L.A. Noire at PAX East: Recap & Previews Roundup

Posted on March 15 2011, 10:32am | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

This past weekend, we packed up several large trucks and took L.A. Noire on the road, playing through 30 minutes worth of the "Red Lipstick Murder" case live for fans in a custom-built exhibition theater on the show floor at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston.

Cheers to everyone who ventured out to the show and made it through the line to see the game - with the non-stop tunes from our resident DJ, and lots of giveaways of Rockstar and L.A. Noire stickers, tees and posters - the booth was indeed buzzing.  A very special shout to all the fans who fed back to us via Twitter and Facebook too - the response to the game was phenomenal, and we really can't wait for you guys to all experience the full game for yourselves this May.

For those that were not able to make it, fortunately the gaming press turned out in force for PAX as well, and we've got a roundup of new L.A. Noire previews from the show below. Also look for the t-shirts and posters we handed out to be available at the Rockstar Warehouse very soon.

"Rockstar’s pedigree for engrossing story and characters, combined with L.A. Noire’s unprecedented ambition and tech from Team Bondi, will make it the first of its kind." - GamesRadar

"Grand Theft Auto was Rockstar's innovative open world game, Red Dead Redemption was an innovative western, and L.A. Noire is set to be an innovative experience as a police officer from the 1940s with a realistic bent. Cole will experience a wide variety of cases as he moves from the traffic desk, to homicide, and beyond. If the entire game plays out like this single case shown at PAX East 2011, L.A. Noire will be one impressive game." - Escapist

"The amazing part of the demo were the mannerisms of characters being interrogated. Someone is being honest? They look Phelps right in the eye. Liars? They're cagey and fidget. Some of it is completely obvious; some of it is subtle; all of it was fantastic." - Shacknews

"Two minutes into the demo, one thing was immediately clear, Rockstar isn’t content to let their critically acclaimed winning streak fizzle out. Not only is LA Noire a technical achievement, it’s poised to offer the most unique, and subtle, gameplay experiences in the studio’s celebrated history." - Game Rant

  • R* Yon March 17 2011, 4:39pmReplyFlag
    @Dario217 We haven't yet announced if there will be any special packaging, but we will be placing some of the gear from PAX up on the Rockstar Warehouse, so be on the lookout for that.
    • red4pcon March 16 2011, 3:17pmReplyFlag
      • Dario217on March 16 2011, 2:21pmReplyFlag
        Aww!... I would've loved to be there, but i dont even live in America.

        Will the poster come with the game with day one purchase? Because my local Blockbuster sometimes gives out posters, and i dont really know if itsnby BB's choice or the developer/publishers.
        • MultiCardon March 16 2011, 2:18pmReplyFlag
          I loved your display this year and am looking forward to the game. Could you post the DJ's set list? Her music was awesome and made the long line wait much better. :) Please bring her back next year too!
          • Emanuel_Bergeron March 16 2011, 11:18amReplyFlag
            Please release the artwork which I can see in the 2nd and last picture as an all new wallpaper. thats gorgous, and I hope I can see this poster and the map of la in the game box of la noire! THANKS R* and Team Bondi
            • R* Yon March 16 2011, 10:57amReplyFlag
              @LiL.A.King There won’t be any special edition release of L.A. Noire, just the preorder bonus content with certain retailers as announced here:

              Also as mentioned, all that content will be made available as DLC after the game comes out.
              • LiL.A.Kingon March 16 2011, 9:17amReplyFlag
                R* i have a question can we buy l.a. noire with all dlc's ??
                • skyfamon March 16 2011, 9:05amReplyFlag
                  is there a PC version ?
                  • LiL.A.Kingon March 16 2011, 5:40amReplyFlag
                    R* please show a gameplay trailer where we can see the car driving and the city of los angeles!!
                    • Josemonkeyson March 15 2011, 9:22pmReplyFlag
                      hey R * please I beg you to your feet, shorten the time for the Noire, you can not wait. pleaseeeee
                      • Kalix477on March 15 2011, 4:55pmReplyFlag
                        Looks great.I saw few posters on this pictures and it looks amazing artwork is very beautiful.And i have one question will there be demo of L.a Noire
                        • PureLionHearton March 15 2011, 3:24pmReplyFlag
                          So I take it no chance of a this phenomenal playthrough being released as media for the rest of us to see?
                          • SuperSovieton March 15 2011, 1:45pmReplyFlag
                            Looks great. Wish I could have been there!
                            • FrozenOne-94on March 15 2011, 1:03pmReplyFlag
                              Too bad I wasn't able to be there just because of the misplaced ocean! Well, I just hope the next Gameplay video (I expect it to arrive April 9th) will feature the full length PAX presentation. So not, well than I will show it to myself at May 20th.

                              Cheers from Holland once again!
                              • R* Yon March 15 2011, 11:48amReplyFlag
                                @Kurashu Nice - thanks for coming by the booth, glad you enjoyed the presentation.
                                • WolfRogerson March 15 2011, 11:24amReplyFlag
                                  Look at all that beautiful artwork!
                                  • Kurashuon March 15 2011, 11:20amReplyFlag
                                    Hey R*Y, was at saturdays presentation. Actually the same as Alex Navarro from Giantbomb.
                                    Everything looks awesome, can't wait for May 17 to get the game!
                                    • Mortal91ifyon March 15 2011, 8:08amReplyFlag
                                      the pax event always look's awesome.
                                      • lucky77son March 15 2011, 5:21amReplyFlag
                                        R*! Just a simple question. Why have you changed the logo of the game during development? I always wanted to know. Btw the new one is much cooler!
                                        • davve123on March 15 2011, 4:47amReplyFlag
                                          Come on R* please show us the gameplay to!
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