Watch the All-New L.A. Noire Video for "The Naked City" Pre-Order Exclusive Vice Desk Case

Posted on March 3 2011, 5:13pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

In the Vice desk case “The Naked City” (available as a pre-order bonus through GameStop in the U.S. and Canada, and through Game  in the UK), Cole Phelps investigates the apparent suicide of a stunning fashion model.  When the young beauty is tragically found naked in her bathroom amidst a pool of pills, the most likely conclusion is that she's taken her own life. But what about those bruises? And her taste for luxury beyond her means? It soon becomes apparent that this young lady wasn't quite the ingénue some believed her to be.

Watch the all-new video above and in high-definition at the official L.A. Noire website or at the Rockstar site Videos section.

Naked City and Naked City-related trademarks and trade dress are trademarks of Master Licensing, Inc.


Presenting Pre-Order Exclusive Unlockable Bonus Content when You Pre-Order L.A. Noire: Cases, Challenges, Suits & More
L.A. Noire Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 May 17 in North America, May 20 in Europe

  • rdrforpcGon April 11 2011, 6:55amReplyFlag
    And Rockstar i wanna say u that u did a great job with the gta 4 pc port , i was very happy about that , thank u Rockstar i hope ur gonna release this 2 games (la noire and rdr) for pc too , like u did with gta 4.
    • rdrforpcGon April 11 2011, 6:51amReplyFlag
      Dear Rockstar are u ever gonna release this 2 games (la noire and rdr) for pc , plz tell us or make an announcement so we shouldnt waste our time bothering and beging u to release them for pc.Plz reply
      • R* Yon March 7 2011, 7:48pmReplyFlag
        @girlygamer @JoshMvP @LiL.A.King and all others, cheers guys, those of you with questions should check out the newest edition in our Asked & Answered series:
        • VeryHushHushon March 6 2011, 2:51amReplyFlag
          Great vid!
          The mood, style, feel and class of Film Noir is so freakin' present! :-)

          Actually - I hope this GREAT GAME TITEL will be MP FREE.

          1) To show that you can still make a GAME OF THE YEAR, without MP.
          2) MP don't really have a future, till you stop the CHEATERS and the HACKERS.
          • nicomcon March 5 2011, 2:11pmReplyFlag
            so are we going to be able to shoot down signs & stuff to block ways or kill ppl like in 0:35 cuz that would be awesome!
            • Tedibearaon March 4 2011, 10:10pmReplyFlag
              I just cant believe how amazing this game looks! Too bad I dont have a console...Got to play RDR on a friend's PS3, will I have to do the same with L. A. Noire or will I be able to get a PC copy this time?
              • xXxBritishBoixXxon March 4 2011, 2:14pmReplyFlag
                Will they release a version which includes all of this DLC like they did with Red Dead Redemption?
                • Impalmon March 4 2011, 12:53pmReplyFlag
                  Could you do a video of "A slip of the tongue" case please R*
                  • LiL.A.Kingon March 4 2011, 8:16amReplyFlag
                    R* we want to hear something about a multiplayer!!
                    • Akn9sIVon March 4 2011, 7:01amReplyFlag
                      Nice work, looking forward to buying these pre order exclusives when they are available and going for the L.A. NOIRE shirt which is the true exclusive and collectible item here. R* when do you recommend we start these pre order cases? After the original story cases that come in the game are completed or during the progress of finishing the game?
                      • red4pcon March 4 2011, 5:40amReplyFlag
                        WHERE THE PC VERSION ?!!!
                        • ericsodhion March 4 2011, 2:47amReplyFlag
                          people love playing rockstar games and consider you the best but in my view you have lost all your respect by not releasing games on pc..... first red dead redemption , now la noire , in the future agent the grand theft auto 5 . i know you will release gta 5 on pc like always a few months later... there are many people in the world who cant afford xbox 360 or ps3 so please release la noire on pc or at least make an announcement
                          you talked in December about la noire pc version and in the end said we will tell in the future . 3 months have passed and till now nothing about pc . when people comment on your website for it you say please comment on topic which is being discussed and remove the comments on pc. so at least tell whether it will come to pc or not so that everyday people don't comment about the pc and you will not have to say please comment on topic......please tell for millions of pc gamers who want to hear about pc from rockstar and please don't remove my comment or if you are going to remove than remove my ID for rockstar games because i don't want to play any of your games for now
                          • ericsodhion March 4 2011, 1:50amReplyFlag
                            hey rockstar every week a new news is attracting a lot of people but earlier people were thinking that the space between the badges will be filled by pc badge but now it is occupied by gamestop so what does it mean the game will not come to pc. please tell so that people stop asking about pc everyday.
                            • JoshMvPon March 4 2011, 12:43amReplyFlag
                              I can't wait!
                              • girlygameron March 3 2011, 11:50pmReplyFlag
                                Thanks for the help, looking forward to , AGENT, L.A. Noire, MAX PAYNE 3, Hopefully another mid---ht club, The new Elder Scrolls game, and Bio-Shock Infinite, AND Hopefully the next GTA.....and MANY MORE' Rockstar ' Brings Unparelleled Quality, activision and Ea, and Valve all get into messes .... loved Red Dead Redemption and the Fallout Games, and that The Darkness.... loved Mid---ht Club, but some of the body styling were a little over the top, its better to stick with real world brands, Ive been a fan i got manhunt 1,2, gta3vice,sanan Bully mid---ht club 1,3,3remix, red dead revolver , the warriors, max payne 1,2 and many more ....Thank you For Everything
                                • R* Yon March 3 2011, 11:35pmReplyFlag
                                  @girlygamer For help with changing your Social Club name, please contact
                                  • girlygameron March 3 2011, 9:57pmReplyFlag
                                    i want to really change this screen name,,, i made it by accident cause it wasnt taking anything i put it finally took the worst name i was fiddling with, PLEASE HELP-no Homo
                                    • Jortanon March 3 2011, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                                      I think I would more like to have all the DLC when the game comes out because I don't think I would be play it "late on" so I do hope there is going to be a limited edition/collectors edition (whatever one) and with the soundtrack because all the music is great so far from the trailers.
                                      • juan29.zapataaon March 3 2011, 9:39pmReplyFlag
                                        Great! I'll just have to buy the DLC post-launch, it should be all great. Was starting to get worried about not getting those extra cases at all.
                                        • killlinyou78on March 3 2011, 7:41pmReplyFlag
                                          hey rockstar, I just pre ordered this yesterday at gamestop. I cant wait to get it, it looks so spectacular. i do have a question, will there be any sort of multiplayer for L.A. noire, im not much of a multiplayer fan, i always go for the single player first, but anyways, is there going to be multi?
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