Come Check Out L.A. Noire at PAX East this Weekend

Posted on March 9 2011, 3:56pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

*** UPDATE ***

PAX East is underway.  For those in attendance, make sure to stop by and get a special glimpse of L.A. Noire.

For anybody in the Greater Boston area that is heading to the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend (March 11th - 13th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center), be sure to stop by the Rockstar Games booth where we'll be hosting exclusive sneak previews of our upcoming crime-thriller L.A. Noire - come check out a special theater presentation of a case from the Homicide desk and grab some limited-edition L.A. Noire and Rockstar Games gear while you're there.

For more details on PAX East, visit

  • lucaspdpon March 12 2013, 10:28amReplyFlag
    should have la noire undead nightmare!!!! xD
    • lucaspdpon March 12 2013, 10:26amReplyFlag
      i love this game!!!
      • iLewisGTAon March 10 2013, 6:08pmReplyFlag
        Oh my gowd :O How old is this article, I's got the old commenting way, no reply feature :O Old memories are flushing back R*! I bet you probably don't even look at this article anymore haha.
      • R* Yon May 9 2011, 3:44pmReplyFlag
        @DlCKJUSTICE @nniksunbg Please keep things on topic.

        Thanks all, one week to go, and for the latest on L.A. Noire visit the official site:
        • ericsodhion March 14 2011, 7:45amReplyFlag
          why aren't you releasing la noire on pc . is it because you are unable to optimize it and you are getting a lots of errors. if so then please tell take two to get you help from 2k games . there game " mafia 2 " was appreciated on pc more than xbox 360 and ps3. i am getting mad after this game day by day. you are my favorite company so i beg you to release la noire on PC
          • LiL.A.Kingon March 13 2011, 4:16pmReplyFlag
            @R* and TheEssentialBiza

            HAHA XD smoke weed every day !! XD
            • R* Yon March 13 2011, 3:49pmReplyFlag
              @TheEssentialBiza We have no idea what you're smoking, but it seems very strong.
              • grendal123456on March 13 2011, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                when will RDR on PC ?
                • LiL.A.Kingon March 13 2011, 2:23pmReplyFlag
                  I hope R* is working on gta 5!!
                  @R* GTA made your famous don't forget it!!
                  • LiL.A.Kingon March 13 2011, 11:54amReplyFlag
                    Oh R* i see you changed the website the newswire is a bit diffrent!! ANd @ EnchantedX360 PS§ is the best!!
                    • R* Yon March 13 2011, 11:43amReplyFlag
                      @batik89 Nice, glad you're liking - we are planning for the poster and more L.A. Noire gear to hit the Rockstar Warehouse soon.
                      • Cartman28279on March 13 2011, 11:31amReplyFlag
                        @TheEssentialBiza, You sir........ fail at life.
                        • TheEssentialBizaon March 13 2011, 1:01amReplyFlag
                          Thank you Rockstar. I no longer care about RDR. I no longer care if there will ever be a Realism Roam that players have to wager gambling money to get into a session, and bullet damage is realistic, and you can revive your friends, and once you die you go back to a regular session where you can earn XP for gambling money. I don't care because the truth is that all of your games, even upcoming L.A. Noire are trash. Only games that are not trash should be playable. Only games like the old Mortal Kombat arcade games should be playable. You're games should just get left behind and forgotten about as soon as you're all out of redemption, because they contribute nothing to the evolution of games as art. Rockstar is the king of trash developers. I will never be buy a Rockstar game again, and I hope many RDR or GTA players are just as enlightened. I also hope that L.A. will fail to meet the mark, eventually leading to the the Rockstar's collapse, leaving a clean slate for us developers of tomorrow. The world revolves in a viscous cycle. Do you remember the Mortal Kombat Trilogy? I do, because they're making a new game that's uninspired as any game for next-gen consoles. The future holds perfectly realistic games—games as good as actors can act. You can only sell distorted faces for so long, and then I don't know if you'll ever get another window. This will come a shock like the earthquake in Japan, because any group of dignified idiots would fail to sucumb to some 18-year-old boy's ludicrous warning. But God Himself has called upon me go by His word like the story of Noah's Ark. Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed—all will be looked down upon. Remember the name, Velasco.

                          Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici. By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.
                          • batik89on March 13 2011, 12:11amReplyFlag
                            Just saw many pictures in Twitter. It's such a great experience to be there – watching the demo live, getting some tees & posters.
                            • XL0YDXon March 12 2011, 9:53pmReplyFlag
                              Just finished RDR on ps3,great game,MOST time it plays smooth,but terrible fps drop at towns(Armadillo,Blackwater and etc.),it would understandable if game was in HD,but its sub-HD,what the hell?I noticed literally dozens of bugs(texture glitching,),oh and btw game freezed for me 2 times so I have to hard reset my ps3,I can't believe you selling that game for full price,why its sub-HD on HD console?And the worst of all your not going to re-release it in HD and fix it.Im going to rent your games from now on,I've bought nearly all of your games,but I dont want to pay for a broken game.
                              • DlCKJUSTICEon March 12 2011, 9:41pmReplyFlag
                                what r u enchantedx360 and batik89 talking about? "no matter how much r* prefer the ps3 system not to gimp on the 360 one"? idk if enchanted is just talking about leaving the 360 one out of the PAX demo but batik saying you should make the quality of the ps3 and 360 games equal? if anything from looking at RDR for example the 360 versions turned out better. like all the multiplatform games it was made for 360 first and then ported for ps3 and for some reason the ps3 versions dont look as crisp. which is just stupid seeing as how the ps3 has so much more potential. so they should be equal but really if anything it should be better on the PS3. and ur saying dont gimp on the 360 version? look at how much better the graphics can be on the ps3, why does it turn out like that? they gotta sort that crap out (i am not talkin to R* or team bondi- just about multiplatform games in general) cuz i dont know who the hell thought thats the way to do it or that it turns out satisfactory for both consoles. that's really got to change
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