Announcing the Grand Prize Winner of the Los Angeles Noire Weekend Sweepstakes

Posted on April 11 2011, 10:30am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Big congratulations to Marty Weishaupt from Alberta, Canada aka Social Club member "shmart", on being the Grand Prize winner of the L.A. Noire Los Angeles Noire Weekend Sweepstakes. Marty and a guest will join us this weekend in LA, having won:

There's also ten runner-up entrants that are getting hooked up as we speak with a copy of the Criterion Collection DVD release of the 1948 film noir classic "The Naked City" along with an official L.A. Noire t-shirt.

Cheers to all who entered and stay tuned for future Social Club contests and opportunities to win.

The Los Angeles Noire Weekend Sweepstakes

  • R* Yon May 9 2011, 4:35pmReplyFlag
    Thanks all, only one week to go until the game releases, for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
    • km-2dgjon April 26 2011, 7:42amReplyFlag
      la noire looks perfect
      • skinny.spriggson April 25 2011, 3:15pmReplyFlag
        Just pre-ordered L.A NOIRE from blockbuster can not wait to pick it up and take it home and play it. And i suggest you pre-order it every one it has a 100% chance of being sold out all over the country on the day it comes out. And goodluck Rockstar on your profits and business and im looking forward to more games you will be creating.

        Yours sincerly

        Ben spriggs
        • zulitoon April 25 2011, 2:26pmReplyFlag
          Rckstar games rocks!!
          • jpsprettion April 25 2011, 11:01amReplyFlag
            Would like to congratulate you for the beautiful look of the game LA Noire. I and many of my friends and players from Xbox 360, Ps3 want to know if the game will contain subtitles in Portuguese (Brazil)

            • jairo1994realon April 25 2011, 8:49amReplyFlag
              • jairo1994realon April 25 2011, 8:47amReplyFlag
                muy bien
                • dwotmanon April 25 2011, 2:40amReplyFlag
                  finlly a australian company with R*
                  • XBL_Crafteeon April 24 2011, 10:13pmReplyFlag
                    • The_NDudeon April 24 2011, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                      Will we be able to explore in L.A. NOIR? Wouldn't be a R* game without it.
                      • seanm16on April 23 2011, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                        does anyone one know if rockstar have any plans to bring a new alternate to RED DEAD REDEMPTION??? anything better than that stupid zombie! one??????? /seanm16
                        • seanm16on April 23 2011, 6:20pmReplyFlag
                          does anyone know if rockstar is planning to bring a new alternate ending to red dead redempion,? other than that stupid zombie one. /seanm16
                          • Bruno1999Colaon April 23 2011, 5:46pmReplyFlag
                            • R* Yon April 23 2011, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                              Thanks guys, we've posted a proper recap of the weekend here:

                              @Kratier Be sure to sign up for the Rockstar mailing list to get alerts in the future:
                              • Kratieron April 23 2011, 5:42amReplyFlag
                                i was a member was never notified this was going down, i would have signed up :(
                                • hulkrockon April 22 2011, 10:17amReplyFlag
                                  Congrats to those who won.
                                  • Presidentgameron April 22 2011, 10:05amReplyFlag
                                    L.A Noire is going to be the best in its on kind. Thanks RockStar and Team Bondi
                                    • TuffBwoion April 22 2011, 8:21amReplyFlag
                                      Hily sh*t, this is a movie??...
                                      • jetjetjetjetjeton April 22 2011, 6:12amReplyFlag
                                        when will it be released in Asia?
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