The Ballad of Gay Tony Exclusive Features: Music

Posted on October 21 2009, 3:23pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Earlier on the Rockstar Newswire, we hinted at some of the music you might be hearing on the soundtrack for The Ballad of Gay Tony

Today, we present a proper first selection of radio station previews including audio mixes – listen to the sounds of some new DJs that will be gracing the airwaves of Liberty City, as well as some returning old friends.  And look for more radio stations and mixes to be revealed in the next week leading up to the release of The Ballad of Gay Tony and Episodes from Liberty City.

Electrochoc welcomes its newest sound - brought to you by Crookers. The Italian born DJ/production duo bring their inimitable sounds direct from Milan to Liberty City.


DJ Karl returns to K109 The Studio with a new mix of club classics from the likes of Chic and Créme D'Cocoa.

DJ Paul brings the party from the UK all the way to the dance floor at Bahama Mamas. Proper tunes. Let's 'ave it, yeah?

Plus bonus radio station content available only on the Episodes from Liberty City disc, including:

Yes. Fernando is back. Spreading love throughout the airwaves via the best hits of the 1980's on Vice City FM.

Visit the Exclusive Features: Soundtrack page for tracklists of the songs you hear in the above previews and stay tuned for more to be updated very soon...

  • NeedlesKillson November 2 2009, 2:42pmReplyFlag
    Purchased GTA IV two days before I even purchased my console. I always buy GTA games the day of release. Why withhold content from those who bought the DLC? This is a big disappointment. Those who purchased the DLC of both episodes are getting less, for the same price as those who purchased the disc. If you, like myself, have purchased TLATD DLC already, then we need to buy another copy of TLATD to listen to Vice City FM in TBOGT?
    This will make me think twice about downloading content in the future!
    • 105774on November 1 2009, 10:42pmReplyFlag
      Oh dear Rockstar. You know how much we love Fernando but you dump on us downloaders. Rethink please.
      • Stallion74on November 1 2009, 4:51pmReplyFlag
        the gta music is AWESOME.
        gta2 ,Vice City, San andreas, Vice city stories, and GTA IV are my fabourites

        Please. Bring it on PS3 when the contract with Miscrosoft is over.
        dont forget us.
        We want gta. not agent, max payne, or red dead redemption.
        GTA ! GTA ! GTA ! THE BEST GAME. thats why Rockstar Games is famous
        • Stallion74on October 30 2009, 8:09pmReplyFlag
          mmmmm I always loved the music of Rockstar Games since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002.
          This new episode is like a mix of dance music, 70s, modern techno, 80s, reggae, etc... nice atmosphere.
          But I cant play it. Im a Ps3 owner. Thanks a lot
          • IRastaon October 28 2009, 5:02pmReplyFlag
            I am so AMPED for this new episode, that I'm taking the day off from work, buying some VikingFjord vodka, a phat bag of the finest Seattle skunks, & playing my way through the most fantastic GTA experiences ever imagined. I love Rockstar Games. You wonderful developers have earned a loyal fan for life. If anyone wants to join me and my crew NWD A.K.A. The NORTHWOOD Hoodsters in L.C. Free Mode, just message me & let me know:

            XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: IRasta
            • K-STYLEZon October 28 2009, 4:29pmReplyFlag
              the only reason why vice city radio is coming out on the disc is because they want more people to buy the disc and that's smart because they make more money. I really don't care about not having vice city radio at least i get the game earlier than everyone who's buying the disc. if you want the station just get 20 more dollars and stop whining
              • K-STYLEZon October 28 2009, 4:22pmReplyFlag
                cant wait to use transfender in the game ONLY 9 MORE HOURS!!!!!
                • RAMBO1stBL00Don October 25 2009, 9:27pmReplyFlag
                  Absolute p!sh Rockstar. I bought TLATD DLC & now I am penalised for stumping up in the first place. Not impressed at all. Vice City had the best soundtrack ever, & with days to go you tell us we are getting screwed out of what would have probably been the only station I would have listened to in GTAIV.
                  • REHJR1974on October 25 2009, 6:41pmReplyFlag
                    • SaroMan-NEW-YORKon October 24 2009, 6:01pmReplyFlag
                      and by the way (@ Future89) you can go f**k your self you f**king pusy if you whant to know what reguler people think, that gekks like you soud bother geting up of your asses for some things and plus that downloadbles soulda made a disc for the lost and damned to begin with becuse now its gona be weird haveing 2 gta iv`s one that got difrent set of vehicles than thy other one ! and why the flying f**k dont ya make gta for ps3 enymore? did f**king microsoft pay you not to? i want some god damn answers!..........but im still exited for the new game and if ya gona make a new gta for 2010-2012 let us know soon
                      • SaroMan-NEW-YORKon October 24 2009, 5:37pmReplyFlag
                        still no sign of new songs for the beat.......oh yeah dont forget to change the crapy song from (the journey,fustion and the jazz fm) just replace those stations with a anthoer radio station that plays like arabic , indian , russian music u know like a litle bit exotic types with some catchy tones to it.... if its not to late?
                        • HurricaneDawgon October 24 2009, 2:05pmReplyFlag
                          @ Future89

                          "You just stated that quote in a different way you dumbass. I don't see the problem here. I had no problem what so ever buying TLAD again. It's just 20 f*cking dollars more. If it's that much of a problem then people need to get the disc and be happy. If not then the complaining needs to stop cause downloaders at least get early access but somehow that's not good enough. It's not R*'s problem. It's the buyers. I made the right choice in buying the disc. People need to grow a set of balls and man up to their mistake in not getting the disc."

                          Very mature commentary. It's pretty funny that you call everyone else immature, yet you continue to bring nothing to the table except petty insults. By the way, my quote was not in a "different way". I'll say it again, because obviously one time isn't good enough for you: not everybody is as willing to throw away $20 to get something they already have. If you're willing to do it, that's alright, good for you... But stop pretending like it makes you a savvy consumer, or that it makes you anymore of a "loyal fan of R*".

                          I'm with WolfRogers here, replying to your comments is a waste of time. Obviously you just take things as they come without question, and there's no reason to talk to somebody who can't see both sides of a discussion.

                          To everyone else, enjoy the new game.
                          • streetrocker28on October 24 2009, 10:38amReplyFlag
                            Future89 says:
                            @ Junbug284

                            1st off, I don't swing that way so good for you for being gay. 2nd, I was getting the disc version to begin with cause I'm a loyal fan of R* since GTA 3 came out. I just like the physical copies of games more. It's not being a fanboy and I won't be admitting that it's a ripoff cause I haven't even bothered to play TLAD like that since I beat the story this past February. The multiplayer sucked ass and the loading times were horrible from the hard drive cause I had to play it with the GTA 4 disc so I didn't like it as much. I'll play the story more from the disc after next week. 3rd, I have to get the disc anyway cause I'm also getting Forza 3 on tuesday and the 2nd disc takes up 2 GB including 11 extra cars and 2 extra tracks when I pick up my copy. So, I'm a moron for making the right purchases??? The f*ck outta here and 4th, like I said, 20 extra bucks ain't hurting anything. I guess I understand the issue now. Mommy and daddy won't be giving the money to you kids or yall are too afraid to ask for more. It's pathetic. Congratulations for being my bitch.

                            Epic fail on your part. Good day kid!!!

                            LOL at first if your speed sucked you should go talk to (A) your internet provider (b) to the guys at microsoft or (c) pay your bills but if thats all ok you should talk to Rockstar because i life in Europe and there the internet connection is superb and i played lost and damned as well as a download and it played seaminlessly . 2nd as a replay to the sentence : (like I said, 20 extra bucks ain't hurting anything. I guess I understand the issue now. Mommy and daddy won't be giving the money to you kids or yall are too afraid to ask for more) Some peoply really work hard to get that kind money like sweating all day long for it not sittin in some fcking office for all fcking day pretending to be working or be unemployed(not a stab to all the office jobs guys but just making a little point ) So yeah to some people it really matters that extra twenty bucks and does rockstar cuts sometimes 20 bucks off their price ? No . with an attitude like that your gonna get yerself bankrupt sooner or later mate. And rockstar is doing grat things with DLC i agree on that but doing this to the loyal fans is just like cutting themselfs in the fingers
                            • streetrocker28on October 24 2009, 10:11amReplyFlag
                              Future89 says:

                              @ WolfRogers

                              I got TLAD on my hard drive as well from day 1 and still getting the disc version of both next week so what's your point??? And you can forget about getting a code to get the station cause it won't happen. Like I said, it's called marketing. I once felt the same way about Gears Of War 2. I bought it back in August then a week later a game of the year edition is announced including all the DLC then a week after that it's released and I was f*cked. I took the problem to Epic Game's website cause Gamestop couldn't do anything about it and nothing happened. Just take the 20 extra bucks and get the disc version. It's that simple

                              are you dumb ? or what and what has that to do with loyalty to gta and rockstar ? im there since the beginning of gta on Pc back in the days but even i'm not buying it the second time around on a disc i prefer downloading it because of my work and its not the fans its fault that they make a mistake by puttan an all out exclusive radio station for them who buy the disc you call that marketing i call that upsetting your fanbase and thats the reason in the first place rockstar ever got so big because of the fans .the world is wrong normally people who always support you should get the best stuff not the onse who always doubting to buy it there just casuals if they really wanted the disc all the way they should have worked on lost and damned en ballad of gay tony simoultanisly and released on disc the first day why i cannot understand why didn't . don't get me wrong i love gta but some of the things they doing makes no sense except for money reasons of course
                              • Robert8on October 23 2009, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                                What the hell why is the best station exclusive to the disc version? Man I got screwed over for downloading instead of getting the disc version.
                                • SaroMan-NEW-YORKon October 23 2009, 8:12amReplyFlag
                                  and if you guys make a set for ps3 tell us soon cuz im just gona buy a xbox360 for this game
                                  • SaroMan-NEW-YORKon October 23 2009, 8:09amReplyFlag
                                    put some new song to the clasic hip hop radio and the beat
                                    • gtaPaulyon October 23 2009, 12:22amReplyFlag
                                      Just play the game and SHUTUP
                                      • ST8_of_Mindon October 22 2009, 10:22pmReplyFlag
                                        • WolfRogerson October 22 2009, 8:11pmReplyFlag
                                          Dude, we just see this on a totally different level, Agree to Disagree with me instead of trying to belittle me, at least take the mature side on that instead of taking cheap shots at me because you think you're oh so better than everyone here, and again you bring up the money issue, money isn't a problem for me. Whatever, you think this is a good thing, I do not, I shall download The Ballad of Gay Tony and I won't be purchasing Episodes from Liberty City. The Lost and Damned has already made back nearly $40 Million of that $50 Million deal so money is not an issue there, this is just Rockstar pulling an Activison.

                                          Again, you're entitled to your opinion but I would appreciate it if you at least took the mature route and just agree to disagree with members here instead of taking cheap shots and acting superior, that is not mature, if anything you're looking like an elitist prick, no offense.
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