The L.A. Noire Official Soundtrack & Verve Remixed Albums Now Available for Download at the iTunes Store

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Two original L.A. Noire soundtrack albums available today via the iTunes Store. Left: L.A. Noire's Official Soundtrack, featuring selections from the game's orchestral score, and including original classically styled torch songs of the era. Right: L.A. Noire: Remixed, a six track EP of jazz standards from the genre's legends re-interpreted by some of today's most acclaimed DJs and producers.

L.A. Noire's pair of original soundtrack albums are now available for download via the iTunes Store.

The Official Soundtrack release features selections from the game's orchestral score as composed by Sade band member, Andrew Hale, and recorded in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios. In addition to lush instrumental arrangements like "Theme to L.A. Noire" the album includes original classically-styled torch song vocal recordings (that are heard in the game from the Blue Room’s Elsa Litchmann) as sung by Claudia Brucken and backed by Stephen Coates and The Real Tuesday Weld such as "(I Always Kill) The Things I Love". Additional music was composed for the score by Woody Jackson, who won multiple awards for his work with Bill Elm on the original score of Red Dead Redemption. The Official Soundtrack is now available via the iTunes Store for $9.99 or $0.99 per track (European iTunes users can get it here).

Also available is the L.A. Noire Verve Remixed Project EP - a special edition of Verve's popular Remixed series in honor of L.A. Noire. Six timeless jazz standards (original versions of which are heard in the game itself) from artists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lionel Hampton are re-imagined and remixed by some of today's most acclaimed producers like Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio), DJ Premier (of Gang Starr, and as heard on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack), and Truth & Soul (El Michels Affair, and as heard on the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars soundtrack). Download all six tracks from the Verve Records: L.A. Noire Remixed Project EP now via the iTunes Store for $4.99 or $0.99 per track (European iTunes link here).

You can check out for more information on both releases including audio previews from both titles.

L.A. Noire Soundtrack Update with New Info & Audio Including Stream of the Verve Remixed EP
Announcing L.A. Noire Soundtrack Releases: Offical OST & L.A. Noire: Remixed

  • 14284268on May 28 2011, 6:15pmReplyFlag
    The song I hear when I select the game dvd is a piano version of track 10, Temptation (Part 3) which is the driving music during one of the cases.
    • ILikeVideo-Gameson May 24 2011, 5:44amReplyFlag
      What's the song that plays when you hover over the L.A. Noire game icon in the PS3 XMB. It sounds so atmospheric and its not included in the soundtrack.
      • agentfordhamon May 24 2011, 4:51amReplyFlag
        It plays allot in side missions one in particular where you chase a guy out of a drug store and up onto a building under construction. It's on the Traffic desk
        • agentfordhamon May 23 2011, 9:24pmReplyFlag
          R* and anyone that knows

          Um, nope I don't think so the one I'm talking about is in allot of the trailers and was used at the end of the IGN guide put up today on Xbox Live, that song is good though, sorry to be picky but when I heard it on a trailer age ago I went crazy for it! Its got violins in it sorry thats all I got.
          • R* Aon May 23 2011, 1:09pmReplyFlag
            @agentfordham talking about this one here?

            • agentfordhamon May 23 2011, 4:19amReplyFlag

              Hey I looked on both these albums and couldn't find the "Chase" Music you know the ones with the all the violins that you play allot in the trailers and and allot in the actual game, the only time i can remember (I know its in the game allot just cant remember when) is when ***SPOILER ALER*** you are chasing "That guy" through the movie set at the end of the last traffic case. It sounds AWESOME and would REALLY like to at least know the name if not is it in the soundtrack or not?
              • FrickamPandaon May 22 2011, 1:28pmReplyFlag
                @R* If you do plan for a physical copy, I would love to see a special edition, with the Woody Jackson tracks included, and that Main Menu version of the game's "Main Theme". I notice that the main menu version has this subtle yet breathtaking violin section behind it, and it makes a huge difference. I would love to have that version released. Great job on the game as well-- masterfully put together.
                • ILikeVideo-Gameson May 21 2011, 8:28pmReplyFlag
                  Seems like there is a lot of demand for a physical copy. I'm sure Rockstar will probably release a physical copy soon.
                  • VBProjecton May 21 2011, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                    And again R*'s game soundtrack is awesome.
                    • R* Yon May 20 2011, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                      @Cathal1991 Redeem your soundtrack with your code here:

                      @aaron_gill02 Thanks for the links
                      • aaron_gill02on May 20 2011, 1:17pmReplyFlag

                        Both of these can be downloaded from Amazon UK & U.S. using any of the links I have attached below:




                        • Cathal1991on May 20 2011, 12:18pmReplyFlag
                          where do i get the soundtrack, i pre ordered the game and got a code for the OST but where do i enter the code? thanks in advance.
                          • R* Yon May 20 2011, 11:52amReplyFlag
                            @dirtjunkie Good to hear you're enjoying the music, & as for your question there are no plans for a physical release of the soundtrack or remixes
                            • dirtjunkieon May 20 2011, 11:37amReplyFlag
                              Guys will this get a retail release? Sorry if you've said already. It's just I'd rather drink my own piss than give apple any of my money. Loath is not strong enough.

                              Also, the main theme tune is just soooo good, love it!
                              • R* Yon May 20 2011, 9:42amReplyFlag
                                @aaron_gill02 Glad you like the soundtrack, hope you're enjoying the game
                                • aaron_gill02on May 20 2011, 4:08amReplyFlag
                                  Picked up both of these yesterday from amazon UK; for anyone wondering, it is an inspired soundtrack which perfectly compliments the moody, noire style of the game and the jazz entries from the period itself work wonders with music cues during cases and atmospheric tracks as you patrol the seedy streets of 1947 L.A.

                                  For anyone getting this game today, congratulations as you are sure to enjoy it! mine was delivered yesterday and I am taking my time playing only up until the traffic desk as I want to wait until DLC is available so I can play 'A Slip of the Tongue' before getting promoted.

                                  Congratulations Rockstar on this title and commendation goes to Andrew Hale & others on a top-notch soundtrack.
                                  • R* Yon May 19 2011, 7:24pmReplyFlag
                                    @Marlboro-rock @avi1998 @MLDCAproductions @ILikeVideo-Games @LEeHamM @LiamSca2k10 Thanks all
                                    • LiamSca2k10on May 19 2011, 7:05pmReplyFlag
                                      May 20th :L..The Date Ive Been Waiting For Since December 10th 2009 :) ...:L sadly i pre-ordered it im not sure if ill get it today..maybe monday :L..fingers crossed..great game :) hope the heatups of the game and silly reviews fade away, because i know for a fact this game has completely changed gaming forever, no matter what the outcome of it personally :) ...I hope the rest of ur games rockstar are going to be this detailed :) love l.a that today is the 20th may :)

                                      • LEeHamMon May 19 2011, 6:50pmReplyFlag
                                        Nice think ill have the OST not the remixes though. Picking the game up in bout 9 hours though i might be to hung over to play it lol like a true detective in 1947 then :P
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