Watch the New L.A. Noire "A Slip of the Tongue" Traffic Desk Preorder Bonus Case Video

Posted on March 31 2011, 3:01pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Check out an all-new L.A. Noire video featuring the Traffic desk case "A Slip of the Tongue" (available as a pre-order and launch exclusive bonus through Walmart in the U.S. and Canada, and as a pre-order exclusive bonus through Play in the UK - and to be made available after game release as DLC).
In "A Slip of the Tongue", a seemingly run-of-the-mill car theft ends up sparking an explosive investigation into the largest auto fraud racket the city has ever seen. 

See the first glimpse of this case in action above and in high definition at

Watch the All-New L.A. Noire Video for "The Naked City" Pre-Order Exclusive Vice Desk Case
Presenting Pre-Order Exclusive Unlockable Bonus Content when You Pre-Order L.A. Noire: Cases, Challenges, Suits & More

  • GiggleCreamon April 4 2011, 3:19pmReplyFlag
    @ DeafAtheist

    Most definitely proved yourself a worth opponent, as for writing any more on this 'topic' I however cannot be foocked in the slightest, so just shup fool!
    • gtaPaulyon April 4 2011, 5:16amReplyFlag
      wow....look at some of these posts, chill out people and enjoy a fine rockstar game RELAX
      • R* Yon April 3 2011, 8:40amReplyFlag
        @nash4m Ha - glad you're enjoying the videos, be sure to check them all out here:
        • VinewoodTittieson April 1 2011, 11:04pmReplyFlag
          Why are people typing stories in the comments? Come on now!
          • Nem_Wanon April 1 2011, 8:04pmReplyFlag
            I wonder if the words "grand theft auto" are spoken during the Traffic Desk missions.
            • nikobelic250000on April 1 2011, 4:44pmReplyFlag
              @R* Y @SUBLIMEtimothy
              R* I Know about the Technology im just saying that he looks like Aaron Staton
              Unless that is actually Aaron Staton But I know the Second Picture is not im just saying its just amazing how people can have twins and not relay be related thats all im saying
              • DeafAtheiston April 1 2011, 3:08pmReplyFlag

                Rarely would we pay that much for only 5 small missions especially with Rockstar. Rockstar's DLC is usually pretty content heavy for the price we pay for it... look at Undead ---htmare Pack for RDR, or TBoGT and TLaD for GTA4. For all the content we got from those DLC packs Rockstar probably could have gotten away with charging more for them.

                Naturally free content a gaming company provides isn't going to be content-heavy nor should it be expected to be. As nice as it would be to get DLC the size of TBoGT for free it's an unrealistic expectation. The fact that a company gives away ANYTHING for free should be considered a bonus rather than an expectation.

                Why would Rockstar or any other game company fight Microsoft or Sony on their content policies? Just like game developers Microsoft and Sony are also businesses and it's the nature of business to follow the policies of another business that you do business with. With Red Dead Rockstar had a 3rd free DLC pack planned but due to Microsoft content policies they were unable to release it for free so instead they added it to another DLC pack without raising the price. The end result was a fairly content-heavy DLC pack for only 800 Microsoft Points. That may not be as good as getting it for free would have been but they didn't have to do that. They could have just decided to put a price tag on it and distribute it separately.

                Sure Rockstar doesn't have to do pre-order bonus deals with retailers, but at the same time retailers don't have to stock or sell Rockstar's merchandise. It's a mutual back scratching. Retailers agree to sell Rockstar's products and Rockstar agrees to provide them with pre-order bonus content. It's a win-win situation for both Rockstar and the retailers... and also for those who pre-order games by giving them a little extra stuff in advance for free that everyone else will have to pay more for later.

                Your comparison of DLC to a computer hard drive is unrealistic. A computer would not work without the hard drive. When you buy a video game you get a full game on the disc and it's playable. However there are some hard drives that are sold separately from monitors and keyboards. Not every computer company packages them all together and sells a complete computer package.

                I don't buy additional copies of a game for a piece of clothing attire. I may do it for extra missions. For example I was originally planning to pre-order LA Noire from Gamestop and also buy a copy from Walmart at launch so I could get both pre-order missions. I didn't give a crap about the outfits in's bonus. But I have since changed my mind since Rockstar has confirmed that they will release all the content later as DLC. So now I'm just pre-ordering from Gamestop.

                You're not paying more for the original game dude. You're paying for extra content. No one is required to buy the extra content. Sure you're right not having it can put you at a disadvantage in multiplayer gaming. I rented a copy of Split Second and every time one of the DLC tracks was played on I had to sit out in the lobby until the next game. It sucks but that's how it goes. You can't be expected to be a part of something you didn't pay to be a part of. Everyone else that is playing on that content paid for it so if you want to play it then you'll have to pay like everyone else did. It doesn't detract from the original content you paid for. You can still play on all the maps and game modes provided on the original disc you bought.
                • -ssp92-on April 1 2011, 12:27pmReplyFlag
                  Don't buy the pre-order DLCs. This should have been on the disc. Come on Bondi!
                  • nash4mon April 1 2011, 10:04amReplyFlag
                    Definitely day one buy.
                    R* every trailer you release makes me want to have a time machine and make May 17 come now
                    • GiggleCreamon April 1 2011, 9:30amReplyFlag
                      @ PureLionHeart

                      You sir, are spot on the money!
                      • PureLionHearton April 1 2011, 8:46amReplyFlag
                        ITT: Idealist complains about a marketing concept years too late, culminating in delusions of grandeur as he tries to open the eyes of those he deems naive and foolishly believes one person can make a difference.
                        • GiggleCreamon April 1 2011, 8:08amReplyFlag
                          @ CaptainSam101
                          You, sir, are wrong I am indeed not that guy on the street, but simply the voice of the truth reaching out to people, from my computer, I am also not being ignored.

                          @ DeafAtheist

                          I can see that the corporate fat cats have already got to your mind, your eating up every word they say!
                          So you think its right that we pay 1600 Microsoft points for about 5 missions, then do the same for another 2, 3 or 4 DLC's, but oh would you look at that HOW 'nice' of them to bring out some free content which lasts about as long as my last poo (20 minutes) .

                          Yeah go ahead and just put the blame on Microsoft for not 'allowing' more free content, I bet Rockstar was up in arms, battling against the tyrant that is Microsoft, in order to get that free content to its fans. No they just sat back and let it happen. Don't even go blaming Amazon or for this, they're just trying to get extra business threw these methods, Rockstar don't have to do these deals, but they do!

                          Its more like going to buy a computer for say £400 and they take your hard rive out and then say; oh sorry that is going to cost you an extra £100 for it. Would you be stupid for complaining then? I think not !

                          Its people like you that keep the DLC business going, and buying more than one copy of a game just for a different clothing attire or one extra mission... You are really something.

                          The last paragraph of what you said I would have to agree with you on that part, Activision is most definitely the worst, charging you money for about 3 maps, one that was already used in a previous game. Then to make you suffer by not having the maps, for example when you join a game lobby and the game switches to the downloadable map it will then kick you from the game. Thats why I don't play they're flimsy attempts at a 'game'.

                          The point that I'm trying to say is not aimed directly against Rockstar, oh no. Its aimed at this huge money game that pretty much everyone in the gaming business for xbox and ps3 and doing, with they're DLC's.
                          I pay around £40 for a game which soon turns into about £60-70 JUST for one game, that's not even mentioning the others.
                          • nash4mon April 1 2011, 5:37amReplyFlag
                            • babylove53on April 1 2011, 4:59amReplyFlag
                              Ca y est c'est commandé sur avec ce dlc et la BO du jeu offerte avec les frais de port gratis.
                              Tous cela pour la modique somme de 50€.
                              Thanks R*
                              • BigBilldoon April 1 2011, 4:07amReplyFlag
                                What!?! You want me to pre-order at to different stores?? That's a cold greedy price to pay for your genuis Rockstar.
                                • DeafAtheiston April 1 2011, 3:57amReplyFlag

                                  I never said that DLC wasn't a marketing tactic. I'm quite aware of the fact that it is. Game companies are a business without our money they wouldn't be in business so yes they want our money but they also intend to please us with content we feel is worthy of spending our money on. Rockstar has also given away free content and would probably have given away more for free if not for Sony and Microsoft's restrictions on free content. You don't stay in business long by pissing off your customers.

                                  What I did say was that DLC isn't removed from games with the intention of getting more money out of customers. Either content is cut (same way scenes are cut from movies but added as extra stuff on on a bonus disc you usually have to pay a bit more for for the bonus content) because it didn't really fit with the flow of the story as intended. In the film and gaming company a lot of ideas look better on paper than they do in practice so content is cut but sometimes thrown in as DLC to give fans a reason to dust off copies of games they haven't played in awhile and play them again. Otherwise DLC is planned alongside the game itself as extra content but rarely is DLC ever intended to be part of the main story or included on the disc, but due to the fact that DLC is given as pre-order bonuses or released very shortly after the game itself is released whining players claim that they were robbed. It's whiners like that that ruin the whole experience. If you don't like paying extra for DLC I've got a brilliant idea for you... don't buy it.

                                  The only people who would buy multiple copies of a game from multiple retailers in order to get all of the pre-order bonuses is a diehard fan that just can't wait for content to be released by other means and are willing to fork over extra money to get it. I've done it a few times myself. Sure I wish every retailer provided the same pre-order content or none at all, but whining about it isn't at all productive.

                                  We'd all do better to remember that gaming companies don't exist to bow to our every whim and provide us with free stuff. They are nothing more or less than a business providing a product that their target audience would desire to purchase. To claim that game companies take content out of a game just to screw us over and get more money out of us is like going to a car dealership and complaining that fully loaded vehicle costs more than one with standard equipment and complaining to the dealership that you got screwed cuz they took the power windows out of your standard model just so they could screw you over by making you pay more for the fully loaded model. It makes the customer sound like a complete idiot. Treating the gaming industry the same way is equally pathetic.

                                  I have my own issues with corporate greed in the gaming industry like Activision getting a cut out of Xbox Live Gold membership fees because over 60% of the players on Xbox live are playing Call of Duty. I don't personally play that crap so why should I have to line Bobby Kotick's pockets for something I don't play? Or about Activision charging $15 for 5 COD maps which most of were recycled from earlier titles in the franchise. Stuff like that is worth fuming about but seeing gamers complain about pre-order bonuses and DLC in general is more pathetic than my 2 year old son complaining about what I feed him for supper.
                                  • R* Yon April 1 2011, 1:15amReplyFlag
                                    @SUBLIMEtimothy @nikobelic2500000 Yep, see here for more on the technology used in the creation of L.A. Noire, including some words from Aaron Staton:
                                    • The4orTy67on March 31 2011, 11:54pmReplyFlag
                                      The only DLC I paid for was GTA, hell it even wasn't a download, I bought EFLC on disc.
                                      I don't know what to think about L.A. Noire's Pre-Order bonuses, should I wait for the inevitable GOTY-Edition?
                                      • SUBLIMEtimothyon March 31 2011, 11:51pmReplyFlag

                                        The reason why Cole looks so similar to him is because... it's actually being played by that actor. Check the behind-the-scenes video of the technology. They literally use Aaron Staton's face for Cole's character.
                                        • CaptainSam101on March 31 2011, 11:29pmReplyFlag
                                          @ GiggleCream

                                          You're "that guy" standing on the sidewalk holding up a piece of cardboard that says "THE END IS NEAR," being ignored by everybody.

                                          @ That guy complaining about sliding across the seats

                                          I'm not sure if you forgot this, but this game takes place back in the 40's when cars had bench seats so it was much easier to just slide across the seat than to get out and walk around the car. People did this all the time, so it's not them being lazy.

                                          R* games have always been ahead of the curve, don't think LA Noire wil be any different.

                                          And if you're annoyed about the pre-order things, don't blame R*, blame Wal-mart, Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon. They pay R* to give them special pre-order exclusives. And those cases probably weren't taken from the game for the purpose of pre-orders, they were probably cut-content that they decided to put to use instead of waste, like in RDR. With RDR they had 3 pre-order possibilities, but only used one and released the other two about 8ish months later to everybody. And I imagine that the reason they don't show one long gameplay section is because if they did, they would spoil the case for anybody who watched it. It's also possible that they were planning on releasing all of the pre-order bonuses as DLCs later anyways, and might still do that too, like Mass Effect 2 did. Rockstar has always made amazing games and I'm sure LA Noire will be just as, if not more amazing. Don't forget there is still over a month until release, so they are probably tweaking the game and removing gliches.
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