU HAVE ALOT TO DO IN RDR

                                        THNX To ***Rockstar***

                                        I wanted to say this i go now to the new newswire's to post my comments.
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