Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition Xbox 360 Official Social Club Multiplayer Event (March 18, 4-7 PM Eastern)

Posted on March 18 2011, 4:00pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The event has ended. Thanks to everyone that joined in – whether playing, watching the live stream, participating in the chat or entering the sweepstakes. We look forward to seeing all of you in future events.

We're diving headfirst into Liberty City for an afternoon of Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition on Xbox LIVE March 18th from 4-7PM Eastern, the latest in our Social Club Multiplayer Events Series.

We'll start things in Grand Theft Auto IV, later making our way through the many multiplayer modes of both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. We'll be hosting a chat, live streaming it all and giving you the opportunity to win a t-shirt or the Grand Prize - two custom Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 controllers, all at the Social Club Multiplayer Events page.

Here’s all the details you’ll need to participate.

We'll begin the event in Grand Theft Auto IV. To join, start the in-game Party Mode using the in-game cellphone. Make sure that your in-game Party Mode team size is at least two people for the first round of play. Once ready, head to the chat to find out the mode we're beginning with, and you will be automatically placed in special lobbies together with Rockstar and other event participants. More info on using Party Mode is listed below.

As the event progresses, we'll be playing more multiplayer modes in Grand Theft Auto IV and the two episodes.

Hit up the chatbox during the event or just post your Xbox LIVE Gamertag in the Comments section below.

Participating Xbox LIVE Rockstar Games Gamertags for the event will be:

  • GwRockstar3
  • GwRockstar4
  • GwRockstar5
  • GwRockstar6

Only add one Gamertag to your friends list to play.

Grand Theft Auto IV's in-game Party Mode is an easy way to get your group together and find matches. Here are the three quick and easy steps to get you up and running:

  1. Save your current game. To get started, fire up the in-game mobile phone by pressing "Up" on the D-pad.  Select Multiplayer > Party Mode > Yes.
  2. From here, open up your phone again and select the Friends option to invite your friends (you need at least one friend to play with Rockstar). 
  3. Once your team is ready to roll, open up the in-game phone again and select Ranked > Team Deathmatch for this event. Follow us in the chat to find out the modes we're playing.

Cant jump in and play? You can still follow the event at the Social Club Multiplayer Events page. As usual, we'll have a live streaming video broadcast of the in-game matches plus a chat box so you can discuss the stream with others. Look below for specific directions you can follow to get online, grab a partner, and jump into the fray.

We will be giving instructions and updates in the chat box as the afternoon rolls on. See you there, and look for the new April-June 2011 calendar of events to be announced very soon...

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  • R* Yon April 3 2011, 8:59amReplyFlag
    @cool_recep Thanks - please see our Support site (newly-updated) to get some help for the GFWL issues you're having:
    • hell_raiser_604on March 26 2011, 10:20amReplyFlag
      wow !!!
      never knew about it !!!
      looking forward to the next event :-)
      • R* Yon March 22 2011, 12:19pmReplyFlag
        @hell_raiser_604 We announce a calendar, then all you need to do is come to the multiplayer events page where we have have a chat, video stream & some giveaways, in the chat we announce the modes we're currently playing in, and sometimes you have the opportunity to give us your Gamertag or ID so we can invite, otherwise you just need to enter the modes we say we're playing to get in.

        Here's the link to the new calendar of events through June and the link for the multiplayer events page:
        • hell_raiser_604on March 22 2011, 11:25amReplyFlag
          i know this will sound stupid but how to participate in these social club events ???
          • rob99elion March 18 2011, 7:21pmReplyFlag
            i really suck at the ballad but im cool at redemption i know its off topic.
            • R* Yon March 18 2011, 7:20pmReplyFlag
              @SFX6669 @Captain-Rasta @Al_Dantrino @-Wambo- @fettbacke3000 @AlbieJAssassin @Rafioso @N0ofun @OverTheUnder93 and all others, thanks for joining us in tonight's event, whether you were able to play, or chat, or watch or just stop by to enter the sweepstakes.
              • scareface1970on March 18 2011, 7:20pmReplyFlag
                Again it was great to play with the Rockstar people and to watch the stream and chat thnx to you all and see you again on the next event

                ***Rockstar*** IS GREAT
                • SFX6669on March 18 2011, 7:18pmReplyFlag
                  The event is already finished?!
                  you shorten the session ?
                  • Al_Dantrinoon March 18 2011, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar #1!!!
                    • -Wambo-on March 18 2011, 6:30pmReplyFlag
                      Hey R* my Gamertag is

                      • AlbieJAssassinon March 18 2011, 6:21pmReplyFlag
                        Add me & RetroGlow we both sent 3 a friend request.
                        • Rafiosoon March 18 2011, 6:12pmReplyFlag
                          Hey R*, my Gamertag is: GVRafioso1
                          • N0ofunon March 18 2011, 6:10pmReplyFlag
                            GT : N0ofun
                            • OverTheUnder93on March 18 2011, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                              Tag: OverTheUnder93
                              • -Wambo-on March 18 2011, 5:45pmReplyFlag
                                • j2mm_ESTon March 18 2011, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                                  j2mm again please :)
                                  • -Wambo-on March 18 2011, 5:07pmReplyFlag
                                    invite pls fettbacke 3000
                                    • R* Yon March 18 2011, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                                      Thanks guys for the Gamertags, we'll get you in shortly, make sure you send a friend request to GwRockstar3.
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