Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare Xbox LIVE Official Social Club Multiplayer Event w/ Triple XP (May 6, 4-7 PM Eastern)

Posted on May 6 2011, 4:00pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The event has ended. Thanks to everyone that joined in – whether playing, watching the live stream, participating in the chat or entering the sweepstakes. We look forward to seeing all of you in future events.

It's time for an afternoon of Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare multiplayer with Triple XP on Friday May 6th from 4-7PM Eastern on Xbox LIVE.

A video stream, chat and sweepstakes will be happening during the event on the multiplayer events page, and 20 winners will receive a Rockstar prize pack consisting of a L.A. Noire t-shirt, a Red Dead t-shirt and assorted stickers.

Notice: Two events on PlayStation Network were recently re-scheduled to take place this week had the service come back online worldwide and been tested and stable. We decided to swap out events on the events calendar due to the extended PSN downtime. Those two on PSN are now down to happen on May 25th and 26th. Stay tuned for more info in the future.


  • RedDeadDev3
  • RedDeadDev4
  • RedDeadDev5
  • RedDeadDev6

Start up multiplayer from the main menu. This will place you into a Free Roam lobby. Invite at least one other person and form a posse. Then enter the game modes as we announce them in the chat.

Free Roam is the hub of your online experience. Supporting up to 16 players, Free Roam allows you to explore with your friends and enemies, take out the gangs of outlaws or launch into more structured gameplay using the markers placed around the world. We'll be forming posses and then heading into several game modes across all of the original multiplayer and the downloadable content during the evening.

To form a posse, press the 'Back' button and use the menu. This menu gives you several gameplay options and access to the list of players in your session.

To start the game, invite your friends, form a posse and find Rockstar, follow these steps:

1. From the main menu, press 'Start' and then enter 'Xbox LIVE Multiplayer' by pressing the 'X' (blue) button.

2. Once in a Free Roam lobby, press the 'Back' button to open the in-game multiplayer menu.

3. Press the 'RB' button and then the 'Y' (yellow) button to 'Invite Friends'. Invite at least one friend into your posse using the 'A' (green) button.

4. Once your friends are in the game, press the 'Y' (yellow) button again to return to the 'Players' menu and select them with the 'A' (green) button to 'Propose New Posse' or 'Send Posse Invite'.

5. Once you and your friends are ready to go, start up the game mode we're currently playing. This can be found in the chat as the event rolls along.

Remember it's best to be in a posse with at least one other person to play with Rockstar. And as stated, pay close attention to the chat to know what game mode we're currently playing.

Want more times to play with us? Follow Rockstar on Facebook and Twitter as we unleash surprise sessions of Triple XP on both PSN and XBL. We're online playing during these sessions.

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  • MF_Djeeebon June 17 2011, 4:57amReplyFlag
    Hey R* guys, i do appreciate this game, and i do thank you for the good times i have playin it.
    Only thing i have to tell bout it is that the 1.06 update ruined the undead overrun, making maps smaller, and sudden death cheap. How the hell can an update make things smaller and cheaper??? thats nonsense!
    And that's not the only things that ruined this game mode, zombies are spawning to slowly, we losing like 1min each waves waitin for them to come out the floor. Last thing, that makes me f***** angry, is that if you kill to many zumbies at the same time in sudden death, the game just bugs, and we're back to the xbox page. For example, It happened 4 times yesterday, for 8 overruns done...
    You guys have to refix all that!! PLEASE! Make the overrun back like it was before the 1.06Update!
    • Cambieon May 22 2011, 6:51pmReplyFlag
      Red Dead Redemption = One of my all time favorite games!
      • mortuus-lunaon May 22 2011, 2:30pmReplyFlag
        Hey rockstar, is there anyway you can give me my multiplayer level back please, i was 3 levels from the highest level possible but i had to delete my account because i didnt have the email adress to restart my account when psn came back, now i have it back so is there a way you can give me the level i was back?
        • aouameuron May 21 2011, 9:37pmReplyFlag
          PC user lichael jacksin said it :
          This Is It They Don't Care About Us
          • R0CK5T4R4LiF3on May 21 2011, 5:41amReplyFlag
            This time last year Rockstar i was eagerly awaiting the game to arrive at my house, the tension was mounting and I had been waiting forever to get my hands on it! and i have to say, after exactly 1 year of owning this game, it was truly worth it, thankyou Rockstar, probably the best game that was ver created.

            Now, it is the year of LA Noire, and I just hope that it lives up to high expectation too :)
            • 13452671on May 20 2011, 4:41pmReplyFlag
              When are we going to get double or prefabably triple XP points on RED DEAD again? Due to all this time not playing it ! I think we deserve a triple point ---ht!!!!

              Great Game!
              • emerson_bieon May 18 2011, 9:38pmReplyFlag
                Lets go R*!
                Release RDR for PC, on PC your games never die, because there are mods and many fans in all generations.

                Thank you!!!

                • lacThunderon May 18 2011, 1:10amReplyFlag
                  PC YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET RDR. Stop spamming rockstar if you want to play rdr then get some money and buy a ps3 or xbox 360 oh and when it says available now it means you can buy it for ps3 and xbox right now and if there is going to be a rdr2 and you get maybe you will shut up and if you dont then shut up anyway and get a job and buy ps3 or xbox
                  • Doughertyon May 17 2011, 9:56pmReplyFlag

                    they have answered that time again your just being desperate now.
                    • Darknitepulseon May 17 2011, 11:57amReplyFlag
                      Rockstar can you please tell me are there any plans to release rdr pc in the future.if currently no plans will it change in future and will you let us know soon?
                      • xXRockstarFANon May 17 2011, 11:11amReplyFlag
                        1. Rockstar is not Finished with RDR
                        2. Why those it say "Now Available for XboX360 and PS3" it says now but later it might change.
                        3. IF there will be RDR2 it might come out for PC
                        4. RDR is the best and if you not going to make it for PC people gone hack it!
                        • botskiller16on May 17 2011, 10:46amReplyFlag
                          Stop spamming PC! Never will be released for PC platform! -.-
                          • lacThunderon May 16 2011, 10:59pmReplyFlag
                            This is all i hear pc wants rdr i just have one thing to say you are not going to get it rockstar
                            is done with rdr and now working on a new game so they are not going to stop what they are doing right now to make rdr for pc sorry but just deal with it.

                            • aouameuron May 16 2011, 7:04pmReplyFlag
                              red dead is like an beautiful girl like angel you can see it from far and you cant be with her in closet or touch it or even talk with
                              this is red dead for us pc users really really its unfair and heart breaking for us but what i can do nothing just write maybe they do a plant soon as possible
                              • Triggern0metry1on May 16 2011, 3:49pmReplyFlag
                                @R*, Is there anyway to get that special red dead redemption xbox 360.
                                • emerson_bieon May 16 2011, 3:09pmReplyFlag
                                  LA Noire recieved only 8,5 in a IGN review!
                                  If this game be released for PC, it can reach a 10 and the RDR too! R*, think about this!
                                  • xXRockstarFANon May 16 2011, 2:20amReplyFlag
                                    then why it says: NOW available for XboX360 and PS3. The Point I'm making it says "Now" But later it might changed ;)
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