Death from Above in Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer (Found on YouTube)

Posted on March 28 2011, 5:36pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games


A combination of luck, skill and some daring helicopter piloting led to some amazing pinball wizard style action where 4 dudes in a heli straight own some players down below in this entertaining Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer kill captured and posted on YouTube a couple weeks ago. Unorthodox - but damn if it didn't work.

Shout in the comments section if you've seen any other great recorded multiplayer moments of domination from GTAIV, Red Dead Redemption or any of our other games

GTA Car Sumo Fan Metagame (Found via YouTube / Twitter)
700 Hours in Liberty City (Found via Twitter)
Full Feature-Length Film Created with GTAIV: “The Trashmaster”
“Mastermind” – Excellent Fan-Made Original GTAIV Short Film (Found on YouTube)

  • ahetFINon April 30 2011, 4:24pmReplyFlag
    I think all those showdowns were good "multiplayer moments of domination" :)
    • shokk36on April 28 2011, 3:06pmReplyFlag
      but forgot to great video
      • shokk36on April 28 2011, 3:04pmReplyFlag
        Hi I'm from Russia I asked why GTA IV does not run on windows 7
        please tell me is there any way to solve the problem of realties
        P.S Sorry for the English
        + I still do not give money for a license
        • smgShotZzzon April 22 2011, 7:53amReplyFlag
          i dont know what you think about my videos....but i play gta now longer than 2 years.I play mostly the online mode called "Cops n Crooks" i maded some kill montages of it i post my best here.

          My 2 best videos.
          • R* Yon April 3 2011, 8:47amReplyFlag
            @FjrWizard Nice one, thanks.
            • hacker_2011on April 1 2011, 7:56pmReplyFlag
              hey rockstar i think all of your games are fantastic but im pretty sure that EVERYONE who is a true gta fan would love gta san andreas with gta IV graphics and better physics
              • Aegirssonon April 1 2011, 5:00amReplyFlag
                I agree GTA IV needs 3xp ! R*, please....
                • hell_raiser_604on March 31 2011, 7:39amReplyFlag
                  HOLYY CHRIST !!!
                  what a kill !!! lol XD
                  • Gleisneron March 31 2011, 2:48amReplyFlag
                    I guess most people already know 'bout this trick, but anyways. Just throw a molotov as high as possible straight forward, and then imediately run in the same direction and the effect will be as shown here:

                    • aaron_gill02on March 30 2011, 7:17amReplyFlag
                      @ rockstar, mrsellout:

                      couldn't agree more, I personally would love to see a 3x XP on GTA IV, any possibility you could comment on this Rockstars? I'd rather know that we will never get it than waiting in anticipation...

                      Looking forward to LA Noire ;-)

                      • R* Yon March 29 2011, 10:47amReplyFlag
                        @Bflame7 @SFX6669 Great stuff guys.

                        @-IITONYSOPRANOII @JustoDaDon Ha - nice.

                        @BanzaiHeil Thanks, contact us through so we can look into the issues for you.
                        • SFX6669on March 29 2011, 8:56amReplyFlag
                          Mega Mix for coming soon !




                          • BanzaiHeilon March 29 2011, 8:32amReplyFlag
                            Rockstar, I need your help!

                            I just started playing GTA IV recently and I'm really enjoying it, but I think my game is glitched! I've finished the story and have been wrapping up other things toward 100%. My latest focus has been on Stevie's vehicles. I got the initial text and have done several of the vehicles already, so it's not the common "never got the first text from Stevie" glitch. My issue is that my most recent text is asking for the NRG 900 from the corner of Topaz and Bismark, so I go there and see the bike EVRY time. However, when I get on it, it doesn't register as the vehicle that Stevie is looking for, (no message at the bottom of the screen like normal.) Trying to take it to Stevie anyways fails, as they do not want it (because it's "not the one he's looking for.")

                            I'm sure it'd be easy for anyone reading to assume that I simply am not grabbing the correct bike, but I have confirmed that I am by reading guides and watching vids on YouTube. It's most definitely the same bike in the same location, it just fails to register as such. Does anyone know of a fix or work-around?
                            • LiL.A.Kingon March 29 2011, 8:22amReplyFlag
                              • Senator_BobDoleon March 29 2011, 1:45amReplyFlag
                                • VinewoodTittieson March 28 2011, 11:32pmReplyFlag
                                  Does a 3 hour 6 star wanted level around Las Venturas and the Desert in GTA San Andreas count as domination I didn't use cheats or anything I was armed with an M4, Mini-Gun, etc... lol I was smacking the LVPD! Haha
                                  • chicagofarkeron March 28 2011, 8:05pmReplyFlag
                                    That was priceless. Unexpected kills are the best.
                                    • JustoDaDonon March 28 2011, 7:44pmReplyFlag
                                      I agree with mrsellout, GTA IV definitely need 3xp. I don't have any videos, but here something that you guys @ R* might like.

                                      • R* Yon March 28 2011, 7:40pmReplyFlag
                                        @FugetSudo_Jr @R0ckstarNetwork @mrsellout Cheers guys.

                                        @Joker-64 Nice one, let us know if you have any others.
                                        • Yukicore7on March 28 2011, 7:34pmReplyFlag
                                          I can't wait till next GTA or Agent. I love GTA series and i have high hopes on Agent. GTA:IV is still my favorite game, though it's blurry and i have slowdowns (PS3 here).
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