Rockstar Game Tips by Request: Five Finger Fillet, Sharpshooter Rank 10, Bounty Hunting, Horseshoes and Knifin' Cougars (Red Dead Redemption)

Posted on April 4 2011, 3:40pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games
John Marston tries his hand at Five Finger Fillet, one of many tasks needed to achieve 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption.
Following one of our previous Rockstar Game Tips posts that covered five frequently asked Red Dead Redemption questions, we've gotten a bunch more that are all about making your way to the elite status of attaining 100% completion. We're happy to help and share with you all some tips straight from our inside experts. Remember that you can track your completion progress dynamically on the Rockstar Games Social Club when linking your console account.

"Well, there is a challenge I haven't been able to do yet, because I don't know how I can do this. I'm talking about the ´sharpshooter rank 10´ challenge. I'm very desperate!" - emmi18176860

For Sharpshooter Rank 10, you're tasked with disarming any six enemies without reloading or changing weapons. One of the more popular methods for this has been to go into a saloon at night, like the one in Armadillo or Thieves' Landing. Get behind cover, equip the Mauser Pistol (bought at the gunsmith on the east side of Blackwater) and aim at someone to get the whole room to draw their weapons. Enter Dead Eye, mark your shots on several guns and fire away.
Entering and leaving Dead Eye will reload your weapons without technically reloading them, allowing you to complete this one with relative ease.

"All I need to do is complete a five finger fillet game to attain 100% but its almost impossible ... what do i do???" - received via Twitter
Head for Torquemada, located high above ground level in Mexico. A nearby hill will lead you to the top. You'll have to defeat four players, each of them requiring you to go through longer Five Finger Fillet sequences than the previous person. While practice is the obvious key here, one of the best methods for controller handling may not be. If you're right-handed, try holding the controller with your left hand and using the index finger on your right hand to press the button combinations. Do this in reverse if you're left-handed.
You'll likely lose some money early on when trying to complete this to get one of the Reyes' Rebels Outfit scraps, so bet low.
"How do you make wanted posters appear? i got only 13/20. Do they appear in specific towns and times of day? #RDR" - received via Twitter
Once you've advanced pretty far into the game, unlocking the last region West Elizabeth, you may notice on the Social Club 100% tracking page that you still have some bounty hunting to do. This may confuse you when you see that there's no sign of wanted posters on your map, represented by a skull icon. In order to get one to show up, visit Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, El Presidio, Escalera, MacFarlane's Ranch, Manzanita Post and/or Rathskeller Fork during the daytime. It may take a few seconds after entering the town to get one to appear.
Remember that your progress in bounty stats counting toward 100% completion is based on bounty locations, not bounty targets. So even if you’re seeing question marks on posters or get a bounty name you know you’ve already done, that bounty can still be one you’re missing if it’s a location you haven’t done yet.

"I suck at playing horseshoes #reddeadredemption" - received via Twitter
It takes a big man to admit his weaknesses - but this is one you can easily self-improve on. As with Five Finger Fillet, playing Horseshoes is all about practice and getting a feel for how the game is supposed to be won. Head to MacFarlane's Ranch, the place you need to conquer this mini-game in order to get a scrap of the Bollard Twins Outfit as you work toward 100%. Here are some tips:
  • When swinging your arm, get a good, smooth rhythm before releasing. You don't want to throw too short or too far.
  • The in-game camera may re-aim your horizontal direction between throws. Be sure to correct it if it looks to be a bit off.
  • Don't skip a turn. Chances are that the other player will do worse if you watch him throw, rather than if you skipped it altogether.

Horseshoes has been fine-tuned to be a challenging mini-game that's going to require concentration and plenty of practice. And remember that luck is certainly involved in every toss...

"Killing cougars with a knife is HARD!!! The process seems to be roll, slash, die, repeat. Any tips, @RockstarGames? #RedDeadRedemption" - received via Twitter
The Master Hunter Rank 5 challenge is best done in the hills north of MacFarlane's Ranch or in the open plains surrounding Fort Mercer. Before you head there, go to the local doctor in a nearby town such as Armadillo and buy plenty of Medicine. You can carry five unless you have the Treasure Hunter Satchel, only obtained after finding every treasure, which allows you to carry 10.
Ride around on your horse until you find a cougar, usually visible or audible when riding around. Try putting down some Bait if you don't see one. When you find one, shoot it once anywhere but the head to injure it. Get off your horse and equip your hunting knife. Roll out of the way and try to turn around in time to stab. Use Medicine if it mauls you. After you get one, you can choose to go after another one if you still have a good amount of Medicine, or if not it's a good idea to save your game and then return to the area.

Most definitely keep the tips requests coming - we'll be happy to oblige in future installments here at the Newswire.

  • Skeletty1710on May 22 2011, 5:29pmReplyFlag
    ROCKSTAR pls make Team Bondi create a pc version of L.A. Noire
    since gta eflc there were no freeroaming sandbox games come out for pc- now the pc players are disappointed about your plans. Please reconsider
    • Kooga69on April 28 2011, 5:05amReplyFlag
      from Japan to RSG
      どうかよろしくお願いします。 英語で書けなくてすいません
      • testnindes1on April 16 2011, 11:07amReplyFlag
        These tips are always amazing.
        • Dante1972on April 16 2011, 8:05amReplyFlag
          Just a quick question concerning killing cougers with dynamite. Is it me, or do they just seem to not react to bait? I try and lay down some bait and I get Noah's Ark - everything but cougers :-)
          • R* Yon April 10 2011, 12:35pmReplyFlag
            @johnmarston1080 Try staying on your horse, you should be able to find some that way, the horse gives you extra safety from animals on the ground, there are no plans to release a title update to change that.
            • R* Yon April 9 2011, 2:18pmReplyFlag
              @GTAMASTER_08 We received your e-mail via Mouthoff on Thursday, feel free to hit us up again in the future.
              • GTAMASTER_08on April 7 2011, 9:25pmReplyFlag
                @ R* how come every time I unlock an achievement and stuff on GTA 4, Episodes From Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption they don't show up on my Social Club profile ? and it does this with my GTAIV and EFLC on PC as well but on the 360 it works fine ? I did add my PSN and my games for windows live account name to my account as well. I just dont get it. Can you guys help fix this issue ?
                • R* Aon April 7 2011, 11:38amReplyFlag
                  @RCbobo Soon! Should be this month - stay tuned for an announcement

                  @DeafAtheist @LazerShark @9416437 Nice tips!

                  @emmi18176860 Can you email us at if you haven't already - someone from Social Club should be able to help troubleshoot. Cheers!

                  @scareface1970 Sorry you're still having trouble bud - we haven't seen an email from you come in at but we'll reach out to you via email for more info to help
                  • scareface1970on April 7 2011, 9:22amReplyFlag
                    Sorry for the of topic

                    I still can't post by L.A. Noire's Achievements & Trophies: List & Screenshots i can't post anything by the LA. Noire newswire iI've sent you an email but have received no response from you.

                    I can post a message here

                    but i wanted to say that i'am curious to the new video from LA. Noire
                    • SuperSovieton April 7 2011, 2:38amReplyFlag
                      If anyone is trying to get the "Kingpin" Trophy on PSN, add SuperSoviet
                      • Darkon_Xon April 6 2011, 8:01pmReplyFlag
                        R*: Why no Zombies in free roam?

                        It would've been sweet gunning massive amounts of undead with your posse in free roam?

                        Is there a possibility you guys can add this feature?

                        • aouameuron April 6 2011, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                          i play it in xbox 360 but after my friend and others wanna download it p2p for free i ask them to buy it but doesn't work the p2p big issues for console but my family he wanna to download it i said no take my legit version and play better than you play it hacked i hate this
                          but he said to me i cant put 70 euro for a console crappy version aliasing with blur with pad and only type of pad with clipping and low fps without head phones and mouse and some stuff he said with my new card and fastest pc win7 all add ons better experience ever and with my laptop too any place i wanna in beach las Vegas ...
                          i said to him stop please you right but wait for rockstars to fix this . if not people continue hack the game any way so do something for pc community its a racism behavior
                          • XxMr.HidexXon April 6 2011, 2:56pmReplyFlag
                            @ R*
                            There are some multiplayer-characters which have bugs with their holsters. Please fix them.
                            Hank Sutter, Fernando Naranjo, David Darwinson ...
                            • Darknitepulseon April 6 2011, 10:03amReplyFlag
                              WHO IS THE PR OF ROCKSTAR?
                              • grendal123456on April 6 2011, 4:07amReplyFlag
                                PS version when there already is. The shift is?
                                • DeafAtheiston April 5 2011, 11:28pmReplyFlag
                                  The last opponent for 5 finger fillet was challenging for me as well. After a few tries I got a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote down the button sequence on the paper then tried again against the dude and instead of looking at the TV I looked at the sequence I wrote on the paper and pressed each button according to that sequence and got it I think in 2 or 3 tries after that.
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