"A New Era for Interactive Entertainment" - Latest L.A. Noire Previews from The New York Times, The Guardian and More

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With just about a week to go until the release of L.A. Noire, check out some of the latest previews to hit.

L.A. Noire graced the front page of this weekend's New York Times' Arts section with a feature-length preview detailing how the game recreates one of the most violent years in L.A.'s history as well as the MotionScan technology used to replicate actor's performances in game.

"It is steeped in gorgeous renderings of 1947 Los Angeles, from the exterior of Musso and Frank Grill and Grauman’s Chinese Theater to the 'Hollywoodland' sign up in the hills. Characters curse, smoke, drink, fight — the whole noir playbook, over moody jazz, in bright color by day and neon-flecked shadow after dark."

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/08/arts/video-games/la-noire-from-rock-star-games.html

While in the UK, The Guardian's Keith Stuart discusses the game's concept:

"What L.A. Noire represents is a new era for interactive entertainment. Over the past 30 years, games have been based around challenging the player's hand-eye co-ordination – the ability to react quickly with a controller. But in LA Noire, the main skill is emotional perception, being able to judge body language and facial "tells' – the little nervous tics that betray liars. These are the same skills we use in real life and that allow us to engage with characters in TV and movie dramas. Suddenly then, games are a universal medium."

Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/may/05/la-noire-video-gaming-noir

And finally, for an inside look at the research that went into recreating 1947 Los Angeles, check out this article from our friends at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, who provided L.A. Noire with fantastic reference material during the development of the game.

“The game designers digitally stitched together some 300 maps, creating a working template that captured the broad sprawl of the city, from the Sunset Strip to East L.A. and beyond. They then added dimension and detail with the aid of topographical information from the U.S. Geological Survey, aerial photographs from the era from UCLA’s Spence Air Photos collection, and thousands of period photos. The final result is a gritty, three-dimensional virtual city where gamers will be able to immerse themselves in a realistic world of noir.”

Link: http://huntingtonblogs.org/2011/05/mean-streets-of-los-angeles/

  • Jarek23on May 11 2011, 1:44pmReplyFlag
    Oops. Ignore my question, I should have read the previous comments before asking...
    • Jarek23on May 11 2011, 1:29pmReplyFlag
      Hey R*

      How will the PSN outage affect the pre order content and the extra PS3 exclusives? Will they be included on the disc or will they be have to be downloaded via the Playstation Store?

      • Jst_star86on May 11 2011, 12:08amReplyFlag
        R* please let me know, in the game where we can save ours game ?? thanz
        • R* Yon May 10 2011, 5:42amReplyFlag
          @ANDREWjkl @Neemzy @Yelsaeb @play86win @KidKrylonNewYork & others, thanks guys.

          @wyliemyster L.A. Noire is a very different game from our other titles, and it’s designed to be a crime thriller experience really making you feel like you’re a detective pursuing and solving cases. So you won’t be buying safehouses or getting drunk or going to the movies, but you will be tracking down hidden items and tackling unassigned street crime cases around the city which include things like chasing down a purse snatcher, thwarting a robbery in progress, talking a suicide jumper off a ledge and lots more, only one week to go!
          • Neemzyon May 10 2011, 2:01amReplyFlag
            R* and Team Bondi, I can already tell you guys are creating a tremendous video game and these reviews just confirm it. I've kept up with this game since the story and cover in Game Informer magazine and my hype for it has only gone up. I've looked forward to next Tuesday for nearly four months and it's so close, and yet so far. Thank you for putting in hours of grueling hard work and coming from a loyal fan, it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.
            • Yelsaebon May 9 2011, 11:27pmReplyFlag
              I'd just like to take a moment to thank Team Bondi and Rockstar for existing. Thank you. Thank you so very much.
              • DrKewlAidon May 9 2011, 11:07pmReplyFlag
                R* monitor youtube closely on the release for the US because im sure people will be posting walkthroughs which will spoil for EU customers, whether or not you have say just making you aware.
                • Jst_star86on May 9 2011, 10:54pmReplyFlag
                  I don't think this game will be 10 out off 10 like gta iv!! maybe only great like mafia 2
                  • wyliemysteron May 9 2011, 10:48pmReplyFlag
                    Dear Rockstar,


                    PLEASE LET ME KNOW
                    • andr3_6on May 9 2011, 8:56pmReplyFlag
                      You guys really deserve it!
                      Like Niko says " Good for you!"
                      hehe ;)
                      • KidKrylonNewYorkon May 9 2011, 8:22pmReplyFlag
                        Im wondering what will happen after a hard days work. Will you have a home to go to and save your game progress and change your clothes? Will there be stores and random places you can walk into around the city? Or maybe like a kool sporting range you can go into to practice your shots. So many questions in mind. I guess i'll to just wait another week to find out. Unless Rockstar want to be even more awsome than they already are and answer some of these *wink wink* hahaha! Thanks for all your amazing work.
                        • R* Yon May 9 2011, 7:14pmReplyFlag
                          @scareface1970 Thanks, keep in mind that we aren't allowing any game spoilers here on the Newswire comments, and we will be actively removing any that are posted so that everyone can equally experience the game firsthand.

                          Cheers all!
                          • scareface1970on May 9 2011, 7:08pmReplyFlag
                            One thing i hope that when the game is out in the USA before Europe that the gamers are not telling us europeans cleus or(spoilers) of the game LA. Noire.

                            ***Rockstar*** 1
                            • killlinyou78on May 9 2011, 6:41pmReplyFlag
                              Wow Rockstar you never cease to impress!!!!! I am lovin everything Rockstar and everything L.A. Noire, I do have a question, will there be some type of reputation that you can alter depending on your behavoir? Like as in being able to act like a bad cop or a good cop. Man I can not wait!!!! Just eight days to it's release, Can't wait to catch the bad guys and play my dlc. keep up the amazing work, people look at your games and say, wow how can we make it like them!
                              • Stadickon May 9 2011, 6:24pmReplyFlag
                                Will you be able to fly helicopters, planes, or even drive boats, etc..... maybe even a tank? dang thats pushing it I know but rockstar always seems to amaze me
                                • Stadickon May 9 2011, 6:17pmReplyFlag
                                  LA Noire will rock my socks off wooooooo
                                  • berlinmonkeyon May 9 2011, 6:16pmReplyFlag
                                    R* will famous people from the 40's be featured in L.A. Noire like actors, government officials, etc.?
                                    • R* Aon May 9 2011, 6:08pmReplyFlag
                                      @macca734 That is awesome to hear - and thank you

                                      @wolfpack121 You'll have a different partner for each crime desk you work, all as part of the game story

                                      @PowercomBADAZZ There are lots of actors in the game you may recognize from TV and films
                                      • macca734on May 9 2011, 5:30pmReplyFlag
                                        I loved the article about the historical mapping data. As someone who did this for a living to merge old paper-based systems with modern digital ones I know it must have been a real labour of love. Especially to go the next step and actually re-create the old Los Angeles. Brilliant stuff.
                                        • wolfpack121on May 9 2011, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                                          one last quastion R*, will your partner play a large role in the game?
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