Pop-Up Edition Video of L.A. Noire Official Trailer 3: Additional Insights & Info

Posted on April 26 2011, 2:30pm | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Games

Today, we present the Pop-Up Edition of our most recently released official trailer for L.A. Noire - providing additional info and insights into the game and the world of 1947 Los Angeles that inspired the Vice crimes you'll face.

Among them:

  • You may have read about the Vice desk case, "The Set Up" - in which Phelps and his partner Roy Earle investigate the disappearance of a boxer following a fixed fight that's left a few crooked gamblers and mob types a bit miffed. Fixed boxing match scandals were a current affair back in '47 - most famously with this incident, in which both Frank Sinatra and 'Raging Bull' Jake Lamotta were alleged to be mixed up with a mob scheme.
  • Syrettes are found at the scene when Phelps and Earle investigate the apparent overdose of two junkie musicians in a squalid apartment. Syrettes were notably used for administering morphine to wounded soldiers during World War II, and in the post-war years many veterans tragically wound up addicted consumers of black-market dope to fill their fix.
  • The 1940s saw rampant accusations of LAPD corruption - something that was blown wide open by ex-LAPD Vice Squad officer Sgt. Charles Stoker's expose Thicker'n Thieves, published in 1951.

Watch the video for lots more and also check out the YouTube Annotated Version at our Official Rockstar Games YouTube Channel.

Watch the First L.A. Noire Pop-Up Trailer

  • aouameuron April 29 2011, 3:58amReplyFlag
    R* must lead pc user or gaming pc really die
    you must give us a franchise guys and i prefer red dead or if not at least la noir
    i hope you lead or maybe i go buy my pc or video card and buy it in crappy console
    • R* Yon April 28 2011, 3:38pmReplyFlag
      @ClemStark See the new article we've just put up today, it covers some of the things you were asking about:
      • ClemStarkon April 27 2011, 3:32pmReplyFlag

        I don't think that LA Noire will have multiplayer, I was just throwing it out, but the XP thing is still odd. Will the game have a leveling up feature that somehow conducts when you get a promotion? Only other conclusion is some sort of multiplayer.
        • Nitrobaton April 27 2011, 3:21pmReplyFlag
          To answer some peoples questions, there is no desk after Arson, Arson is the last desk. And Narcotics are included in the Vice desk
          • Grizzly_Stormon April 27 2011, 2:42pmReplyFlag

            LA Noire has no multiplayer this has been stated over and over...
            • ClemStarkon April 27 2011, 1:35pmReplyFlag
              Anyone else notice that on the gamestop police badge pursuit thing it says that a reward is "additional XP"? Multiplayer anyone?
              • GTA_Randomon April 27 2011, 11:36amReplyFlag
                Less than a month left till this masterpiece is released to stores. Can't wait to buy it...
                • TheGomAsson April 27 2011, 11:27amReplyFlag

                  Tjenare ! Vet du om man simma på L.A Noire. Detta spelet kommer bli för jävla grymt!
                  Hur länge har du längtat efter spelet?
                  Jag har väntat på L.A Noire i sedan den första trailern kom :D
                  Ha en fortsatt härlig vecka! :D :D
                  • R* Yon April 27 2011, 10:46amReplyFlag
                    @agentfordham Check out the Downloads section for all of our desktops:

                    @MaziarDana Send us a message through Mouthoff, and we'll do our best to help out:

                    @ericsodhi Please don't use the comments area to spam messages.
                    • MaziarDanaon April 27 2011, 10:31amReplyFlag
                      http://www.up.iranblog.com/images/laleypot6g8icpnj6s8i.gif I Make It ... Just 4 L.A Noire And R* ... :X
                      • ericsodhion April 27 2011, 10:24amReplyFlag
                        I live in India where xbox 360 is of $650 so i can't afford it that is why i commented about pc so many times so that i come to notice of rockstar games
                        • sadrakilleron April 27 2011, 9:37amReplyFlag
                          ای راکستارا!پیلیز دیس بازی را کن فور پی سی!تنکیوتشکرانیا
                          • ImperialOfficeron April 27 2011, 8:05amReplyFlag
                            Hi R* I've got a question. After which desk is Arson desk?
                            • yousif300on April 27 2011, 8:02amReplyFlag
                              مشكووور على الفيديو روكستار
                              • popo93390on April 27 2011, 7:34amReplyFlag
                                Meant to say is there going to BE shops ... Sorry.
                                • popo93390on April 27 2011, 7:27amReplyFlag
                                  I'm really disapointed of one thing on this game. The fact that the only point we can see on radar are the mission points. So my question is simple rockstar answer by yes or no : Is there going to by shops ( for example costume shops ) Thanks for you upcoming answer. You ROCK !
                                  • SlupekPLon April 27 2011, 6:58amReplyFlag
                                    I have a question about vehicles.

                                    Do cars have been destroyed? You can destroy them?
                                    • S.W.A.T_FMon April 27 2011, 5:58amReplyFlag
                                      الآزار دارید مگر ؟ یا برادر آر یو دیوانتک ؟
                                      وات چرا بازی رو برا پیسی منتشر لانا ؟
                                      الهی خدا لعنتک
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