Announcing L.A. Noire Downloadable Content Details

Posted on May 31 2011, 10:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Announcing the first details about upcoming downloadable content for L.A. Noire. Beginning today and continuing on through the summer months, several standalone cases, collectibles and challenges will be released via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, including all of the pre-order exclusive unlockable bonus content as well as a free downloadable weapon.

Starting today you'll be able to purchase the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass, a new way to pre-order and purchase DLC that gives players access to the upcoming downloadable content listed below for L.A. Noire, available for a limited-time discounted price of just $9.99 on PlayStation Network and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

Then, later this summer, look for two brand new DLC cases. The "Nicholson Electroplating" Arson case (coming June 21st) and the "Reefer Madness" Vice case (coming July 12th). Below is the full breakdown of L.A. Noire downloadable content pricing and release dates.
Stay tuned for more details and information on these L.A. Noire DLC cases in the weeks to come.

Now Available
* "Chicago Lightning" Detective Suit (Free via the Social Club)
* "Chicago Piano" Machine Gun (Free)
* L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass ($9.99 PSN / 800 MS Points until June 14th)
* "The Naked City" Vice Desk Case ($3.99 PSN / 320 MS Points)
* "A Slip of The Tongue" Traffic Desk Case ($3.99 PSN / 320 MS Points)
* The Badge Pursuit Challenge ($1.99 PSN / 160 MS Points)
* "The Broderick" Detective Suit ($0.99 PSN / 80 MS Points)
* "The Sharpshooter" Detective Suit ($0.99 PSN / 80 MS Points)

Available June 21st
* "Nicholson Electroplating" Arson Desk Case ($3.99 PSN / 320 MS Points)

Available July 12th
* "Reefer Madness" Vice Desk Case ($3.99 PSN / 320 MS Points)

  • son1106on November 27 2012, 6:21pmReplyFlag
    Question for everyone who has played l.a. noire i have had this game since may of 2011 i have completed every case that it gives you when u start playing i am wondering if there is anymore cases that is not given to you or hidden if it is can u please help me out
    • MaruPWRon October 17 2012, 2:41amReplyFlag
      Please... please... PLEASE make more games like L.A. Noire!!... that´s reaaaallly ROCKStar! :)
      • jupitermoonshineon May 17 2012, 12:58amReplyFlag
        Great game .Never get tired of it.
        • EdwardFlunky45on November 22 2011, 11:37amReplyFlag
          I Got This Game On PC And 360 I Played The Chicago Piano (Because It's Free XD). I Want To Buy This Other DLC'S I'll Look For MS Points And A Hard Drive Of Course!
          • santiago919on November 1 2011, 6:16pmReplyFlag
            dude u should make the badge pursuit challenge free
            • supertempzon October 21 2011, 2:21pmReplyFlag
              i think l.a noire was really taken into consideration at the process of making the game
              even the little things that rockstar think we will never notice have even been polished up!
              well done a fantastic game
              • scaryMaverickon October 18 2011, 8:31amReplyFlag
                fantastic game best one yet i'd say, fell in love with the game play straight away 10/10 play lets get more of what you are clearly great at, well done rockstar!!
                • jetthroGoldon October 6 2011, 3:29amReplyFlag
                  i love the fist fighting..more more of that ill buy prolly millions woild..more dlc containg fist fights would be a profit to you rockstar
                  • xDarkicexon September 23 2011, 1:37pmReplyFlag
                    MORE LA Noire DLC one of your best games yet.
                    • Garcatchon September 21 2011, 8:08pmReplyFlag
                      so whens the next case coming?
                      • Middleton92on September 18 2011, 3:39pmReplyFlag
                        @UnsafeOldmilk yes you do.
                        • JEEPFANNon August 1 2011, 11:37amReplyFlag
                          i don't care about being able to catch trams since i can ask anyone to jump out of their ride. if there are no more cases left to solve it doesn't matter anyway.
                          • R* Yon July 28 2011, 6:58pmReplyFlag
                            @aditpasaribu We understand where you’re coming from – all we can say is that we do try whenever possible to make sure that exclusive content eventually becomes available to all our fans at some point. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.
                            • 14970823on July 20 2011, 12:12amReplyFlag
                              will you get the dlc for free in the future once you get the rockstar pass and please make more dlc please
                              • UnsafeOldmilkon July 14 2011, 1:14amReplyFlag
                                Do you need the certain discs for the 360 to play the dlc cases
                                • Peter17coaston July 13 2011, 11:56amReplyFlag
                                  NOOOO more DLC for L.A. Noire. This is really disappointing for L.A. Noire. I was hoping they would go so far for L.A. Noire with DLC. I mean R* is till making Red Dead Redemption DLC and its been over a year since the game came out. I reallllly HOPE that make more DLC cases for L.A. Noire in the future!
                                  • neaka2010on June 28 2011, 4:54pmReplyFlag
                                    Why cant xbox get any exclusive stuff. Like mortal kombat get kartos, they get everything exclusive. That is not fair. I want exclusive stuff for xbox. And yes I am acting like a 3 year old.
                                    • frivolousmockeryon June 27 2011, 11:08amReplyFlag
                                      I'm going to be really dissapointed if there isn't more DLC in the future. :(
                                      • maryvmorganon June 26 2011, 3:56pmReplyFlag
                                        just bought the stragedy book for L.A.Noire say i can download the eguide for free For the dlc and collectibles but dont know where to find or how to
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