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Posted on May 20 2011, 9:42am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support

With the launch of L.A. Noire a very small number of Xbox 360 console owners have reported issues with the game freezing or locking up while playing.  We posted some troubleshooting tips on our support site for these very few people, a common practice for any game publisher.  Unfortunately this was erroneously picked up by some news outlets as a 'story,' reporting that L.A. Noire was causing issues to Xbox 360 consoles - which is categorically untrue.

L.A. Noire has not caused these issues to the Xbox 360 console or the PS3 console as previously addressed by us and Sony.   We are always committed to solving any problems people may have with our games and if you are experiencing any problems, please contact technical support below, including Xbox 360 or PS3 support for console issues that may be occurring:

Rockstar Support:
Rockstar Support on Twitter:

Xbox 360 Support:
Sony PlayStation Support:

  • R* Yon May 20 2011, 9:20pmReplyFlag
    We can assure you that these issues are very isolated and not at all related to the L.A. Noire game disc - any other issues please take to and they can help. Thanks all.
    • Sperkowitzon June 11 2011, 10:52pmReplyFlag
      I guess I am done gaming with a console. $60 plus for a game nowadays and you have to cross your finger they will work without some sort of patch a month or two down the road (PC games are cheaper and at least I can repair my own system if I know it is in fact a hardware problem). Now I'm being told that this is not the game's fault. I have had no problems with any other game. What a waste of money.
      • Mojo_Risenon May 30 2011, 1:24pmReplyFlag
        I have not had one problem with my copy of L.A. Noire. I am playing on a 360 Slim and left the system running while I was at work, came home and started playing and guess problems.
        • BehindGrnEyezon May 26 2011, 9:47pmReplyFlag
          amazing the 800+ comments on the support page (that was the first 4 days of release then the comments were closed) were all from customers that lie about the only game not working in there system being la noire. I for one love taking the time out to make up things and put it on the boards of what was one of my fav developers because it is fun. As much fun as all the people who tanked their systems by inserting la noire. Man I wish that happened to me because I would have been ecstatic then.
          You shouldn't write off your customers, we expect more from the gaming community but I guess for you guys, you are now super big and your #1 priority is your shareholders, forget all of us who threw away our money... it isn't your game it is the "game fairy" that went on and attacked all he bad lil boys and girls systems again only during LA Noire play!
          • 14376961on May 26 2011, 5:50pmReplyFlag
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            • Roboernstyon May 24 2011, 10:32pmReplyFlag
              hi rockstar
              i have the same problem...
              i ve installed disc 1 & 2 so that part 1 and 2 cant freezes again but disc 3 is *****.
              There arent any scratches or something on it. its new. And i cant install it... also he freezes every time...
              its so annoying ---> i cant finish the story.
              By the way the game is very great but with theese freezes its getting worse and worse!!!

              excuse me im german XD
              • RDR4theWinon May 23 2011, 7:50pmReplyFlag
                I did poorly on one of the cases. A 1 star. I beat the game and am trying to get 5 stars on all the cases, but at the one part my partner won't leave the interrogation scene. I've found all the clues and got all the questions right. It's not sooo urgent, because I have already beaten it, but it's annoying.

                P.S. The disk isn't scratched and I've cleaned it.
                • kamran_gameron May 23 2011, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                  Wow ! Rockstar Games Never Trouble their Fans. They Take Nice Actions on any Defectes of Games or Anything.
                  • olof8512on May 23 2011, 1:28amReplyFlag
                    this game sucks i want my money back
                    • BertimusPrimeon May 22 2011, 11:28amReplyFlag
                      Great game guys, really entertaining. The game has only froze on me once, I think its b/c the game couldn't handle what was going on on-screen. I was jamming through the streets, moving the camera in every direction. Then I pulled up fast to a hidden car location and BAM!!! It completely froze on me. I'm hoping it froze up b/c I'm a bad-ass gamer and not something internal. Either way R* needs to fix it. I now its not Microsoft b/c I have the new 360 slim.
                      • scareface1970on May 22 2011, 9:16amReplyFlag
                        I have a PS3 40 GB that is almost three years old i have never problems with it
                        and i play LA. Noire on my XB 360 and this one i have no problems on
                        My PS3 lies flat and my XB 360 stands put your consoles not to close by your tv set
                        and make sure you have enough ventilation en space around your consoles
                        that's what I do with my consoles I have never problems with it
                        It's not the fould of Rockstar and the game LA. Noire

                        DO THIS AND YOU HAVE FUN GAMING

                        THNX R* for LA. Noire
                        • AlphaEurioon May 21 2011, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                          Oh yeah. My PS3 is only 6 months old, and it's still jacking up. But.....My 360 plays it fine. And on the PS3, it keeps saying the firmware needs to be update, which I had already done. So something ain't right. Look again Rockstar. Love the game, by the way.
                          • AlphaEurioon May 21 2011, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                            Yeah, my PS3 version won't even play. Got about 10 minutes of play time out of it. So I had to go buy a copy for the 360. What gives? Hard to believe EVERYONE is having the same troubles, but it's not the game doing it.
                            • TSancoon May 21 2011, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                              My system started shutting off after about 4 hours. I was on my 3rd traffic case and really loving this amazing game but now I can't even make it to a checkpoint without the system shutting off. All my other games work fine. There has to be something going on.
                              • mastersokion May 21 2011, 11:35amReplyFlag
                                Tried getting ahold of EVERY support department, including LEGAL, and all I got were automated responses telling me to talk to Sony. Terrible "support" system that does nothing to help.
                                • neybohudbeatmanon May 21 2011, 10:32amReplyFlag
                                  overreported, maybe. But I know my PS3 worked fine since I got it and the only issue i had came after playing la noire. If it's a minor issue, how about I send you my PS3 with the YLOD and send me a new one and you can use mine as a tester, if you can get it to turn on. If not, I can just continue to use it as a paperweight since it has no other use to me!!!
                                  • Rudawg80on May 21 2011, 8:43amReplyFlag
                                    Hey, you guys have some nerve in essence calling all of us liars. I have been playing with this issue since I picked up my copy Tuesday. My most successful play (about 1.5 hours) was when I DL'ed the game to the hard drive and played with a fan blasting the 360. This problem is real, maybe isolated, but very, very real. I have been willing since the beginning to provide extremely detailed hardware specs, but if we're going to go the "nah, you're lying route" then you guys have a totally different fight on your hands.

                                    Incidentally, I've tried your troubleshooting, it does NOTHING. The only thing that helps is keeping your system cool. Also, I just finished playing Crysis 2 and Fallout 3 with all DLCs and was playing New Vegas a week ago, NO ISSUES on any of them (except the VERY occasional Fallout freeze, like once every 20 hours of gameplay, and Crysis 2 did throw me off the map once, but that's not the console, I know that).

                                    I'm not unreasonable, I just hate being called a liar. I know the difference between "typical console problems" and this.
                                    • raghavrockson May 21 2011, 7:30amReplyFlag
                                      hey rockstar,is this problem with both ntsc and pal format game or just one of these?
                                      • pboyle12on May 21 2011, 6:34amReplyFlag
                                        By accident, I left my xbox 360 with LA Noire running all ---ht long and when I got to it in the morning there was literally no problems at all, I could literally just pick up my controller and start playing again. Great game R*!
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